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Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians

President Obama has responded to the Egyptian military’s massacre of Coptic Christian protestors in Cairo Sunday with a pointedly even-handed statement that calls equally on Christians and the military to show restraint.

“The President is deeply concerned about the violence in Egypt that has led to a tragic loss of life among demonstrators and security forces,” Obama said in a statement released this week. “Now is a time for restraint on all sides so that Egyptians can move forward together to forge a strong and united Egypt.”

Incredibly, Obama is not only equating the deaths of peaceful protestors and their killers, but he is suggesting that Egypt’s increasingly persecuted Christian minority should show as much “restraint” as their tormentors and refrain from vigorously objecting to the growing abuse.

More than two dozen people, most of them Copts, were killed as security forces attacked demonstrators protesting the burning of a church.

The Egyptian military has denied the killings, but news reports, eyewitness accounts, and videos posted to the Internet contradict the claims, with footage showing armed personnel carriers ramming through crowds of protestors and a soldier firing at them. The dead, according to forensic reports, were either crushed by being run over or were shot.

Three soldiers are also said to have died, but this appears to have occurred as protestors were fighting for their lives. There can be no mistaking that this was a slaughter of civilians.

The church burning was only the latest in an escalating series of attacks by Islamists against Christians and their churches.

Obama’s statement does say that “the United States continues to believe that the rights of minorities – including Copts – must be respected.” But the moral equivalence given to the demonstrators and military signals that the White House is not yet serious about curtailing the anti-Christian violence and preempting additional brutal action by the military.

In another sign of unseriousness, Obama notes reassuringly “Prime Minister Sharaf’s call for an investigation,”  even though Sharaf has already blamed the violence on a foreign consipiracy.

“It is difficult for us to consider what happened in Egypt in the past hours is due to sectarian strife, but what is for certain is that it is one of the pieces of this plot,” Sharaf said.

Some analysts fear that the Egyptian military may be promoting violence in order to give it an excuse to crack down and increase its power.

234 thoughts on “Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians”

  1. Obama…”increasingly persecuted Christian minority should show as much ‘restraint’ as their tormentors and refrain from vigorously objecting to the growing abuse.”…This guy is a frigin IDIOT.

    1. The level of hatred and the lack of any intelligence here is astounding. The president urges restraint from all sides and that makes him a Christian hater? Come on people try and use your brains at least a little. Okay so you do not agree with Obama’s policies you do not have to but at least try and not sound like second graders calling names and spitting vitriol.

      1. He is a Muslim lover, and he isn’t my president. He told me that himself.

        If we’re so lacking in maturity and intelligence, why don’t you move on over to the Daily Kos where you would feel more comfortable?

      2. He’s a muslim. They are all insane. Therefor, he is insane. Stop expecting a hateful, insane muslim to do the right thing.

        What kind of restraint is a Christian being killed supposed to show?

        Try not to dull the blade of the knife the insane muslim is trying to cut your throat with? I do hope the Christians being mowed over with military vehicles didn’t damage the undercarriage.

      3. I am sure lawmart is of low intelligence and a rabid Christian hater. Probably wishes he were an Obama brown shirt, so he could persecute Christians for his dear leader.

  2. This is always Obama’s approach to good vs; evil. Both sides have to show restraint, as if evil and good are in the same ballpark. He is a true danger to freedom and liberty here as well as in the rest of the World. As he works towards become a dictator, with supporters like Jess Jackson, Jr., and the rest of the CBC, we have to hold these revolutionaries responsible or we are doomed.

    1. A dictator? Seriously a dictator? You may not agree with the president and I defend your right not to. But a dictator? I’m afraid your ignorance is showing.

      1. There you go calling people ignorant again. Just because our opinions differ from yours, doesn’t mean we’re ignorant. Look around this country and see what this tyrant is doing to the social fabric of our society. He has become lawless, telling his bureaucrats to bypass Congress so he can pay off his union thugs and the takers. He is a wannabe dictator.

      2. Yes, he is working toward becoming a dictator. making the people poor and reliant on government, and addressing the nation with condescending speeches. It’s not ignorance. It’s truth. That’s why next year, he’s out.

      3. Yes, absolutely, a dictator. Obumma has show that he will circumvent any dissent by lawmakers and the people any way he can. The Constitution is merely an annoying obstacle to his goals. He would LOVE to institute the laws of Cuba or Venezuela.

    1. Another moron shows his colors. During the Holodomor millions died of man made starvation. That cannot be compared with what took place in Egypt.

      1. That was forced starvation, by monsters who were leftsits, like yourself. Do you wear a Mao t-shirt, too? He only murdered and force starved 75 million people. Or did you know that the Japanese murdered 50 million Chinese in ww2? Did you know communist Polo Pot was educated in a western, socialist university.
        What kind of creep are you to knock down that guy’s criticism of Obama suggesting a moral equivalence in this slaughter. You leftists are truly, deeply, without shame or self awareness.

        1. Japes, you bring up WW2 — look up Unit 731 if you don’t already know about it. The Japanese version of nazi experimentation units, only more inhumane. Thank God we dropped the bombs when we did!

  3. Had Obama been a Roman emperor, he would have demanded that the Christians in the arena exercise restraint in their interaction with the lions. Can he possibly be this stupid?

  4. You have GOT to be kidding me? This is really, really crazy that Obama would issue a statement like this. The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum, people – it’ll take a LOOOONG time to get the genie of world-wide stupidity back into the bottle.

  5. This president is so two(2) faced and anti Christian, that his words mean absolutely nothing.

    He is a Muslium threw & threw with out question.

  6. 1.) 1.5 billion in aid for Egypt;
    2.) Stange silence on the part of Christian pastors about wounding and killing of protesting Christians.

  7. What a disaster Obama has been. I use to think Jimmy Carter was the worst president we had ever seen. Obama has a tendency to claim he is a Christian, but by his deeds and omissions, he is saying something completely opposite. Fortunately he’s not as bad as Nero was, but if he gets another 4 years in office, who knows what damage he will to peace loving people all over the world.

    Maybe Herman Cain would be the best person to run against Obama. It’s unlikely the RACE CARD could be used by Obama/supporters if Cain wins the nomination.

    NO-Bama in 2012

  8. This is a most vexing remark from a “Christian” President of the US. His ability to find moral equivalence between good and evil is frightening.

    Does asking Christians to ‘show restraint’ as they protest the systematic burning of their houses of worship suggest that Obama encourages the Christians to not move around so much while being shot at out of fairness to those Egyptian Soldiers so they can kill, but avoid wasting bullets?

    I simply don’t get what he wants them to do. Or why he sees this as moral equivalency rather than an outrage.

  9. That last statement sounds exactly like what our current administration is doing in our country. However, in our case it’s to hold on to power while systematicly stripping us of our freedoms!

    “Some analysts fear that the Egyptian military may be promoting violence in order to give it an excuse to crack down and increase its power.”

  10. barrack obama is an evil man. He hates the West, Christianity, and his own country.

    I cannot imagine what grievous sin we committed, to visit this bastard upon ourselves.

  11. If the POTUS cared about the millions of persecuted/martyred Christians in the World, most of them under Islamic regimes in the MidEast, he would NOT issue such a “lamely worded statement” calling for “restraint on both sides” in Egypt! He would label such acts against unarmed Christian- Egyptians and peaceful citizens as CRIMINAL!

    Did he ever issue a statement when, last January, Coptics were slaughtered as they left worship services? Muslim countries will continue to persecute apostates and anyone who does not submit to Islam! Why? Because, nobody can stop them! “Restraint” only works if those involved in conflict will accept “restraint”!

    Visit and read the stories of the courageous men and women who are willingly suffering for their FAITH.

    Please offer a prayer for the Pastor Youcef in Iran who faces imminent DEATH for refusing to renounce Christianity! The American Center for Law & Justice ( is working tirelessly to persuade Secy of State to take a stand against Iran’s unrelenting persecution of non-Muslims! Give the ACLJ your support and voice to STOP such atrocities!

  12. You know, Obastard shouldn’t of said anything in response because everything that dribbles out of his sounds like vocal halitosis anyway. Like the Coptic Christians give a crap what he has to say also…being he helped oust Mubarak, and literally shit on those poor people. He really makes one sick to their stomach, especially having to look at him. I swear the more I see him I am envisioning someone wearing Taliban garb. Pa-fucking-thetic president!

  13. When Barry’s radical supporters here in the US finally resort to full fledged violence, I’m sure he will call on all of us who simply seek to defend ourselves, families and property to show restraint.

  14. Seems the Jerk-In-Chief just wants the good guys to lay their lives down and die so that his brothers can assume their rightful place in a seat of power with no one to oppose them.

    1. Who knows? They have had all their records sealed so a more important question is what are they hiding?

      Is Obama a Commie Terrorist that was born in Kenya?

    2. They never had law licenses, they rode on other lawyers licenses in the offices they worked in. They didn’t finish college. Why do you think Osambo has hidden ALL his documents?

      He is a professional scam artist!

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  17. He is a vile, sorry excuse of a man. He makes me sick. How can he sleep at night? I’d bet psych drugs are handed out daily. And if not they should be, because he is clearly a lunatic.

  18. What an idiot! He really does not get it does he. All the Christians wanted to do is worship in peace and the military killed them and destroyed their churches. I am really amazed how stupid this President really is.

  19. Doesn’t he realize Christians will have a fit? It seems Obama is always on the wrong side of everything. I heard his speech today, and he was kind of wandering all over the place regarding Iran. What is he smoking?

  20. What do you expect from a president that supports Muslims over Christians? Remember the Muslims murder each other on the basis of religion. How much more would they be willing to murder others on the basis of their faith. Remember Albert Pike predicted the third world war would be primarily between the Muslims and the Zionists. Of which both are warmongers and it will be fought in such a way to insure mutual destruction. This is their plan of world peace – destroy the ones that stand for right and wrong and morality.

  21. Hitler killed the Jews and we stood and watched. We knew, not everybody, but those at the top knew. Pol Pot killed the Cambodians and we stood and watched. We watched the Rwandan genocide. Now the Muslim Egyptians are going after the Christian Egyptians. What will the world hear from us? The Muslims who hate will not stop hating. If they hate the Israelis and the Israelis are killed, they will hate the Christians. If they hate the Christians and the Christians are killed, the Sunni and Shia will hate each other. They must be made to stop wanting death to all those not like them. How do you do that? At least our president could stand up against such awful religious bigotry, that could be a start.

  22. Islam is satanic and REQUIRES the killing of ALL non muslims! And Osambo calls for the 8% population Christians in Egypt to restrain themselves?

    Osambo is a muslim! Search the videos on youtube!

  23. You Christians, yes you. Stop complaining about your treatment. Show restraint while being killed. And you, yes you Egyptian military, Allah Akbar,

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  25. I’d like to say “incredible”, but with this President, no inane insult can come as a surprise. Calling for “restraint” from the beleaguered Christians? What on earth can they do? Are they a danger to the Egyptian military? In all cases, we seem to want to appear ‘even handed’ – taking no sides, and seeing no good guys or bad . . . . how can we ever hope to fight against evil when we’re afraid to identify it as what it is?

  26. Until 638 Egypt was Christian … and Copts are all that is left of that, now numbering less than 10,000. You would think the President would realize these people are a dying breed.

  27. Does Barry have to wear a turban for you people to ‘get it?’ Can we have some real men connect the dots and remove this usurper from office already? He tramples the Constitution day in and day out and is involved up to his eyebrows in corruption. IMPEACH him!! He is dangerous!

  28. Obama is Muslim, claiming to be Christian. That is why he hasn’t come out to condemn these barbaric actions against the Christians and the burning of Churches. Barack Hussein Obama actins to this is just ludicrous, and were is the UN, why are they not coming out and condemning this? They are first in line to condemn Israel for just protecting themselves.
    Obama is a threat to Israel and the Christians around the world. He has shown the world that he is Muslim, that he is the son of a Muslim father, his half brother in Kenya is a Muslim, and he seems most sympathetic towards the Muslim cause. He even came so far as to mock the Bible and praise the Koran. Obama is a clear class phonism.

  29. Obama’s calling for the CHRISTIANS to use restraint?! How about the Moslems who are slaughtering them? When the radicals ran Mubarek out of office, Barry O praised them and claimed it was democracy in action. Apparently he was, as usual, lying. His true colors are again revealing themselves by his being critical of the Christians and not condemning of the Moslems. It looks like he was a pretty good sponge for Reverend Wright’s teachings.

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