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Obama Grabs a Workout

From the pool report.

POTUS began Day 2 of his 3 day bus trip w a 35 min morning workout a short drive from hotel
Motorcade rolled from gym  at 827: , arriving back at hotel at 8:29
POTUS’ workout didn’t appear to affect club members’ workouts: folks in gym clothes, several carrying gym bags and a few moms w kids, were wanded by secret service and allowed into The Club Green Valley at 1909 Lendew St in Greeensboro
Pool vans held around the corner on a side street and is now holding at the hotel before we r off to first event

31 Responses to Obama Grabs a Workout

  1. Couldn’t he work out at the hotel? I know he must be staying some place swanky on our dime, certainly, they have a well-equipped work-out facility. Guess we wouldn’t get the stolen picture by tread millers to show how “toned” he is and how the masses still adore him if he stayed at the hotel.

  2. Seems it was a VERY short drive.

    OT: once they recovered the stolen TOTUS , the Presidential podium and all the rest, did the FBI, the HSA and all the other alphabet agencies check the equipment for booby-traps , loosened wires, Repub fingerprints?

    • Harp on it! The media looooooves to tout his “physical fitness” when he looks kind of scrawny to me. A “35 minute morning workout”? Last night I did a 20 minute warm up and a 20 minute cool down to bookend my approximately 2-hour workout. I’d love to get this guy to do some weighted dips with me.

  3. The trip to the gym was totally unnecessary. He stayed at the Proximity Hotel which, on its website, boasts:

    The Fitness Studio, adjacent to the pool, is located near the Lower Lobby. It is open 24 hours a day, accessible with your guestroom key. It features Precor Elliptical machines, treadmills and stationary bicycles, all of which are equipped with flat screen televisions and audio headset connectivity. Plus, free weights, yoga mats, and exercise balls are available for use with Fitness TV. Audio headsets, towels and water are available complimentary in the Fitness Studio.

    • You miss the point William. He didn’t go to The Club Green Valley because his guestroom key didn’t work in the hotel gym. He needs his ego stroked by the little people watching in awe as his motorcade travels through town. He craves the attention of those ‘lucky’ gym members to include moms and their children who were allowed entrance to the gym to see the great leader flex his muscles and work up beads of sweat from that 35 minute workout. He reminds of an egotistical has been movie star, rather than the leader of the free world.