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Biden Says Failure to Pass Jobs Bill Will Increase Rape

And he said it twice.

I won’t even begin describing how bad it is to bring rape into discussion of a politically-motivated piece of legislation. Because anyone, except the vice president, would already understand it.

I knew Republicans wanted to help rich people, oppress the middle class, deny opportunity to the poor, and outlaw summer. But I didn’t realize they would allow more rape too. My bad.

H/T to Human Events and to Ed Driscoll, on whose blog I initially saw this..

30 thoughts on “Biden Says Failure to Pass Jobs Bill Will Increase Rape”

  1. Sometimes, old-timers lose control of their cognitive thinking and are ususally placed in a controlled enviornment facility where they are kept from harming themselves or others. MrVPBiden has lost it, IMO.

    Even though I’m a registered Dem, I side with the Repubs and desire dirty air, dirty water, a free-market and now free roaming rapists. Adding these new derogatory terms to my previous descriptions of “racist, bible-clinger, redneck, thug, country-club elite, millionaire lover, terrorist, un-American…..

  2. Let me say one more thing and I will clam on this one. Rape is not really a street crime–it usually takes place indoors and stranger rape by a stalking ne’er-do-well in an alley is quite rare. Police walking a beat are probably not the deterrent they would be for say, armed robbery in the hotel district of a city. If they are saying federally paying more police to investigate sex crimes would deter such behavior–let’s see the proof.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Correctomundo Star, the kind of moral decay that could result in rape can be seen if villages are heaped with the responsibility of raising children.

      1. Rape has been around since the beginning of time…But yes, no center holding, no standards, can invite impulsive and cruel behavior and make it almost unthinking. Aw–whatever, do it.

  3. Don’t screw around with me.— Joe Biden
    When this nightmare of an administration is long gone, and accounts of what occurred during this time are written, what will be said about Vice President Joe Biden? Will the inevitable tell all book be filed under Comedy or Crime?

    About the pushy young lady who said…”Who are you with?” Was she a reporter or a member of Biden’s staff? She sure behaved like she was on his payroll…

    1. Susan, believe it or not, I am still surprised about the way Biden behaved with Jason Mattera. Jason sure has spine to question the VP. Now do not get me wrong, I do think that the VP or anyone else for that matter should be questioned, but, boy!
      I agree with you about that young lady that asked “who are you with?”. Things sure did change quickly when she noticed ‘ol Joe wanting to fight Jason. You ask if she is on Biden’s staff or a reporter? With the MSM that is the same thing right?

      1. It is great to see young, bold, and energetic reporters like Jason Mattera. Good to know there are a few who haven’t been corrupted by the D.C. elite. Unfortunately, he may never get that close to Plugs again. You are right about MSM and the protective cocoon they form around these tyrants.

  4. He is a foul and stupid little man! How desperate do you have to be to one
    day try and indoctrinate school children followed by this malious kind of
    fear mongering for votes. We are not as stupid as he likes to think well those
    who would put these two back in office again are but really this is bad.
    Where are the so called women’s groups calling him out for using women and rape as a tool for re election? Too busy protecting Susan Sarandon
    for calling the Pope a Natzi? America better wake up and rid us these two
    before it’s too late!

  5. Gee…imagine if past Republican VPs like Bush Sr, Quayle or Cheney had said something like this?? The MSM and places like MSNBC would be having a meltdown today.

  6. All I can say is this,…
    Obama appears to be very comfortable in his own skin.
    With Biden out there threatening the reporters with his stupidity and the fact that he could snap and take them all down in an instant, and Moochelle threatening the restaurant industry at every turn while all of them have an affinity for speaking to school children on their socialistic concepts with the teachers nodding in acceptance of whatever the regime spews forth,
    because, if they were speaking to conservative adults, they could not get out of the building in time to save their sorry asses.

    I guess Obama is comfortable in his own skin,… or he is too naive to see what’s coming.
    SSSSHHHHHHH, it’s a suprise !

  7. This just simply goes to show how limited and ignorant this administration is when it comes to law enforcement.

    In the Police Foundation’s Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment (19720 ( showed no significant reduction in crime by increased patrol activities. Police patrols, by definition and design, are a reactive not proactive force. And while that may seem hard to believe to the layman, police prevent very few crimes against persons. Most aggravated assaults, murders, rapes, muggings etc. are acted upon AFTER the fact.

    While a reduction in patrol officers or beat cops is something that no community wants to see, the actual presence of an officer driving down the street is not going to prevent a rapist, who may already be in a residence, from committing his crime. FOPs across the country may cry out that they need more officers on the street, but simply having more officers is not going to stop the crime rate from escalating.

    Biden talks about how murders, rapes, robberies are all up, but a review of the FBI’s Uniformed Crime Report for 2010 ( shows that violent crimes, in fact all crime, has been reduced, with the exception being the Northeast region on the US.

    This is “scare politics” at its worse. And is the very epitome of racism. According to the DOJ’s own Bureau of Justice Statistics as of 2008 for every 100k whites in America 727 are incarcerated. For every 100k blacks 4777 were locked up. The message that Biden is sending is that without more cops more blacks will be committing crimes in America. Of course this ignores the fact that most crime committed by blacks is black on black crime, but it strikes fear into the hearts of the uneducated and bigoted.

    SOMEONE, anyone needs to call this administration on their playing a dangerous game of racism. It amazes me that the first “black, post-racial president,” would allow anyone in his administration to use race based scare stats to make an argument for his policies. Then again, no it doesn’t.

  8. I thought the most telling part of that video was the Biden staffer, at the end, chirping her outraged, “Who are you with?”

    In bubbleworld, the most grievous crime to to pierce the bubble: Who IS this person — he’s not being obsequious at ALL! Is he even a real reporter?

    Speaks volumes about their expectations and their normal interactions with the news media.

  9. The cause of this exchange is that funding will be for one year. The problem with the plan is that we know it will not be funded from current revenues and thus we will be paying for it for years to come. It is like putting this weeks groceries on your credit card and then paying for what you consumed for the next 13 years.

    There is an old expression: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. An interesting statistic is since the repeal of gun ownership laws in Chicago and DC, the violent crime rate has been declining.

    As a final note regarding the VP, you can’t fix stupid.

  10. Yeah well, why doesn’t Joe take a walk back to the clip about the funding of Fisker that was going to create billions and jobs in the US when in fact the jobs are in Finland and the cars cost so much that only someone like Leonardo DeCaprio (that would be an Obama “millionaire” — as in not included in the evil millionaire and billionaires) can buy them at 97K a clip. How many rapes and murders would that have prevented? This Administration is totally out of control.

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