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Virginia Democrats Fleeing Obama

As the Obama Secret Service Bus Tour begins today to plow through conservative southern Virginia, Democrats are scurrying to get out of the way.

The biggest no-show: Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine – handpicked for the position by President Obama – who is running for the Senate.

Kaine’s campaign claims he has previously scheduled commitments and just can’t make it.


I mean, really.

According to Virginia Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins, neither of the state’s Democratic senators – Jim Webb or Mark Warner, will be seen with Obama either.

Democrats in Virginia, which holds statewide elections this year, are desperately seeking to fend off the 2011 wave of GOP’s 2010 tide, hoping to hold their slim majority in the Virginia Senate.

White House officials reportedly changed Obama’s scheduled itinerary, and Mullins told the Associated Press they did it to avoid districts where Democrats are in tight races.

According to the AP, Democrats are keeping their rhetorical distance too:

Virginia’s House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong has distanced himself from Obama in a struggle to retain his seat against a Republican incumbent in southwest Virginia that he’s facing because of redistricting.

Last month, Democratic state Sen. Phil Puckett renounced Obama after his Republican challenger began discrediting him as “Obama’s man in southwest Virginia” and tying him to Obama’s energy policies which are reviled in coal-mining regions like Puckett’s district. Puckett said in a television interview he would not support Obama in 2012.

The president won in Virginia, my home state, in 2008 and is hoping to do so again in 2012. So he’s campaigning here and in North Carolina, another state he seized from Republicans and eagerly wants to keep. But the tea leaves I’m reading say Virginia, at least, is more likely to revert to form in 2012 and vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

Obama was on track to cross the state line from North Carolina into Virginia early this afternoon. He’ll appear at a high school in Emporia today and Wednesday at a military base in Hampton and a firehouse in suburban Richmond, where he’s sure to accuse Republicans of opposing firemen.

Then, with the bus perhaps out of gas, he’ll FLY back to Washington.

23 thoughts on “Virginia Democrats Fleeing Obama”

  1. This weekend I’ll be running the Tough Mudder out at Wintergreen Resort. Some people tried to start a petition to get Pres. Obama to run it and were shut down quickly. Can you imagine? There are 9,000 participants signed up for Saturday and only God knows how many spectators there will be. The security for his visit would make the event impossile to stage. And if he showed up in the Debt Star, where would anyone park?

    1. With his smoking habit, I doubt he can even run, much less run a marathon. Used to run in my younger days and know how much preparation goes into participating in one of those events. Good luck with the race William!

  2. Did anyone take inventory of those items on the Debt Star that Barry hit, kicked or slammed when he received that little bit of sunshine?

    I often wondered how it must feel for a prez to be in that position knowing that you are toxic to their future. Sure must be very sad to someone that seriously thinks that they are God’s gift to creation.

  3. Like filthy rats jumping the ship downward ship full of garbage,
    thats what we are now seeing….
    barry hussein ubama has only himself & his twisted demolition plans to blame !
    2012 will be the time to rid the WH of our muslim President.

    And I will shed not one tear over it..

  4. “I’n not saying Obama is made of the same material as George W. Bush.”

    I am. Specifically, sculpted excrement.

    Re: Dem no-shows- Frankly, they’d have more credibility (and support from voters) if they just publicly admitted, “Campaign with _that_ idiotic loser? Hell _no_ I won’t be there.” Clearly the White House and Barry’s campaign knows this, so what do the other guys have to lose?

  5. Well I guess while Obama goes around in his little bus telling the cheering crowd of more than five folks under the age of 12 how stupid American’s are and the evil GOP he can’t find a friend? The dog ate my homework and like
    lame excuses must be part of Obama not being able to speak without several electronic devices and a podium to remind him who he is well on that
    day and depending on audience. Must be difficult to juggle all those personalities. When to adopt a certain dialect or to drop the ‘g’s must be a
    real struggle! He might want to think about going back to school when he’s got some free time starting Jan 2013:)

  6. Heard a caller make a great point on Rush’s show today. She said if Obama is so concerned about teachers and police and fire fighters, why doesn’t he make it easier for private industry to create jobs. After all, it is private industry that employs the person who is then able to pay their local and state taxes that fund all those public service jobs. His jobs bill isn’t about jobs, it is about creating another slush fund to pay off the union bosses who will, in turn, donate the union dues of their members to the Democrat party so the circle can continue. The federal government should have no involvement in propping up state and local employees.

  7. POTUS will be flying back to Washington because TOTUS has been stolen. Unfortunately he probably has a backup, so we’ll still have to listen to the lipsyncher-in-chief.

  8. Webb is not running for re-election — Good thing —- he betrayed his constituents to march in lockstep with Obama. Warner is going to face a fight to retain his seat. That man stuck so close to Obama was hard to tell where one stopped and other started. People who have not ever worked in the election process are signing up to make sure Warner does not return to Washington. He made a point of voting in step with anything O wanted or wants. The senator has no independent thought. He was a lousy governor and makes a worse senator.

  9. Heard the TOTUS and $200,000 in sound equipment was lifted right under the nose of the OSS.. Apparently the truck containing same was stolen from the parking lot of the local Dew Drop Inn. Wow, ya think anyone will be fired for the theft of the year.. I’m still laughing over this one.

    Your site is looking good, Like the news feed. Koffler 2020, a man with vision!

  10. Maybe Obama will go to West Virgina and they can dig up the bones of Robert (KKK) Byrd to meet with him. Otherwise I think every Dem in the US is going to run like hell!

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  12. My first thought after reading the news yesterday of the missing Obama equipment…oh no, the magic teleprompter, a weapon of mass destruction, is missing on the campaign trail!

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