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Obama Kept His Enemy Close

Is there any doubt, in anyone’s mind, that were she not Secretary of State, there would be a desperate cry in the Land of the Democrats for Hillary Clinton to run for president?

It wouldn’t be easy for her. Opposing the nation’s first black president in a primary would have alienated African Americans and drawn charges of Clintonian opportunism.

But the Clinton’s are used to being charged with opportunism. Because they’re opportunists.

And so is President Obama. Is there any serious reason you can think of, other than to make sure he had neutralized his main 2012 primary threat, that Obama made Clinton Secretary of State?

"Would you like an apple too?"

Other than dodging Serb sniper fire, what were her qualifications? Okay, you say, she had no more of a résumé for being Secretary of State than Obama had for the presidency, but that merely makes my point.

Clinton had no notable experience in foreign policy, no academic background in international relations, no grand world view or systematic approach to foreign affairs, and no experience negotiating deals. Her most notable foreign policy achievement of the Clinton presidency was kissing Yasser Arafat’s wife.

I don’t really buy much into the “Team of Rivals” notion that Obama, à la Lincoln, wanted to stock his Cabinet with his antagonists. Seems a trivial reason to give someone the awesome powers for Secretary of State. Even if this played a role, it wasn’t his primary consideration.

Obama, or his first-rate political advisers, understood well that a primary challenge can sink a presidency. Only two presidents have been unseated since Herbert Hoover – Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. Both had to weather serious primary challenges that caused them to expend precious resources and incur damaging criticism even before the opposition Party got started with them.

If Obama had not brought Hillary in, the Democratic Party would have failed to fully unify. Clintonites still nursing wounds from the bruising 2008 primary battle would be ready to turn back to Hillary, who they always thought would have made a better president.

Serious Democrat money would be on the sidelines, waiting to see what Hillary did. Financial sector Democrats, angry about new regulations and tired of being vilified by Obama, would gladly fund her campaign. Jews flummoxed by Obama’s approach to Israel would be ready to back her. Democratic businessmen worried that Obama will use a second term to tax them into smithereens would line up to donate.

With Obama at 40 percent in the polls, the pressure on her to run would be irresistible. Nostalgia for Dear Old Bill, his insatiable appetite for cheating on his wife apparently diminished at last, would be in full bloom.

She may run anyway, but I doubt it. Turning on the man who gave you a chance to set U.S. foreign policy would be seen as towering perfidy.

It’s too Clintonian, even for the Clintons. She’d end her political career as a traitor, and she’d lose. But were she not Secretary of State . . .

Obama doesn’t seem to know much about fighing wars, but he understood well the quote from the great Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu:

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

40 Responses to Obama Kept His Enemy Close

  1. Choice between the Pot and the Kettle.
    Both are opportunists.
    Of course he followed the rule of keeping his enemies close.
    Chicago thugs learn early when to use the baseball bat and when to offer honey.

    • Yep, like peas and carrots; both devoted fans of the radical community organizer Saul D. Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Obama’s bible and Clinton’s Masters thesis subject.

    • Annie,

      Don’t forget Hillary is from Chicago also, Park Ridge actually, and I have a cousin that went to high school with her. She was just as opportunistic in HS as she has been throughout her adult life.

        • My son did his undergrad at Babson College in Wellsley, MA, across town from Wellsley College.
          I remember asking him early on if they ever dated Wellsley girls…he laughed and no, way too ugly.
          Hillary was a case here in Arkansas…did much damage to public education during their reign.

          • Annie, you should be embarrassed that you raised a son who wouldn’t date a Wellsley girl because they’re too ugly. If my son uttered those words, I’d send him out to do yard work! He should be so lucky to date an intelligent woman (not girl) at one of the top women’s schools in the country. And I’ve never heard of Babson….

          • That’s another factor–many many mean things were said about Hillary when she ran–almost as bad as about Sarah. Ugly, strident, this, that–personally I am sick of people ranking out women this way.

  2. Hill, will not run.

    If She and Bill thought that there was a better than average chance that she could win, she would run against Barry.

    They know that the wave that is coming in 389 days is going to crush the progressives and even some RINO’s. They do not want to be apart of anything like that. They have a legacy to protect.

    As Just2old says, “both devoted fans of the radical community organizer Saul D. Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Obama’s bible and Clinton’s Masters thesis subject.”

    I think that the Clintons weighed out their lives for the next 20-30 years before they left the WH in January 2001, so when Barry offered her the Sec of State, she was willing to go into that arena. Barry might have thought that he was keeping his enemy’s closer, but was this also a way for Hill to keep her enemy’s close too?

  3. The President and Secretary of State are both all talk and action. The damage those two half-wits have done to the good ole USA will take years if not decades to correct.. I’m sure they mean well in their feeble little minds, but the road to HELL is paved with good intentions.

  4. The curious part is why MrsClinton would give up her (safe) seat in the US Senate to be part of the Obama administration. At first, it was thought that she would rack up some foreign affairs credit for her own run at the WhiteHouse, but unless MrO drops out of the current race, MrsC would have to wait another 5 years to make her move.
    There were always rumors that a deal was struck between the Obama camp and the Clintons that MrO would only serve for 4 years and leave the door open for MrsC to step in as the most visable and electable Dem.

  5. I still don’t think we should rule Hill out. Over the next 6 months things could get so bad that there will be an overwhelming call for her. Set aside the black vote,(who would set the election out) I think she could garner enough independent votes to win.

  6. She would never have pissed on Israel.
    She would never have apologized for this nation around the globe.
    She would have surrounded herself with better more experienced people.
    She would have scared the shit out of half the worlds dictators.
    She’d probably be looking at a lock for her second term.
    Which is the only good thing about having Hussein in there now.

    He’s history.

  7. I’m thinking Obama found a way to neutralize Hillary’s power and influence by appointing her to a cabinet position. Under the Obama regime, cabinet positions don’t seem to carry much weight. He rarely meets with his cabinet, while his shadow government (czars) are busily destroying our Republic in the background. His last ‘jobs’ forum was pretty telling. He was openly instructing his czars to find way to circumvent Congress administratively, because he knows we are powerless to stop him.

  8. I don’t really buy much into the “Team of Rivals” notion that Obama, à la Lincoln, wanted to stock his Cabinet with his antagonists

    Nah–that was just to send a tingle up Doris Kearns Goodwin’s leg.

  9. As I remember… Bill Clinton was the first “black president” (1992-2000).
    So maybe these “racist” Obama supporters need to shut-up…

  10. Ha ha, I love Drudge’s page right now: 3 pics across the top, Ahmandinubadabadoo, Big O, and Pelosi all posed with an index finger pointed up in pontification. Priceless!! :-)

  11. I have great fun reading this site but this article is just plain silly. Since when does Clinton have no experience, no academic background and no negotiating experience? I agree that she did not have specific foreign policy experience, but as a practicing attorney and also as a board member of several corporations, I would assume she gained valuable negotiating experience. Also, as First Lady, she traveled to more countries than any other, I believe. Now, that is not a high power achievement, but it’s nothing to turn your nose up at either, or say that her influence was limited to kissing Arafat’s wife. That’s demeaning. I think she pushed the boundaries of the First Lady’s role as much as she could, and combined with her superior educational background as well as the (albeit brief) work in the Senate, she’s perfectly qualified to perform the duties and understand new responsibilities as they present themselves. But of course, the real reason behind everyone’s hatred of Clinton becomes apparent when the comments here focus on her appearance (Wellsley girls are ugly, etc) and her “opportunistic ways”. Misogynistic, much??

      • Well, she has more than, or at least as much experience as Baker, so did you have an equally strong position about his qualifications? Granted that was a number of years ago, but your initial assertion that she completely had no relevant experience at all was fairly exaggerated, IMO. Rice and Powell, of course, had the most relevant experience of our recent SOS but I do believe that HRC had fairly well-defined foreign policies during her campaign that indicated to me, at least, that she had some substantive knowledge.

        However, despite my disagreeing with you on this one matter, I will continue to read since you provide exciting coverage of Moo-chelle’s endless eating….

        • Who says she is his enemy–they are both part of the shadowy power structure that pushed them forward, first one. then the other. She sold out, too. I was for her, now she could be running and it would probably not make me vote Dem again.