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Obama Heads Out for Golf

President Obama is golfing today with three junior aides, David Katz, Eugene Kang and Marvin Nicholson.

According to the pool report, “Katz is assistant to the president for manufacturing policy, Kang is special projects coordinator and confidential assistant to the president, and Nicholson is the White House trip director.”

This is golf outing number 84 of the Obama presidency and the 26th of the year.

29 thoughts on “Obama Heads Out for Golf”

  1. What is a confidential assistant (Kang’s job description)? I assume it is person who fights to keep obama’s blackberry secret despite a court order to release the contents.

  2. Where is “Urkel” playing today? If it’s Andrews, do they shut down the entire course for his party to play? Must be irksome if you planned your day to golf there.

  3. The guy must have no conscience at all. His acolytes are causing havoc all over the country, he sends our military off to Africa to take out a tribal leader, and he acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

    Wonder if the MSM is starting to take a hint. In a “random act of journalism”, CNN’s John King reported that Obama mentioned Fast and Furious in a March interview with CNN Espanol — two months before Holder’s 3 May testimony where he claimed no knowledge before the last ‘few weeks’. Incredibly, Obama said he found out about F&F on the news. What a way to run an administration if there is any truth in his claim.

  4. Well party…check
    Expensive food….check
    New clothes for MO…check
    Send soldiers into a Hellhole…..check
    Time for some me time.
    There are words for people like him but as a lady I won’t say.
    Oh ignore the fact the world is in an uproar about money including USA
    Gosh I might need a vacation this stuff is a real downer, not fun for me!

  5. The Occupier in Chief wants to make sure that the OWS crowd realizes how much how much they have in common. And what better way than to demonstrate a similar work ethic.

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  7. I understand no one is allowed to ask Obama an unscripted question (WH media or public/campagin events) but here is one I have…

    “If Barack Hussein Obama was at Columbia University right now as a student (like they say he was in the 1980s) would student Obama join the ‘Occupy Wall St.’ movement?”

    I wonder how fast Obama would run away from that question…

    1. Awesome question Langley.

      A great follow-up would be, “and if BHO would be at the OWS, what would young BHO be doing there?”

      I’m sure that we would get many “um, ah, um, ah, um, ah’s” out of him or Carney.

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    1. No, it is not just you…there were articles this week about his aloofness, coldness, and not confiding…he is a strange bird.
      It was said in one of these that Nixon wandered the halls of the WH at night and “talked” to portraits of former presidents in the days before his downfall.
      One article said he leaves his office between four and five many days, eats dinner with his family and retreats alone to his private study with a stack of files but no one knows what he does while there.
      He is closer to Valerie Jarrett and one or two other Chicago types and no one else.
      I find him frightening.

  9. He can stay out on the golf course forever, it is better for America when this UnAmerican son of a whore is not sitting in the Oval Office! Can’t wait until we see the last of him and his dog ugly Skank, Michelle! That will be the day America starts to recover! No more UnKnown Idiots, who can speak a good line of BS and Lies, elected to the Presidency. Look at a persons record and background before voting, not just his BS! This advice comes from a lifelong Democrat who did not fall for Obama’s outright Lies and BS in 2008, and will not support the son of a whore in 2012 either! Herman Cain 2012!

  10. 84 times in 3 years……and he still probably sucks as we never hear his golf score. Hell the same media that CRUCIFIED Bush for golfing 24 times in 8 years, doesn’t even report Obama’s mad golf habit.

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  13. I wonder if Obama ever pays for the green fees and carts or does he play for free every time?
    either way, he is still a hack at golf and as the POTUS!!!

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