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Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians

President Obama has responded to the Egyptian military’s massacre of Coptic Christian protestors in Cairo Sunday with a pointedly even-handed statement that calls equally on Christians and the military to show restraint.

“The President is deeply concerned about the violence in Egypt that has led to a tragic loss of life among demonstrators and security forces,” Obama said in a statement released this week. “Now is a time for restraint on all sides so that Egyptians can move forward together to forge a strong and united Egypt.”

Incredibly, Obama is not only equating the deaths of peaceful protestors and their killers, but he is suggesting that Egypt’s increasingly persecuted Christian minority should show as much “restraint” as their tormentors and refrain from vigorously objecting to the growing abuse.

More than two dozen people, most of them Copts, were killed as security forces attacked demonstrators protesting the burning of a church.

The Egyptian military has denied the killings, but news reports, eyewitness accounts, and videos posted to the Internet contradict the claims, with footage showing armed personnel carriers ramming through crowds of protestors and a soldier firing at them. The dead, according to forensic reports, were either crushed by being run over or were shot.

Three soldiers are also said to have died, but this appears to have occurred as protestors were fighting for their lives. There can be no mistaking that this was a slaughter of civilians.

The church burning was only the latest in an escalating series of attacks by Islamists against Christians and their churches.

Obama’s statement does say that “the United States continues to believe that the rights of minorities – including Copts – must be respected.” But the moral equivalence given to the demonstrators and military signals that the White House is not yet serious about curtailing the anti-Christian violence and preempting additional brutal action by the military.

In another sign of unseriousness, Obama notes reassuringly “Prime Minister Sharaf’s call for an investigation,”  even though Sharaf has already blamed the violence on a foreign consipiracy.

“It is difficult for us to consider what happened in Egypt in the past hours is due to sectarian strife, but what is for certain is that it is one of the pieces of this plot,” Sharaf said.

Some analysts fear that the Egyptian military may be promoting violence in order to give it an excuse to crack down and increase its power.

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  1. Why does the author use the term Islamists? There is no special term for misbehaving Christians–they’re labeled the same as regular Christians. So let’s call these murderers what the really are; MUSLIMS.

  2. Why does the author use the term Islamists? There is no special term for misbehaving Christians–they’re labeled the same as regular Christians. So let’s call these murderers what they really are; MUSLIMS.

    1. Dont call Islam followers Islamist. It is racist.

      Dont call negros “negro”. Dont call homosexuals “homosexuals”. etc etc etc.

      It is our struggle for a newer better truth.

      1. And yet, they segregate themselves by type and group identity to secure government larges and extra constitutional rights.

        The only groups that are not protected are white male, black conservatives and Christians of every stripe. It is open season on them.

  3. Disgusting. I do not wish to criticize the office of the President, so on that note… May we please move on to another? May we please elect a strong leader who believes in America? A leader who believes in the sanctity of life? A leader with strength, determination and the skill set to put our country on track to greatness? One that will lead the free world and command the deep respect of our people and the rest of the world? Please do not tell me that the present occupant of the office represents the values of the majority of our country, this is not what America is about.

  4. At this point anything that Obama says just gives more credability to people like Ahmedinijad. Perhaps Obama shoudl respect the rights of the majority in his own country before telling people in other countries how to behave/conduct themselves- or he could just take another vacation and go golfing.

  5. It’s clear Obama’s priorities are to cultivate relations with Egypt’s new (and soon to be) radical Muslim leadership rather than stand firmly on principles of protecting the weak and victimized. When was the last time president Obama attended church? I have to ask because he acts more like a Muslim than a Christian.

  6. First and foremost I am NOT a Christian or a follower of the JudaoChristain faith. But for the President of United States to tell the persicuted to have restraint is abhorant. There are no more Christian churches in Egypt. Guess the Muslim Brotherhood has their Mancherian Canidate… sad day for the US adn the freedoms that WHERE in Eygpt.

    1. There are no Christian churches in Afghanistan. Last one was torn down by the land-owner in March 2010. How ironic our brave troops are over there fighting for the freedom of the Afghani people, when their own government persecutes Christians. Guess religious freedom is not as high on Karzai’s agenda as drug running.

  7. Dave of the US of Socialist States for Now

    When are you so called REPORTERS gonna inform the People that OBummer is a Muslim of unknown origins!

  8. We are hearing from a Coptic aquaintance that Christians in Egypt are staying at home as much as possible. When they must go out they wear no crosses or indications of their faith on their persons or cars. They are terrified and expecting the worst. She said her Coptic church called for a 3 day fast and is saying mass around the clock.

  9. At this point if you are not aware that Obama is a muslim you must have your head in the sand. His pro muslim policies are obvious and will lead to the spread of the brotherhood inside of the US. The America we know will die from the disease of Islam.

  10. This is a shameful response by Obama. The Egyptian military runs over civilians with their armored personnel carriers, crushing them to death. And the civilians are supposed to show restraint?

    Christians throughout the middle east are being slaughtered as any pretense of religious tolerance is swept away. Instead of being outraged, Obama blames the victims.

    Is the change that anyone can believe in?

    1. Far cry from the US outrage expressed when the Chinese military attacked the students at Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Our current president is unbelievable.

  11. Those Christians really should stop getting in front of those Muslims guns and vehicles. Haters. You see why we hate them so much. So rude.

  12. I’m particularly lucky. I don’t know anyone who still supports this mindless fool. Do any of you?

    Pollsters tell us 39% are still asleep. 10% of the somnambulists can be found begging on Wall Street, and tweeting a Daily Kos diary on the epic police cruiser bowel movement — the closest thing to an identifiable movement — and it’s positive impact on union sanitation jobs. It’s the remaining 29% for whom no one can account. I suspect a decent portion of them are hiding among the nearly 80% who tell Gallup we’re on the wrong track, but are then too afraid of the race card to connect their disgust publicly to Obama.

    If you know any of the remaining Zombies, tell them there’s going to be an historic blunt rolling contest in the Yukon on November 6, 2012, and they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives if they’re not there with roach clips at the ready. It’s a patriotic duty.

  13. It is a hate crime for Christians to be offended by their extermination. Don’t make the Muslims feel bad about themselves. Scold their victims instead. Then the Muslims will spontaneously develop tolerance of others.

  14. Interesting that Obama ignores the pilght of the Christian’s but supports the Terrorists!!

    Remove Obama NOW!!!!

    He is a Marxist Anti-Semite and Anti-Christian!!!

  15. just like when he spoke about the rioters in OWS, Iran and Honduras he is once again on the wrong side of the issue. In all my years I’ve never seen insanity and corruption running so rampant, it really begs the question, are there any sane people in charge (anywhere)? It really is time all you fools out there ask yourself, when is enough-enough?
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
    nothing.” (Edmund Burke) so I ask will good men do nothing?

  16. Does anyone need any more evidence that this phoney is a full on supporter of Muslim causes and methods. The Coptic’s were subject to a military attack for protesting a just cause. They were cut down like animals and this president puts out an “even” handed statement. During the Civil rights marches he would have sided with Bull Connor against MLK. This clueless puppet of the elite class and the ruling dictators should be impeached or at least challenged by the press regarding his statements. There is NO chance of that since the Liberals care nothing for ANY religion and would just as soon see them wipe each other out while secular leaders take over. This is the worst president since Andrew Johnson in 1865.

  17. The governments of the world are uniting against Christians and killing them in the streets. Liberals blame the Christians. Very disturbing.

  18. A plot? Of course. Everything is always a plot, any time, any occasion, and anywhere in the Middle East. And we know what kind of plot.: an Israeli/Zionist plot, of course. And probably a U.S.-Israeli/Zionist plot. But, given the involvement of the Copts, i.e. the Egyptian Christians, this time, who knows? the Vatican may be included in this one.

  19. Does anyone listen to Obama anymore? Have we Americans fallen into that media trap again, focusing on talking points spewed at debates like broken records and ignoring the fact we still have a terrorist in the white house actively destroying? And has anyone noticed Obama’s new Gold backdrop he uses for all his press conferences now? It looks like Iraq or Iran circa 1991. Nothing like America. They are muslim colors. And there is never an American flag to be seen when Obama speaks. Has anyone else noticed this?

    We, AMERICA, have elected someone who could be a foreign combatant as the President of The United States. Are we now surprised Obama is who he is, or is it that we are surprised he was true to his word? Obama claimed all of this craziness in his election throughout 2008. But we all voted for him anyway. Many of us knew this was coming in 2008 when half this country jumped on the Obama train like a Charlie Sheen scandal, despite his open hatred for America. It seemed many of you heard Obama say “Crony-Capitalism and out-of-control Gov’t” and the rest of us heard “I hate America. And I will change it.” If anyone in America can think beyond 5 minutes, you have to admit we are screwed for many many years to come no matter what popular celebrity you elect next time. Bush, Clinton, Romney, or Obama. They are all shills.

  20. To better understand what is happening on this subject, please read “To Know A Warrior: A layman’s defense of Christian martial arts training and combat” by Chuck Cobb and consider a link to the website.

  21. This guy is such a phony Christian. It’s a shame that he has so much of America fooled into thinking he’s a man of the Christian faith.

  22. There aren’t any Christian churches left in Afghanistan, soon there won’t be any in Egypt. Obama is probably very pleased at how his foreign policies are working out. Riots all over the middle east, one country after the other overthrowing the government and islamic sharia law is being institued in all. Great job Obama!

  23. Would you expect that Muslim bastard Obama to criticize his brothers in hatred.He is as much a Christian as I am an elephant. His demise will be a blessing to the world.

  24. So hes telling the infidel christians to show restraint, but not his murderous muslim brothers who kill at the drop of a turban? I really hate that arrogant sob!

  25. What is wrong with the President? The Copts have been beaten, killed, and had their churches burned. Now they are supposed to show restraint. If the Christians show weakness the Islamic whackos will kill them. Now that the authorities are murdering them out in the open our president wants them to show restraint.

  26. What does Obozo care about Christians? He’s a F-ing Muslim him self. The only think Obozo cares about is General Electric, George Soros and his pitiful re-election.

  27. Egypt is going completely Islamic and probably militant Islamic. But it really is audacious for Obama to call for restraint of Christians were are getting murdered.

    Would he have similar advice for rape victims?

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