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Video || Obama’s Bus Rolls Into Town

Video is now streaming in from President Obama’s three day bus tour/taxpayer-funded-campaign-swing through North Carolina and Virginia.

Obama is using the ominous black bus provided to him by those masters of public relations, the Secret Service. This video shows the bus, aka “Darth Vader on Wheels” or “The Deathmobile,” making its way through a small town in North Carolina.

20 thoughts on “Video || Obama’s Bus Rolls Into Town”

  1. Actual quote from anon people making a video of the previous ‘bus tour’:
    “Is the President actually in the bus? I don’t know.”
    Great PR from the folks who brought us a video of MrsO shopping at Target.

        1. That’s interesting. I went to college in the 1980s, so it was right at the revival point of toga parties and so forth.

          I specifically remember being in the theater with some people who seemed like they had been college age in the late 50s early 60s. When the “Thank you sir may I have another” scene came on of the induction at the more formal fraternity, one of them said, “Now that’s how I remember it.”

  2. I was really bored and watched ‘War of the Worlds’ not the good one the one with Cruise. That’s what this reminds me of big bad clouds very ominous
    music and doom. Would love to be in a town where it’s going through and have a sound system and start playing that scary music;). Then I would be
    arrested, not good but he never comes to Kansas nobody does.

  3. how can people believe this man. he flew into Fletcher not bussed in. We do this route and Washington , DC it is a long ride. TRaffic in Washington to virginia is not a easy drive and than onto NC much traffic

  4. Obummer and his latest stealing of our tax money with his “Rolling Plunder” bus tour is disgusting. Who is he kidding? Pretending this isn’t a campaign tour? They think we all are brain dead morons. How can anyone stand to go to these things, they all must be getting paid.

    1. Obummer is riding his ‘Debt Star’ while Moochie is planning her next trip abroad.
      Sorry Barry, I don’t do the bus thing.
      I have to tend to my garden.
      You go do what you do and leave me alone.
      He’s not fooling anybody Bunni, at least anybody with any common sense.
      A fool is as a fool does.

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