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Obama’s Bus Rolls Through Boone, NC

Here’s a little video from the campaign tour you are financing. To be fair, Bush pulled plenty of this kind of taxpayer-funded nonsense too.

Obama’s bus was videotaped as it proceeded though this small town in North Carolina, close to the Virginia border. There doesn’t seem to be much cheering or celebration.

In case you get impatient, the main part of the motorcade begins to come into view at about 2:40.

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  1. This is inappropriate for a republic of free-born citizens. The fact that no one bats an eye at this kind of thing makes me wonder if the republic can last much longer. It makes me think of Darius on top of his slave-borne golden throne.

  2. Barry wanted to stop and greet his supporter, but FLATUS wouldn’t let him. Seems the advance team couldn’t find any lobsters and truffles in town.

  3. Once they put the POTUS in the scary black bus then drive it thru unsecured small towns and rural wooded areas there doesn’t seem to be any point to the “security” vehicles.

  4. William has really hit on something. Never thought I would see the day that our elected officials would behave like monarchs. That he uses so many resources on his thinly veiled campaign trips, and charges it to the taxpayers, is outrageous. I doubt Bush would get away with a stunt like this. The press would eat him alive. That is the problem. Because of the silence of the complicit press, nobody outside of those of us who read conservative blogs like Keith’s are ever exposed to his abuse of the office of the president.

    • I agree, it´s outrageous.
      Also I thought the idea with the bus tour was to in some way “connect” with the people but I have a feeling that the result is the opposite. This looks more like a well protected dictator, scared of the people, flashing by in a hurry.

  5. Having watched similar footage of the first bus road trip a month or so ago, I can not understand some things.
    Why are the buses traveling so fast through this small town? I’ve been to Boone and I can not think of any reason why the bus had to be going so fast.
    Why is there not a open (clear) window or a platform for the great one to be more visible? I could not tell if Barry was in the front window to be seen or not. For the president to come to town is a huge deal for small town America. More thought should be given to the PR on these trips.
    Seems to me all the people saw was two fortified blacked out window buses and 30+ support vehicles rolling by.
    I think the average Joe is onto to Barry and sees him for who he really is. Barry does not have a connection to an average American and either the people know it or they just sense it. But either way, this scene proves that Barry does not care for the pheasants.
    It’s as though the empiror rushed through the country side in his chariot.

      • Law enforcement officials are now downplaying the incident. Now we’re supposed to believe five French Moroccan Muslims who arrived from London Heathrow Airport to New York on a 90-day tourist visa, traveling around in an RV that was rented from California, decided to get drunk and break into the Bexar County Courthouse in the middle of the night as a prank. They just happened to have a collection of photos of infrastructure from around the country, but since these young fellows don’t have any ties to terrorist groups no need to worry. Move along folks, nothing to see here…

    • I’ll give them credit for at least looking at this issue, but they’ve tempered it by saying it’s costing us thousands. It should be ten’s of thousands. Most of the comments are typical lib knee jerk responses.

      And not much made of the fact that the White House will not say how much has been spent.

  6. I lived in a small town and it was always a big deal whenever somebody important traveled through. The lack of cheer and excitement shown in the video is remarkable. It’s almost as if they’re watching a funeral procession rather than the POTUS parade.

  7. I have to say I am glad that the bus won’t be coming to my part of the world. Any time a President is on the road everything stops. Just don’t need the aggravation . . . aside from the fact, that I have no desire to ever see him that close.

  8. The ‘little people’ don’t even get a wave? At least Queen Elizabeth I when making her progress from castle to castle would make sure she was seen, it was so important that they see their sovereign. Gag me.

  9. Still where is the outrage from the GOP? Calling this anything but a big fat
    campaign tour is calling everyone brain dead stupid. They must be having a
    real laugh at thinking they got away with pulling the wool over we rubes and
    with 99% of the media almost on the bus it’s outrageous. He is so arrogant
    and deluded he’s starting to believe his own prompter speeches. We are in
    trouble unless we see more outrage and not OWS!

    • Lizzy, I’ve thought the same thing: where is the GOP outrage? Why aren’t they up in arms over this?

      Maybe it’s because people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

  10. “I once got a speeding ticket and a $20 fine for riding my horse too fast. Even presidents have to watch the speed limit!” –Ulysses S. Grant
    Mr. Truman lived more like a retired mayor than a former President. Upon leaving the White House, he had no Secret Service protection, often drove his own car, and sometimes helped with the dishes. Ordinary citizens lined the front gate each morning hoping for an autograph, a handshake, or just a tip of his hat. Mr. Truman obliged them.

    “I realize they’ve come to see the striped mule of Missouri, and I don’t want them to be disappointed.” Harry Truman

    Times have changed

  11. The dude’s going to get in four years of his five year plan (yeah, I said it) and, surprise!, it’s going to leave the country in worse shape than it was.

  12. It looks more like a scene from a “B” horror flick. This is supposed to be the leader of the free world? More like a lost tourist with way too much money at their disposal, taxpayers!