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Obama Targets and Freezes Eric Cantor

President Obama, the politician who was supposed to transcend politics, is back in the gutter these days creating a new boogeyman for the American people: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Obama loves to have a foil, a place where he can invite Americans to dump all their troubles and place all their blame for what’s wrong with the country. He’s used the banks, the Chamber of Commerce, Speaker John Boehner and others, while his aides have targeted the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and so forth.

It’s a vitriolic way to do business that Obama learned at the foot – not the bodily foot, for the master was already dead – of Saul Alinsky, who advised community activists like the young Obama to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”

This is a lousy way for a president, who is supposed to be the leader of us all, to do business.

Democrats often say they are pining for the days of bipartisanship, when Ronald Reagan and Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill were able to compete with each other as adults while striking deals on legislation.

Reagan and O’Neill were not particularly friendly in the way some today like to suggest. But I don’t recall Reagan trying to make a public enemy out of O’Neill.

Obama opened his attack on Cantor with a trip in September to the Republican leader’s home district in Richmond, Va., where Obama offered an in-your-face promotion of his American Jobs Act.

And then last week there was this.

According to the Washington Post, Obama’s assault on Cantor is part of a coordinated strategy to vilify him.

For months, as the fiscal wars in Washington have intensified, Democrats have been searching for their Republican version of Barack Obama — a political villain who will rile up their base and scare centrist swing voters to their side. After a series of trial-balloon auditions during the spring and summer, they settled on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) as the man they want to cast as the face of GOP intransigence.

Some of this, no doubt, is personal for the sometimes thin-skinned Obama. Cantor took the role of the heavy during this summer’s budget talks, resisting a deal that would raise taxes and once causing Obama to walk out of a White House meeting in a grand huff.

I don’t think the Cantor Cauterization Campaign will get much traction. Cantor does not have the acerbic manner that could draw the kind of derision that landed on former Speakers Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich, both of whom were set up as lightning rods by their opposition.

And nobody cares about the majority leader.

But they do care about the president. And this is just another sign for voters that the man of hope and change they thought they elected for is not such a person.

48 Responses to Obama Targets and Freezes Eric Cantor

  1. Living in West End Richmond, Eric Cantor is my elected representative. Obama must be rather frightened of him to publicly attack him this way. Frankly, at a local level, Cantor who is Jewish, has a very strong base within the Jewish community. A pity he weren’t a candidate for President or at least Vice President as it could siphon support from an already ‘iffy’ core group of Dem voters.

  2. The illusion of the 08 election was that Obama was running “for” something (hope and change – which was about as substantive as ether), when he reality he simply ran “against” Bush. He can’t run against his own record, so he needs a boogyman. I think picking Eric Cantor is going to be a fail, and laughably so. He’d do better to pick “Tea Partiers” or the faceless “Republicans in congress”.

  3. Barack Obama has nothing of substance to say.
    The only time this guy’s lips move is when he is mimicking Saul Alinsky.
    He’s a community organizing pimp.
    Nothing to hear or see here folks……

  4. “This is a lousy way for a president, who is supposed to be the leader of us all, to do business.”

    I agree. Doesn’t anyone…ANYONE in the WH ever mention this to him? He continues non-stop with his WAK (Whose A$$ to Kick) mentality.
    It turns people off.

  5. He looks really angry. And notice he got no reaction when he said that Cantor wouldn’t let it be debated. There were a few boos, but not the outpouring I’m sure he expected. His real personality will begin to show through and it’s going to be ugly.

  6. Another unwise political move by MrO; he needs new advisors.
    Most of America has no idea who RepCantor might be and why the Prez is piling insults on his head. A large number of voters doesn’t even know the name of their own Congressperson, much less care about another in another state.
    At some point, MrObama had become irrelevant to the argument and to the political field. Even members of his own party are reluctant to come to his defense and aid.

    I don’t recall MrCantor or any of the elected Repubs coming to the defense of all of us out here in flyover country when the President of none of us ridiculed our beliefs and insulted our faith, our morals and our insistence that our elected officials act responsibly with our financial future.
    When the MSM, and anyone who could step in front of a microphone described us as “racists, thugs, anti-everythings, terrorists and worse”, I didn’t see or hear any of our Repub elected officials come to our defense.

    MrCantor and the rest of the attackees(?) of our POTUS are on their own.

  7. Saul Alinsky lives on in the minds and hearts of Obama & Co.
    The assault to Eric Cantor will not survive.
    Cantor will be with us long after Obama

  8. Several thoughts pop into mind when I ponder who this man, Barry Hussein Obama Soetero Obama really is:
    Lacking in the higher skills of leading/govenrning – rabble rousing yes,…no wonder he’s fond of the Occupy Wall Street anarchists.
    Lack of a confident self-identity (he’s not African-American in spite of the efforts to characterize him as such, he’s bi-racial; abandoned by father; goofy mother; probably goofy maternal grandparents; confusing multicultural formative years; questionable, thus hidden educational credentials; scuzzy associations in Chicago – Ayers, Wright, Rezco among others.)
    Overly sensitive
    Did I say immature?
    And oh yeah, there’s that ungrateful, hypocritical shrew he’s married to. I would probably go off on people too, if I had to live with (among other unmentionalble things) with her.

    This man has been manufactured. He is a type of “Manchurian candidate” doing the bidding of people who are much brighter and much more wickedly anti-American than even he. A melt down of some sort, given what I think is some carefully obscured emotional vulnerability is not beyond the rhelm of possibility. His lashing out at Cantor is just the beginning. Wait until he is firmly in second place in the polls one year from today.

    The next 13 months are going to be fascinating political theater. And if (when) he is defeated, the stuff that will happen between November 2012 and January 2013 could be jaw droppingly frieghtening.

  9. Should be surprised by this? I too have noticed the shift from the “Tea Partiers” theme to the new “Cantor” theme. Really folks, this is sad to watch. It just illustrates how shallow Barry really is.

    I have been reading “Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza and it is very enlightening just what moves Barry. Well worth the look, not that I am trying to sell a book.

    Once Barry gets over blaming Cantor, there will someone else. Then another and another. Just the way that it is going to be.

    Lets stay focused on during these 391 days until 11/6/12 and then we will let the progressives know what we think.

    Where’s Michelle?

  10. In 2002 Obama “bravely” spoke out against the Iraq war in Chicago but he picked two Jewish names from the Defense Department during his speech to do so. You know, neo-con =Jewish. He was an anti-semite then and he’s an anti-semite now. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have Jews around him like Rahm and Axelrod if it suits his purpose.

    There are other incidents in his background which confirm this. The Jerusalem Post once listed some of those incidents in an article. I don’t even have to mention Rev Wright.

    • “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” — Barack Hussein Obama

      He wasn’t talking about the Jewish religion when he made that statement…

  11. > Reagan and O’Neill were not particularly friendly in the way some today like to suggest. <

    Oh man, don't try to dispel my fond memories of those times, because I always loved and believed the story line that those two genuinely liked each other.

    Can't blame Obama for doing what he has to do to win, but it sure as hell is a far cry from the HOPE and unity we were sold on.

  12. How old is Obama 4? What a childish reaction to the truth and rather than
    be a man he resorts to thin-skinned actions like this. And he wonders why
    no country fears us any longer. If he can be cowered by a single man then
    why would Iran or anyone else fear tne US?

  13. Not only is that all made up Alinsky attack (it’s the Democrats who are stalling the sacrosanct Obama Jobs boondoggle, but it is a sign this man’s antisemitism. Cantor is one of the few Jewish representatives in the House (if not the only one).

    Their attack is very revealing on many levels.

  14. Chuck I love you! Hypocritical, ungrateful shrew how spot on and those
    would be the ones we see! Think of the nefarious things she does we
    don’t see. Obviously First lady is a vacant position in this WH!

  15. that should be ‘lightning’ rod, not ‘lightening.’ a common web mistake these days, for some reason, rivaling “loose” the election and “your” wrong about that.

    I’m sorry. I’m an editor. I’ve been trained to see this stuff. I can’t help it.