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Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 13, 2011

9:00 am || Welcomes South Korean President Lee and First Lady Kim to the White House; South Lawn
10:00 am || Begins meetings with Lee
12:20 pm || Joint press conference with President Lee
8:35 pm || Attends State Dinner with President Lee and First Lady Kim; East Room
10:00 pm || Attends State Dinner reception; State Dining Room

All times Eastern

21 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 13, 2011

  1. It seems that Obama has had more state dinners in a shorter time span than any other president.

    Why not? We’re paying, he likes to be the bigwig, and Michelle gets to wear a new designer dress from…cough, cough…Target.

    • And it’s another chance for Moochelle to stuff herself stupid with a minimum of at least 5 free courses of food, paid for by us, the taxpayers!
      What a pig.
      I hope she remembers to wear lipstick.

    • That is because Moo-Moocan pretend to be someone classy, and wear a fancy Oprah hand-me-down.
      If she tries to shove General Tsao’s chicken and chopsticks at this state dinner…….just saying

  2. Remember when State Dinners were big affairs and the news reported on all of the preparations. If I hadn’t read about this in Keith’s blog I would never have known.

  3. We’re having this dinner because……..? As Granny Jan said, we’re paying for it. If the economy is so bad, where is the money coming from? Perhaps he “created” some jobs by hiring some of the kids from the “Occupy DC” etc. sites to work as waiters or busboys. Sorry to rant, but I am so angry with the continued lying, excess and hypocrisy.

  4. Well this calls for obscene amounts of food. New clothes and bling for MO.
    There will be bowing and apologies all around before and after dinner. This
    Is the thing those Faux Les Miserables in the street are supposed to be against as far as I can tell it’s hard to translate stupid. But then it will be
    Friday date night and that to be followed by two separate trips to Camp David like last weekend she went ahead he had to wait to play golf. How do
    they stand the stress of that kind of schedule?:). And she must be especially tired from the Jumping Jack event, are we not in a spot of a problem now? Iran wants to assinate people or nuke us the AG is about to
    be grilled about F&F cause he seems to be stupid or a liar or both but hey
    the Obama’s don’t care in fact they never have and it shows.


  5. I wonder what kind food Mrs. Fat-Ass First Lady had on her agenda to insult yet another foreign dignitary.
    Probably putting out chop sticks??

  6. Is it my lack of memory, but it looks like Barry will be spending more time with the Lee than he spent with Isreal’s Netanyahu.

    Maybe Keith can confirm my thoughts on this.

    I just wonder why Lee warrants a whole day & state dinner.

    • Don’t worry, I hear next week he’s invited the North Koreans for 2 days of festivities. They’re skinnier, they could use the food. /sarcasm/