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Obama: I Need More Time!

One of the emerging themes of President Obama’s reelection campaign is that he’s late with his homework.

He was given four years to fix the economy, and it clearly won’t be done. So he is starting to hypnotize voters:

“We can’t solve this overnight; we can’t solve this overnight; it’s going to take time; keep your eyes on on the swinging watch; it’s going to take time; it’s going to take time.”

From one of his speeches yesterday:

And I think most Americans know that our economic problems weren’t caused overnight . . .

These are problems that built up over a decade or more.  They won’t be solved overnightIt’s going to take time to rebuild an America — (applause) — to rebuild an America where hard work is valued and responsibility is rewarded; where people don’t feel like they’ve got the deck stacked against them; where everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is contributing their fair share.

It is going to take time to rebuild an America where we restore security for the middle class and opportunity for folks trying to get in the middle class, an economy that works for everybody and not just for folks at the top.  That’s our goal.  (Applause.)

And it will take time to rebuild an economy that is competitive in the 21st century, that’s built to last — one where we can out-build and out-compete, out-educate, out-innovate other nations — which means we’ve got to step up on our education.  We’ve got to invest in basic science.  We’ve got to improve our infrastructure.  We’ve got to close our deficits.  We’ve got to get our fiscal house in order.  We got a lot of work to do.  It’s going to take time. 

But I’m here to tell you we are going to get it done.  We are going to keep fighting.

The Republicans have a pretty good rejoinder to this, a response that will appeal to lots of Americans:

“Time’s up!”

35 Responses to Obama: I Need More Time!

  1. From the content of his speeches and the actions of his administration, the people he is “fighting” are the American voters who aren’t buying his rhetoric anymore.

  2. I just read the interview with him by Jake Tapper. It’s posted on CBS News. He has absolutely nothing to say other than infrastructure, construction workers and teachers. He’s a broken record. It’s like nobody else in the world exists but those people. As much as I like them, there are other people in other fields that are unemployed. Soooo frustrating that some people have not figured this man out.

    More time to screw things up even more? i don’t think so.

    • Construction workers, teachers, cops…union members…ack! There was a great letter in the NYT the other day on creatives–writers, graphic designers, artists, photographers–dying on the vine…Income a tenth of what it was 5 yrs ago, credit cards maxed or yanked, IRA’s milked, can’t get :”real” jobs, not even counted in unemployment figures–yes, the self-employed can be UNEMPLOYED, you idiots over there! Oh, bah–I feel an attitude coming on.

      • I have been saying the same thing for a long time. The segment he addresses ad nauseum is only a small portion of the unemployed. Also, as has been pointed out, a large percentage of the money he wants to give only keeps those already employed still working.

        The other thing that bothers me is everything he says is just a statement of what he wants. I have never read an actual action plan of how the funding will actually create the 1.9 million jobs. Nothing but platitudes and empty rhetoric.

        I just pisses me off to hear him speak.

      • We have an established, family run, Printing Co. in fla… since obozo &
        his regulations have kicked in, our paper and supplies have shot through the roof.. we’re hanging on ,”hoping for change” before we wind up in the soup kitchen.

        I’ve now come to believe this man as a distorted ,evil muslim who
        knows exactly what he’s doing to our way of life..

        There was a wonderful time in this country when his kind would have been forcibly removed from office and dumped to the street with the hardy approval of all.. Ahh! those were the days !
        Hope this long, national “root canal” will end in 2012…

      • I went to two shiny new stores in Chandler AZ last weekend. One was high-end glassware and knickknacks–very beautiful…the floors were inlaid with mosaic– very nice. They were a father and son and had two other women working sometimes, they said. The other was an interior design and accessories firm–they did design and sold furniture…also beautiful and new…and tentative…I so admire these two entrepreneurs for getting this together–it takes so much! But sadly, I have to admire not acquire, much as I would have liked to do the latter.

        • I went to a shiny new restaurant Saturday afternoon. I just marvel at the businessperson who is willing to risk it all to make a buck in this horrible economy. There is a complete lack of respect, among the government and the OWWIES in the street, for those who are willing to put themselves on the line, to hire folks and CREATE work.

  3. He scares the bejesus out of me when he talks about “rebuilding” America. This country doesn’t need to be rebuilt by Obama and his ilk. America needs to be liberated from these statists and their progressive laws that have been infecting this country ever since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson pushed through the 16th and 17th amendments. I pray it’s not to late to turn things around. The statists have been very successful in redefining the constitution through the use of judicial activism, and they are not going to give up that power without a hellacious fight.

  4. The word that jumps out to me is “rebuild”.

    Fits with his “transform” America idealog anti-colonialistic view. He needs more time because of the pesky tea baggers that rained on his parade.

    Rebuild America. Yep, we have had enough of that.

  5. Enough of this meatball already!! Obama…I can’t wait until 2012 when you dry up and blow away! (applause)(whistling)(applause)(cheer)(stomp)(applause)!!!

  6. LMAO!
    I “DARE” any so-called “Republican” to come out and ‘challenge’ Obama when it comes to the last 3 years of “Obama leadership”…?

    WHY? Does “Pres.” Barack Hussein Obama need another 4+ years to turn the US Econmy into a “Obama-Socialist system”???

    Barack Hussein Obama = SOCIALIST (re: Obama’s ‘life story/background’)

  7. He’s right. It IS going to take time to do this:

    The perfect storm of white guilt, political correctness heretofore unknown, a media whose blatant ‘arousal’ is defacto and a voting block full of youthful fervor (my kids) intent on electing a black man. They just didn’t know the black man was a Marxist. Still don’t. And it might be too late. (see: Harry Reid stmt. today)

  8. “where everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is contributing their fair share.”

    “Fair share” is where 47% pay no federal taxes and the so-called wealthy pay even more?