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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 21, 2011

9:30 am || Signs the Korea, Panama, Colombia Free Trade Agreements and the renewal of Trade Adjustment Assistance for workers
10:30 am || “Drops by” a Rose Garden reception
2:30 pm || Honors recipients of the 2010 National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, October 21, 2011”

  1. All three trade agreements — which were negotiated under President George W. Bush are finally getting signed? I’m sure The One will take credit for them. This is the only worth while thing this Congress has passed!

  2. And the Rose Garden reception is about…..? And he will do a drive by and “drop in”?
    Life seemed so much more interesting when he was blazing through small town USA in Ground Force One (GF1).
    But, look guy’s, the great one is up and at ’em at 9:30am. There is progress, but then again, he has had a rough week toting those white pumpkins to the back of GF1.
    Shall we wager that there will be a round of golf this weekend?

    Where’s Michelle?

      1. Susan, I read that article after you posted it here. Thanks!
        I like step #4 – “the perfect shirt is critical”, you know, so you can “move and feel good”. So, I take it all you mommies out there should start wearing your sleeveless shirts so all can see your buff arms.

  3. Light day. My husband left the house before 6 am, and will probably be home around 7:30 or later.

    But, then again, Obama has to rest up for his golf game,and my husband doesn’t.

        1. Star, you and I are on the same side.
          I see your point and agree that making the decision to blast something/someone would be a hard decision to make. In these times that we are in, I am sure that it is a everyday need to sign off on a drone attack.
          I was just trying to point out that BHO’s method of dealing with these affairs is very different that what we are used to. It has been discussed that BHO seems to be leading from behind and is padding his foreign experience folder because he was lacking such in 2008.
          Sorry if I came across as crass or indifferent to the task of deploying a drone strike.

          1. I didn’t mean that as a shot against you–sorry if it came off that way. Commenting can be so uninflected. This whole thing of raining death from above–from Texas or someplace, even–or dancing around bloody corpses is just not resonating with me. I guess it’s asymmetrical warfare or Harvard war or something, but I am leery.

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