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Quote of the Day || October 13, 2011

“This Iranian plot is a very serious matter, and we are holding Iran accountable. As of today, I’ve unfriended Ahmadinejad on Facebook, and I plan to assume a rude tone with him next time we speak.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 13, 2011”

  1. As more facts become published, it’s really hard to believe that the Iranians would hire some Mexican drug runners to bomb a Saudi national in Washington DC.
    If anyone should be offended, it would be the Saudis. Let them deal with it.

    1. srdem,

      The Saudis can’t. Not with all that is going on in the M/E and N Africa right now. They would only be inviting instigation by the Iranian 5th column in the peninsula, and could end up having the entire House of Saud overthrown. Even if Aziz did a huge crack down, there would be such repercussions, and the US has shown that it cannot be trusted to stand by “allies” in their time of need.

      Aziz needs stability in Saudi Arabia, and cannot afford to piss off the masses. No doubt there are plenty of agent provocateurs from Iran and I would guess Russia in Arabia, all that would be needed is a spark caused by the Saudis acting on their own to unleash a firestorm of hell on Aziz and his family.

  2. I doubt everything coming from this White House. Maybe this “terror plot” is just a part of the Obama election campaign . Obama must be interested in diverting debate from economy to terror plots.

  3. It also doesn’t make sense that a Mexican cartel would jeopordize their multi-billion dollar a year enterprise to aid the Iranian’s. Something doesn’t smell right….

  4. I am starting to wonder about the substance of this whole story. The more I think about it, something is very fishy, especially the timing of it.

    1. Now the NYT says the plot was pretty low rent and clumsy…Is a plot an “attempt”? O’Reilly insisted it was. I got so wrapped around the axel listening to him even I could not decide anymore. How come everytime someone wants to hire a killer or do something bad–they are sent directly to an undercover cop? To me this means EVERYONE is now a cop and we barely have any criminals left.

  5. A strongly worded letter too! And Hillary might be annoyed. This is a sham
    cover for Holder and it failed as did the plan if it ever truly was a very serious danger. Trust no one cause these folks really are the X Files.

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