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Cain Leads in New National Poll

Herman Cain now leads the Republican presidential field as Republican voters remain unenthusiastic about Mitt Romney and are recoiling at the sight of a blundering Rick Perry.

According to the Wall Street Journal/NBC survey, Romney remains “acceptable” to most GOP voters, with similar favorable ratings to Cain. It’s just that right now, Republicans like Cain better.

The core of Cain’s support is from the very Tea Party regulars whom Democrats have sought to portray as racist.

Cain was the first choice of 27 percent of respondents, with Romney second at 23 percent and Perry way back at 16 percent. Ron Paul was the top selection of 11 percent, while the other candidates were in the single digits.

25 thoughts on “Cain Leads in New National Poll”

  1. All aboard the Cain train! This reflects the fact that true conservatives are supporting a true conservative who has common sense vice a RHINO.

  2. I really like Cain. I question if he can go the distance against Barry, his Chicago Machine and the $1 billion war chest.

    The main objective to winning this is to beat Barry. Period. So, I find myself liking Cain but wondering if Romney will do better against Barry. Time will tell.

    I do find it interesting that this is a Wall Street Journal/NBC survey. We are seeing similar surveys/polls from other agencies showing somewhat similar results.

    One of the things that tweeks my interest is the way that Cain deals with the percieved “racial” issues, i.e. that he is not really black or he hasn’t experienced true blackness. Cain is turning the table on the progressives and this may illustrate the core of racial issues.

    390 days until “Operation Destroy America” ends.

    1. I hear this a lot, and it blows my mind. I think Cain is OUR BEST chance at beating Obama. He doesn’t have the political baggage that Romney has. He’s a GREAT orator and a GREAT spokesperson for our conservative message. He brings in ALL the evangelicals, without being scary to the non-evangelicals. And he can take the race fight to Obama in a way that nobody else in the field can. He’s 100% electable, and current polls are showing that he can beat Obama. We MUST nominate Herman Cain!

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  4. I like the guy just fine. I think he would be a perfect VP, get out there and say things (not stupid things like Biden) that need to be said.
    His lack of government experience, which is not all bad, is still sometihing I hope we all learned a lesson from. Big time.

    1. What would be acceptable government experience for you? I’m not being snarky, I’m just curious.

      Personally, I’m not concerned about his lack of experience, but I’d be very interested to know who he would pick as advisors. That’s the job of CEO’s, to surround themselves with the experience they may lack because they can’t be experts in all areas.

      1. You are correct Robin H.
        Cain could have never gotten to where he is in the corporate society without surrounding himself with very intelligent advisers.
        Reagan had the same philosophy, he never promoted himself as an absolute leader.
        I wish Herman would have confronted Bachmann on her quip concerning his 999 strategy. (flipping it upside down).
        That was a cheap shot.
        He should have asked her, ‘so what is YOUR plan ?’
        Simple, solution based remedies to our economic problems and straight talk, no political spin, is what the American People want to hear.

  5. “The core of Cain’s support is from the very Tea Party regulars whom Democrats have sought to portray as racist.”

    I wonder if we might get a statement from Jeanine Gar-awful-o on this? In her peculiar little brain, Tea Party support for Cain must surely be some sort of cleverly conceived conspiracy where the rug will be pulled out from under him at some future date, because of the pathological racism present therein.

  6. After watching the debate on economics, I have to agree that Cain is the front runner. I would vote for him. What I find amazing is the amount of vitrol coming from liberal blacks who paint him as racist. Someone explain to me how that works….

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  8. We need to stick with Cain. He is NOT the RINO choice which is a good thing. RINOs are no different than Democrats. We need to break the cycle of the “agreed” upon next puppet. Some might disagree with the 9-9-9 plan but even Reagan made adjustments to his tax plan when he realized it was not revenue neutral. Cain has taken collapsing companies and turned them around. He has already said he will surround himself with the best people in his administration. We need a non-politician that is beholding to no one. Wake up people, this election is our LAST chance to reclaim our country!

  9. Government is a structured organization with receivables (taxes) and payables (entitlements, defense, et al) just like a corporation. Cain understands the concept of growing business revenues via pricing, advertising and cost control. The more money that a company can drive to the bottom line the more profitable the company.

    Translating that to the public sector, if you can increase your receivables by lowering your prices to encourage more customers (decrease taxes to incentivise employment growth you increase the amount of customers – ie tax payers, thereby increasing your receivables.)

    Corporations have fixed costs that need to be paid every month: gas, water, electric, physical plant, etc., but by controlling non-fixed costs you can save money and increase profits. Non-fixed costs are things like advertising, labor (to an extent), supply costs and a plethora of other expenditures.

    Again translating to the government, fixed costs are things like the military, certain entitlement programs that would put at risk the elderly, infirmed, and disabled, maintenance programs that are to a limited point the responsibility of the feds – highways, military bases and military hospitals, and a few other minor responsibilities. By eliminating extraneous costs, EPA, DOE, DOED, Czars, and a multitude of duplicated services the cost savings to the company (government and taxpayers) would be in the billions.

    Cain understands the concept of building a business by growing the customer base, and holding a line on expenditures. By holding a line on taxes, and implementing a 9% national sales tax you are allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money (something the current administration does not think is yours) and you capture/recoup a percentage of the underground income that is being generated by illegals.

    The majority of illegals pay no income taxes, and if they do, they do so fraudulently via fake SSNs. The national sales tax will capture monies from those working off book, and thereby force them to pay for the services that they are receiving at the local, state and federal levels.

    The thing to remember is that in 1980, when “Rawhide” the Secret Service name for Reagan, was elected, he had already been responsible for an economy that was in the top 10% of world economies. In other words, if California had been an independent country, its economy and population would have far out striped the majority of Europe and other developed countries. Reagan understood how an economy worked, and attempted to translate that understanding to DC.

    Cain understands how the economy works because he has been held responsible to share holders. As to the question of his lack of government experience, I would rather have someone like Cain taking the “3am call” than an Obama, Clinton, Biden or even some of the GOP candidates. Corporate execs, at many levels, do receive that “3am call” when something happens within the company. A robbery, fire, murder of an employee or customer, or any other host of problems that any organization might face. It is up to them to make tough calls at that time, and show leadership within the company to ensure the employees that things will continue smoothly and safely.

    Obama has had the “3am call” and left the nation wondering if we are safe or if things are going to still be open for business.

    Final note: This current crop of GOP candidates seems to have forgotten Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” The off hand and silly comments being made by some of the candidates will do nothing but cause a schism within the party, and may allow for the donkey to be re-elected.

    1. Great comment Shofar. I agree on the sniping between candidates. Nothing wrong with calling out the other guy for their omissions or policy issues, but to try to make a joke out of them is pretty lowlife. Both Huntsman and Bachmann did it. Huntsman with the cost of the pizza dig to Cain (with Bachmann cackling in the background) and the religious ‘cult’ crack he made to Perry. Bachmann did it with the 999 turned upside down comment. Very childish behavior when this country is in such dire circumstances.

  10. Still need more time to decide on who I’m backing. Can tell you who I don’t want to win the nomination. Just my opinion…
    Huntsman – He should be running as a Democrat with his policies.
    Paul – Like his fiscal policy, but we can’t end the fed. His foreign policy scares the bejesus out of me. Also, he’s 6 years older than Reagan was when he was inaugurated. Ronald Reagan he is not.
    Perry – He is weak on immigration, and he acts like he really has no interest in running. No fire in the belly. Obama would walk all over him in a debate.
    Romney – Like most Northeastern Republicans, he is not a conservative. He doesn’t have any bold ideas. We need someone with a backbone who will go in there and fight to roll back every law, regulation, and executive order Obama has signed. Romney won’t do that. Besides, he is a retread from the 2008 election. He couldn’t even beat McCain for the nomination, how in the world is he going to beat Obama in the general election.

      1. Perry – He is weak on immigration, and he acts like he really has no interest in running. No fire in the belly. Obama would walk all over him in a debate.

        You mean ummmm him to death.

  11. There’s a reason Republicans dont trust Mitt: He’s a rich, elite, cocktail-swilling, elbow-rubbing, establishment (Republican) liberal. The monied elite on the East Coast will get a dose of real, down-home Southern-fried conservatism come the South Carolina and Florida primaries … two states that will no longer allow teeny-tiny New Hampshire (or Iowa) to dictate just WHO is THE Republican frontrunner. And for good reason.

    It looks, based upon the polling data Rasmussen has garnered that Hermann Cain will be the defacto Republican nominee. Ands that because the South will Rise again … with an African-American leading the Old Confederacy! (cue wailing and knashing of tears from the Ted Kennedy wing of the Republican party).

    Mrs. Obama had best begin packing her things and making plans for her last big spend-o-rama (on taxpayer expense) before she and her Marxist hubby are booted from 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, for the power of Conservativism will be felt this coming election season.

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