As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

“Yeah, Okay, Obama, Whatever.”

Sign of the times?

From a White House pool report out of Hampton, Va.

As POTUS left Anna’s pizzeria, he hit a small handshake line near The Bus. It was a grip-and-go, polite but brisk, until the leader of the free world extended his hand to a middle-aged fellow at the end of the row.

The guy was texting. He looked up for an instant, shook Obama’s hand, and returned to his smartphone.

15 Responses to “Yeah, Okay, Obama, Whatever.”

  1. Oh dear I see tears and tantrums on the bus:(. I wonder if MO is on the bus to make it all better? Poor baby someone who doesn’t love him that is
    something he can’t handle.

  2. And the text of the message the guy was sending was: “Obama just told one of the folks in line that the economy was so bad that he had to park Air Force One and take this stupid bus for all his campaigning…he just shook my hand. I’ll send this now so I can go find a Wet Ones to clean my hand off.

  3. OBUMMER doesn’t need to take credit for this one (or anything else) because it was the rebels that caught and killed Qaddafi. OBUMMER is a total joke and needs to be GONE!!