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Obama Raised at Least $70 Million Last Quarter

President Obama raised at least $70 million for himself and the DNC during the second quarter of his campaign, down from the first quarter total of $86 million but still a robust sum, particularly for a candidate with such low popularity ratings.

The campaign had put out word that it expected to raise $55 million, according to a report last month in the New York Times that I picked up here.

The Times based its report on conversations the campaign had had with Democratic officials.

So either the Times was wrong, or the campaign was lying to lower expectations.

From a statement by Obama campaign Chairman Jim Messina, released today:

Here’s what you should know about what we’ll report to the FEC tomorrow:

In the third fundraising quarter of this year, 606,027 people donated to this campaign—even more than gave in the record-breaking previous quarter.

Those people gave more than 766,000 total donations—98 percent of them $250 or less, at an average amount of $56. That’s more than twice as many donations than we had at this point in the historic 2008 campaign.

We are focused on building infrastructure that will help us win in 2012. And each quarter we set a combined goal for the campaign and our allies at the Democratic National Committee. We far exceeded our goal of $55 million this quarter between the two organizations. Great work.

Together, Obama for America and the DNC raised more than $70 million. And it all happened during a summer when the President was focused on doing the job he was elected to do—a summer when we had to cancel a series of fundraising events and ask everyone to dig a little deeper.


25 thoughts on “Obama Raised at Least $70 Million Last Quarter”

  1. Just heard that the pandhandler-in-chief is coming back to L.A. for another hand-out! He was just here a couple of weeks ago – this time it’s Antonio Banderas and the Hispanics! Maybe they should put their $$$ to better use – like starting a foundation for all the illegal aliens in this city! I’m tired of supporting them!

  2. “And it all happened during a summer when the President was focused on doing the job he was elected to do—a summer when we had to cancel a series of fundraising events and ask everyone to dig a little deeper.”

    boo hoo….it is almost apologetic….once again

  3. “[A] summer when we had to cancel a series of fundraising events…”

    How many did they have scheduled to begin with? It seems as if he was doing at least 3 a week all summer, even when on vacation.

  4. nothing worse in my eyes than a political heretic trying to “buy” his way to
    re-election ! may his effort be thwarted and be seen as it truly is:
    a continuation of the distorted,abuse,arrogance, lying and shameful occupation of incompetent political low life who are hell bent on changing our country with complete disregard of majority disapproval .

  5. That’s really impressive. By their count, 420,000 people gave an average of $56 and 153,200 gave an average of $18,000 to MrO or the Dem organization.
    Or, that’s not so much. 300,000,000 people didn’t give a dime to MrO or the Dem organization. 16,000,000 are unemployed, 50,000,000 are living on food stamps and millions of families have lost their savings and their homes.

    It’s all how you look at it and what numbers are really important.

  6. Harvesters can feed five people for just $1.

    I think of the obscene amount of money Obama wants to raise $1 Billion.
    They all raise money but he’s obsessed with getting more and more. He the
    President for the folks and the poor and oppressed.

    Michelle Obama’s borrowed $42,500 ‘borrowed’ bracelets would have fed
    212,500 people. More than a fake vegetable garden of expensive organic
    veg. The food Harvesters provides probably wouldn’t pass her standards of
    what we are allowed to eat but it would fill a child or elderly persons stomach.

      1. Plus–even a billion bucks worth of commercials about how soft we are, and stupid compared with him, and how we loved Bush, and Eric Cantor blows, or whatever–isn’t going to impress too many people. At least I hope not.

  7. MT for re-redistribution

    That’s our tax money being donated back to his re-election assault. Handouts to his unemployable base. I’m surprised their twisted criminal minds are sharp enough to know to support their cash-cow, at the expense of the future of freedom.

  8. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to pay for all that campaign/fundraising travel that he and Moochelle Antoinette have done. That amount should be subtracted form the coffers of the DNC and sent back to the treasury.

    1. I happen to agree with this sentiment. All of our presidents use an obscene amount of time and money to get re-elected. We should change our laws so that the president is in office for 6 years and there can be no re-election. Maybe then they would work for the average people (Democrats) or for the rich people (Republicans) for the entire term.

      1. What leads you to believe Democrats are for ‘average people’? I consider myself to be pretty average, but because I’m a white, Christian, member of the Tea Party, Democrats call me a terrorist or the enemy. Just wondering who falls under your definition of ‘average people’.

        1. I think ‘average’ means ‘victim’ of some sort or other.

          It’s why they hate Herman Cain. They can’t control or use people who do not view themselves as victims, therefore they are not ‘average’ /read: a sheep.

  9. So, if I ge the math right 750,680 donations (766,000 x 98%) gave an average of $56.00. That is a total of $42 million. Now that means $28 million came from just 15,302 donations. A broad base? I think not! Please, move the Presidential Election up to this November!

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