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Obama’s Protestors Refuse to Let John Lewis Speak

The video below of civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) being denied the right to speak to protestors in Atlanta is deeply ironic given the public embrace of the Occupy Anything movement by President Obama, Vice President Biden and other Democratic leaders.

Obama, who proclaimed at a news conference that the chaotic groups of lefties who are hanging around Wall Street and other places are expressing “the frustrations that the American people feel,” now plans to try to channel anger at Wall Street into a propaganda tool with which to bludgeon Republicans, according to the Washington Post.

Actually, most of the protestors seem to be hardened adult leftists and students recently indoctrinated by their professors rather than average Americans who lost their paycheck. They are mostly white, with many of the kids looking fairly well scrubbed and the adults bearing that aging granola look.

Few look like they’ve ever balanced a checkbook. Most look like they’d protest the sunrise if they could find a good reason.

These are the new heroes of the White House and Democratic leaders. But when offered the wisdom of a genuine hero, they sent him on his way.

As one of our readers, Star, pointed out to me, Lewis was one of the black Congressman who was supposedly called the N word by Tea Partiers during a Washington rally, a charge that as far as I know has never been substantiated. Even if it occurred, it was the action of a jerk or two I’m sure. But here is an entire group of the “left wing Tea Party” denying Lewis the very freedom of speech he marched and suffered for in the 1960s, and humiliating him in the process.

Check this out. It’s worth the ten minutes. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t.

I particularly enjoyed the gentleman with the microphone. Just the type to accept your invitation to dinner and then curse out capitalists like you while devouring the steak you grilled for him.

Did you notice how, while practicing “consensus democracy,” he was predisposed to get rid of Lewis and then ultimately achieved his end? And how he decompensated into puerile rage at the end when his power was challenged?

Right out of George Orwell.

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  1. I disagree with just about everythin g Congressman Lewis does now, but I have the deepest respect for his efforts during the Civil Rights times. To be treated this way by overeducated idiots, union thugs and racists makes me want to personally apologize for the stupidity of this group.
    Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Ried and Joe Biden must be proud, these are the Democratic Party of the future.

  2. While I do not agree with Senator Lewis’ politics, I do admire the work he did during the Civil Rights Movement. I felt bad for him that he was turned away. I did not see a “consensus” against him speaking to the crowd. (also couldn’t help but notice his aid in the white shirt is smoking hot).

    The little man with the microphone, and he is just that, a “little man” on a power trip is clearly nuts, as are all those fools repeating after him. Is this kindergarden? What flavor was the Kool Aid they were serving?

    I also agree with Keith’s assessment of the crowd. Wet behind the ears kids who know nothing, and died in the wool leftist hippies.
    This “movement” is not going to turn out well. Look at Denver, Seattle, San Diego & Italy today for just an example). This is not going to “serve” the politicians who are supporting this very well. This is not the stance of middle America.

    Neither should it be compared to the “Tea Party” folks. I recall NO instances of violence at Tea Party rallies, NO sanitation issues, NO evidence of bigotry against anyone.

    I have my own “issues” with the relationship between big government, big business, and lobbiest. Changes do need to be made to how Washington and Wall Street work (together), but if the OWS crowd get their way, “You don’t know how lucky you are, boy… Back in the USSR”

  3. This video shot of the creepiest protesters ever doesn’t excuse RepLewis’ attempt to take over the conversation, so to speak. They didn’t want to hear from him, didn’t care what he had to say, and obviously didn’t invite him to their freaky-deaky occupation.
    That’s the American way. They voted and they decided.
    IMO, nothing good will come out of these occupations for the participants, the policing authorites or the public.
    The Dem activists, uber-rich celebrities and elected officials who voice their support of these whiny slackers are making a big mistake.

  4. Hi Keith,

    One suggested correction to your take on the OCW protestors. You wrote that “most look like they’d protest the sunrise if they could find a good reason”. These folks don’t need a “good” reason, just an excuse!

  5. Saw that video last week and it is really bizarro. These people are no comparison to the Tea Party. This ‘movement’ has been in the planning by Obama minions for months.

    The Working Families Party of New York, who coincidentally share an address with ACORN and SEIU, posted a Craig’s list ad on September 26th offering to pay $350-$650 a week for people to attend the Wall Street protests. Wouldn’t doubt the paycheck for these protestors comes from taxpayer money somewhere along the line.

    The Democrats are making a mistake by hitching their wagon to these protestors. This movement is made up of hardcore Marxists and communists, young spoiled college students, and aging 60’s hippies. Once the anarchists join in, they will rue the day they embraced the Flea Party.

  6. Keith, Andrew Breitbart offered Rep Lewis a $10,000 donation to UNCF for anyone who had video proof of the claim that someone from the Tea Party made a racist remark to him. Nobody every took him up on that offer. Jesse Jackson Jr. had his video camera taping the crowd the whole time the CBC marched through the Tea Party protestors. If anyone had video evidence of the ‘event’, he would.

  7. I saw this a few days back, and all I could think of was Jim Jones and his People’s Temple of Doom (from where the term “drinking the kool-aid” came from).

    When the leader faces opposition he does what he can to eliminate that opposition, shades of Stalin and Mao.

    True democracy or consensus democracy does not work. That is why we have a representative form of government. In a true democracy the loudest are the ones that get heard, and any opposing voice is drowned out. If this is the type of government and leadership these people want, then they need to pack their iPads, cameras and all the other trappings of the capitalist system and move to some compound in the jungle. In a country of 312 million people this type of governing will not work and only lead to anarchy. But, that’s what they want.

  8. Shall we be surprised?

    After all, Barry has validated his progressive base from the far left. These people believe that they have a “friend” in the WH, so now they think that they can do what ever they want. Barry will look out for them. So now the insane are running the insane asylum if you will. They have been unleashed.

    What is sad is that they will be thrown under the bus just like everyone else, special interest group, union and progressive base that has attached themselves to the progressive ideals.

    This will continue to harm Barry and his faithful band of followers. It will reach a point that Barry and etal will finally need to throw them away which will totally tick off these nut jobs.

    That is when I will turn to that channel and watch with glee.

    388 days until “Operation Destroy America” ends.

  9. I’ve got pictures from the Occupy Detroit protest from yesterday at my blog if anyone is interested. I’ll be back there tomorrow (running the Detroit marathon – half) to see if anyone is camping out (doubt it – lol). Perhaps I’ll have more fun pictures.

    • Excellent photos and write-up Car in. Thank you for engaging with them. Amazing that unions are participating in protests against corporations. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Good luck with the marathon!

  10. I don’t agree with any of Rep. Lewis’s politics, but his participation in SNCC and the courageous act of riding through the deep south, together with many other students in integrated buses in 1961, was an act of principled courage in my book.

    None of the dopes in that crowd could carry his lunch.

    But he wouldn’t be in Congress without also having ridden that very reputation into Washington, too. Let’s not forget that. And he’s obviously enjoyed being used by his own Party ever since. Any time there’s any group of Dem’s marching for anything, anywhere (Pelosi marching that ridiculous gavel to the ObamaCare vote) Lewis is in the front row, arm in arm, with whomever is the star of the moment.

    Can you imagine this man who marched with King, having to look down the front row and see the likes of Reid, Barney Frank and Jerry Nadler?

    Barf me.

  11. If this is the way they think democracy should work, that nothing gets done unless everyone agrees, they wouldl starve to death. If they tried to decide whether to plant corn or wheat the planting season would be over before they agreed. Everyone knows that when you have 3 people in a room you’ll get three opinions. Our founders were so much more intellegent than this group will ever be.

    That repeating is really creepy. Could you see some corporate meeting where the crowd did this? And they call the Republicans robots?

    • What these geniuses in D.C. don’t realize, is that the “repeating thing” was necessary in N.Y.C. because you’re not permitted to have a bullhorn here or wear any type of mask or scarf covering the face. Thus, the crowd repeats whatever the speaker says so everyone can hear it.

      Einsteine’s. Every last one of them.

  12. Where are these people ‘normally’ ? I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like they’re from Mars but, sadly I suspect they walk among us.

  13. I watched the video and had the same reaction to that weird leader.
    John Lewis is quoted on leftwing Politico as saying he was not offended.
    Well, he looked pretty dazed to me.

  14. The majority of this group is white. White, middle-class to wealthy, coddled, and semi-educated. They don’t know who John Lewis is and they care even less.

    • To Lewis’s credit–and like others I think he does not have enough to do these days–I was thinking that these protestors would never have the stones to do what Lewis and others (including whites) did during the Civil Rights days–I knew people who went to Selma and other places–those dark back roads, hoses, dogs, and screaming epithets were no picnic…I have always adrmired this.

      • Don’t forget the handy canals and drainage ditches, the Klan… Just to sign up voters or eat lunch in Woolworth’s. Lewis could probably wipe the floor with that creepy little cheerleader guy or whatever he is…

  15. Drudge is linking to this video of some musical geniuses singing that rhythmic tune “F* the USA”. I’d like to know where are the parents of these little snots? If our son or daughter were to behave like these young people, there would be hell to pay from us. These are the kids of the self-indulgent liberals we grew up with. They raised their children to be just like them.