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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 18, 2011

President Obama today is on the second day a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia.

9:50 am || Roundtable meeting with educators at Guilford Technical Community College; Jamestown, North Carolina
11:20 am || Delivers remarks at Guilford Technical Community College
10:50 am || Delivers remarks at Greensville County High School; Emporia, Virginia

All times Eastern

20 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 18, 2011”

  1. Keith, are you sure those times are correct?

    Emporia, Virginia? Majority = African-American (which I’m sure he carried in 08)
    Another High School? Is he going to talk about how dumb Republicans are again? These kids won’t have a clue what he’s ranting about. And we’re paying for this why?

    1. Actually, I’m one of the students that will be attending. I am registered to vote now, and I also know more about government than you may expect. Most of the issues being blamed on Obama right now are partially due to Congress, who also kept the Bush administration from doing anything productive. Congress is our biggest issue, mostly because not as many Americans focus on congressional elections as they do presidential, even though legislation is what makes all these programs that we disagree with. All the President does is enforce those laws, and he may veto if he feels a law is severely unjust. Even with the veto, Congress can override him. The President is not capable of doing anything without at least 2/3 congressional support.

      1. You sound like a very informed young man Anthony. You probably already know the US is a representative republic. The balance of power is evenly distributed among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The president has a constitutional duty to enforce the laws passed by congress. Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority many times during his almost 3 years in office in an attempt to centralize power under the executive branch. Please look into the constitutionality of his nationalizing GM, refusing to comply with his constitutional duty to protect our country’s borders, authorizing the Dream Act by executive order… I could go on, but would ask that you thoroughly research the actions of this president before you make your choice.

  2. I wonder how this rode trip is resonating through out the country.

    I think that people have turned Barry off and just really do not pay attention to what he is doing or where he is going.

    Most that I know are waiting for November 2012 to get here. They are watching the news and paying attention to the GOP players, but in general, they are waiting for the election to vote Barry, any progressive and RINO on the ballot out.

    Yes, Barry is using the buses and presidential toys to campain on our dime. The way it goes.

    1. Robin H, the business owners are a enemy to Barry because he is a anti-colonialist and has a dislike for those that are taking care of themselves because he believes that it is the gov’ments role to control & take care of people. Individuals just can not be trusted to do the right thing, so there must a “higher authority” to ensure fairness and equality.

      A business person just is not capabile of hiring the right person. Barry thinks that the gov’ment should decide this and that a union should enforce it.

  3. Okay, I know Politico is not an unbiased news source, but todays poll asks about O’s bus tour. Either a thumbs up – it will give the voters a chance to ask about his jobs plan, or a thumbs down – it’s just another campaign trip through battleground states.

    Of course the voting is 39% thumbs up, but Politico forgot to add he’d be talking to SCHOOL kids, not VOTERS!

    Sorry, had to vent.

  4. Oh dear thieves stole the truck with the prompter and podium and all the
    electrical devices that allow the Prez to form a complete sentence!:). True
    stolen from the parking lot in Henrico VA. Had the podium and Presidential seals too, how will he even know who he is? Talk about poetic justice. A
    perfect example of schaudenfreude:)

      1. They are pretty funny and all done without prompter or a large
        contingent of speech writers! Now who looks like a fool? I think the
        folks are way smarter than the prompter I mean President oh well
        no difference.

  5. Keith…you missed a few!

    8:30am II Roundtable at “Sausage & Grits City”
    9:45am II Roundtable at “Pulled Pork Heaven”
    11:15am II Rountable at “Slaw Dog Emporium”
    12:45pm II Movingtable at “Ribs Like Muchell Never Made” drive thru
    2:00pm II Square table at “Dr. Pepper’s Frito Pie Buffateria”
    3:30pm II Largebooth at “Porkchop Junction”
    5:00pm II Banquet table at “Fried Chicken Factory Outlet”
    6:30pm II Video conference call with Muchell from “Sprouts & Pickled Okra Salad Spa”

  6. Only a few of the school kids are allowed to attend. Its mostly teachers and nearby business owners that will be there. The SCA, Governor’s School, and JROTC programs will be there, along with a couple others, but the majority of the attendees are adults.

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