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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 14, 2011

10:30 am || Departs White House
12:05 pm || Arrives Detroit
1:30 pm || Tours GM Orion Assembly with South Korean President Lee; Lake Orion, Mich.
1:50 pm || Obama and Lee deliver remarks on the U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement
3:40 pm || Departs Detroit
5:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, October 14, 2011”

    Any word/rumor on who in the WH called Mayor Bloomberg and told him NOT to move the dirty mob in the park?
    Just curious, because an “incident” (NYPD v. angry mob) would make Obama & the hypocritical, clueless Dem supporters (Pelosi, etc.) of the mob ‘look bad’. Seems like many in this mob, while wearing their unwashed Obama/pro-union t-shirts, are looking for an excuse to rage against Wall St., NYC & NYPD

  2. crap, I was going to go to costco, and it’s in Lake Orion. Guess I’ll scrap that. I don’t really want to sit on the road for unknown amounts of time while Teh One’s gets ferried about.

  3. Oh, and Occupy Detroit is starting their 60 day sit in (ha – that puts them into December). I’ll be in the city today and on Sunday, perhaps I can get a few pictures.

    1. Occupy San Antonio has been going on for about 2 weeks now. The press and looky-loos are starting to outnumber the protestors, so hopefully the symbolism is wearing off…

      1. I do not know if there is an Occupy New Orleans or not, but would we be able to see the difference?

        No harm to anyone from NO or loves NO. Take a joke?

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  5. Did you catch the decor at the big dinner last night? Talk about gaudy and
    tasteless and tacky! Looked like it belonged in a brothel of course after a look at the ‘dress’ MO almost had on it should come as no surprise. If she
    wants to show off her toned body in a private setting or one of the many
    fancy fundraisers fine but when you represent this country dress like a lady
    save the ‘look at me!’ stuff for another time and place. Shameful.

    1. I have a USMC friend who would talk about S.Korean “cat houses”. Today he said Michelle Obama was dressed in the same way as the “girls” who worked in them.

      1. Read some place the menu was more Japaneese than Korean. Oh
        and completely unrelated got blood work back and my sodium level
        is too LOW! Take that MO I must go eat salt:)

  6. I think the whole itinerary with the Lees has be atrocious. They went to a school ‘that has the largest number of Koreans’ and now to a factory that produces cars. Don’t the Lees know what korean kids and cars look like? Why don’t we take them to the Grand Canyon, or something they won’t find in Korea? I know when business men from China are here, they don’t want to eat chinese food.

    I know it’s to promote free trade, and O has to impress his union buddies, but gee whiz, can’t we do better than Detroit? “Yeah Mr Lee, this is what America looks like!”

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