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Obama on Cloud Nine After Qaddafi Killing

President Obama is pretty pleased following the death of Muammar Qaddafi. It brought back a memory of how excited he was after doing away with Osama Bin Laden in May. Some of you may have forgotten just how psyched he was, so by way of a reminder, here’s some video from the tail end of his East Room remarks announcing the killing.

19 thoughts on “Obama on Cloud Nine After Qaddafi Killing”

  1. It’s interesting how this ‘doctrine’ has caught on. The left and the media are all agog at our new ‘war’ president. The jubilation and celebrations are truly a bizarro world reaction. Not sure where this goes but with the economy here he’s a cornered animal here at home. If he finds he likes the taste of blood and if there is a continuing chant for more from his base…watch out Assad.

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  3. It is only a matter of time before he starts killing off all the other dictators. Can’t have any competition once his transformation is complete.

  4. In his radio address he supposedly said something to the effect of whew, now we can get some jobs going… I am tired of the return to “jobs” whenever he can’t think of anything else to say. Hey–maybe Hillary could learn to turn backflips. Think? This is all disgusting.

    1. Yes, back to that laser-like focus on jobs. (er- campaigning. oh, what? never lost the focus on campaigning.)
      Looking at the daily schedule Keith so kindly posts, didn’t see lots of focus on Libya OR jobs. Just how to keep himself and Moo Moo in Kobe beef and Beyonce parties.

  5. I thought the UN mandate which authorized NATO involvement was to protect the civilian population. Not “regime change” or kill Khaddafi.

    I am NOT in any way expressing sympathy for Khaddifi.

    The history of the Arab world does not leave me optimistic that Jeffersonian democracy is right around the corner in Libya. Probably another strongman or an Islamic dictatorship.

    And this WAS a war for oil. The EU gets about 10% of their oil from Libya. We get less than 1%.

    Not to mention shredding the U.S. Constitution.

    Another classic WIBDI (What If Bush Did It).

  6. But why did they want Qaddafi silenced? What could he have talked about that would not have boded well for this administration? What did he know about the trade deal for the Lockerbie bomber? The Lockerbie bomber is in Libya somewhere, why hasn’t Obama had him killed as well?

    Just wondering…

    1. Queerdaffy HAD to be silenced! About 30 years ago, he attended the same Mosque in Kenya as that Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
      Obama did not want anyone finding this out. So, once Qhackdaffy was captured, Obama sent in a specially trained gang of SSEALs** to finish him off.
      It’s too bad Dubya didn’t get a third term- he woulda been elected with a 90% majority. And then he woulda taken out BOTH of these Muslims!

      ** SSEALS = Socialist SEALs. The rest of the Seals and Navy despises them!. But you know.. the Constitution and all that..

  7. May god bless the Noble Peace laureate, Barak Hussein Obama.
    He has a peaceful track record. He has to outdo his performance in the next term. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  8. Hes not doing this for America! First rule of any tyrant! Eliminate the competition..He’s not protecting America! Hes out to conqueor it! How long before this dictator for islam is overthrown?

  9. He is taking credit, if you want to call it that, for a killing that did not happen. If you read international news, you’ll hear the other side. First, it was a poor photoshop attempt, with mixed images of a younger man than Gaddafi, along with numerous conflicting stories that changed hourly. The golden gun, for example, was originally photoshopped in August in Tripoli. Gaddafi was not and would not be hiding in a drainage pipe or going from house to house looking for a place to hide and for something to eat, not with his wealth, 3 sons (who are also still alive), and lots of protection. This was a power grab for oil and money based on greed, as well as a way for Obama to get re-elected. Not hard to figure that out. But, he will continue his war mongering as long as he is in control. The lies and deception continue and nothing has been done to stop them. His teleprompter works well, but we don’t need another smooth talker in the WH. My opinion is based on research and news from the other side.

  10. Has anyone noticed yet, how that traitorous Bill Moyers looks an awful lot like the creeping socialist billionaire Warren Buffett?
    Why, I bet they are the same fellow! And further- I bet he’s a Muslim, secretly bankrolling Obama!

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