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Obama Must Act Against Iran’s Nuclear Program

So much for friending Ahmadinejad.

President Obama sent U.S. forces into action in response to acts of war by Muammar Qaddafi against Libyans. Now we’ll see what he does in response to an act of war against Americans.

What he should do, what he must do, is take out Iran’s nuclear program, while we have a justification the world can understand.

The news today that a naturalized American citizen of Iranian descent has been arrested in a plot by Iran’s leaders to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States and blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington – acts which could have killed scores of Americans – is a very grave matter.

What Iran was engaged in, according to the international law that our president so adores, was an act of war against the United States. No matter that it was not carried out. It was in process – the people the Iranians thought were the killers were already being paid – and its failure, while life saving, is a legal and moral technicality.

Obama must respond in kind, or further sink the United States into the ignominy of disrespect that he as already created by his coddling of dictators like Ahmadinejad, his eagerness to hastily exit Iraq and Afganistan, his ignorance of the growing leftist cabal in Latin America, his failure to take strong action to correct the budget deficit, and his apologies to the world for his own country’s behavior.

I’m sure I’ve left something out.

Such disrespect is what leads to brazen acts like the one Iran’s leaders were carrying out against us.

Peace through strength, someone used to say.

The rest of the world secretly wants us to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, and now they have a reason to keep quiet once we do it. Iran clearly presents a military danger to the United States, and its possession of nuclear weapons is utterly intolerable.

We knew that, but now that Iran has taken an act of war against us, others will shut up while we take care of business.

And it is an act of war.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3314, written in 1974, defines “aggression” by one state against another. It states the following.

Article 3

Any of the following acts, regardless of a declaration of war, shall, subject to and in accordance with the provisions of article 2, qualify as an act of aggression:

(a) The invasion or attack by the armed forces of a State of the territory of another State, or any military occupation, however temporary, resulting from such invasion or attack, or any annexation by the use of force of the territory of another State or part thereof,

(b) Bombardment by the armed forces of a State against the territory of another State or the use of any weapons by a State against the territory of another State;

(g) The sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against another State of such gravity as to amount to the acts listed above, or its substantial involvement therein.

This is an attack against our territory. Sorry to inconvenience you, Mr. President, I know you are busy building solar panels and so forth. But we must respond.

We already have sanctions in place against Iran, and yet the Mullahs continue to spin their centrifuges and instigate terrorism around the world.

Iran already for years has been using its proxies to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were in a de facto state of war with us, and we’ve done nothing about it.

Bomb the reactors. And if a little command and control happens to get taken out too, so much the better.

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  1. Timely for Holder wasn’t it how long have they been sitting on this little story? What difference does it make if Obama is here or not? He delegates
    everything but those who what to do us harm certainly look at the vacant
    day tripping campaigner in chief and think how weak we look. For our
    safety 2012 can’t come soon enough. Now back to the solar panels.

      • I don’t. He probably wasn’t WH press corps since it was at Justice. I give him credit, it can be hard to go off topic when the press conference is staged for something else. But the question was poorly constructed – he should have asked directly how Holder could say he only heard about F&F a fews weeks before when he’s heard about it the year before – and he sounded apologetic. You’re not going to get much out of people when you say, “Sorry, but I need to ask you this question.”

  2. If Obama was a “real” “US President” I would also be citing things like ‘war against the United States’…
    BUT its Barack Hussein Obama, does anyone who follows this excellent website really think “Pres.” Obama will “declare war”…?
    This smells like a big made-up distraction for the Obama White House… (re: make up a “National Security crisis”) No one will be asking A.G. Holder about “Fast&Furious” or Obama about the awful state of America or Christie endorsing Rommney…

    I am so cynical :-(

      • Laurie,

        In Feb. 1993 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed financed a plan to bring down the WTC by using a truck bomb in the garage of the North Tower. The bomb killed a half dozen and injured thousands, but did not topple the towers, that took another 8 years and two jets.

        Clinton was president for little over a month when the attacks took place, and rather than look at the attacks as a terrorist attack, he and his DOJ looked at it was a “criminal act.” That was the same with the USS Cole bombing, but again Clinton showed what a straw dog he was.

        The only time Clinton took any real military action was after he couldn’t define what “is” “is”. The same will happen with this current situation. Obama and the left look at any attack on Americans as deserved and/or a criminal act. That is becoming more apparent along our southern border. The fact that Mexican military personnel have crossed onto sovereign US soil without any repercussions, and the entire F & F debacle shows that this administration is another straw dog, and will only use military action to deflect attention to its failed policies and personal inadequacies.

        I wonder if there is an aspirin factory in Teheran that we can bomb?

      • Keith,

        Since the plot was to bomb the Israeli embassy, embassies are considered a part of the sovereign they belong to, and thereby a part of that country, the Israelis can very well claim that this planned attack was a direct acceleration of hostilities on the part of Tehran against Israel.

        By extension, and UN Resolution 3314, Israel would be within their rights to act unilaterally in bombing the reactor plants and the mullahs back into their much wanted middle ages. However, with the Soviet, sorry Russian, involvement and investment in the reactors I think Bibi will take a long look at how Putin would react before they do anything.

        Given Obama’s lack of leadership and courage this entire thing will be dealt with as a “criminal act” and nothing more will become of it. Then again this maybe the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Aziz, and he may demand that Obama do something or face a cut off of oil from Saudi Arabia. Aziz isn’t going to act against Iran, not with the Arab Spring still blooming, but he may push for surrogates to handle the growing Iranian problem.

  3. MrHolder’s attempt to divert attention from his, um, lies and incompetance by waving an old terrorist plot in front of the public won’t work.

    This issue has already been before the courts, and from all accounts no one was really in any imminent danger.
    Shame on them for trying to wave a ‘shiny thing’ in front of the public.

    • Spot on Srdem. The timing of today’s announcement is curious…but won’t won’t deter Rep Issa from his appointed rounds.

      As for the Nuclear reactor; when Israel feels really threatned, it will be taken out. This administration doesn’t have the stones to do it.

  4. Under almost any other of the last Presidents going back to Ike I would say
    yes we can do it better as far as use of the bomb but not this one! We can’t
    forget our only ‘friend’ in the are is Isreal and Obama just dumped on them
    so why should they stick their neck out for him? This is an old story they
    seem to think the folks aren’t smart enough to see the slight of hand they
    are trying to pull off and they can’t even get that right. So I would hardly
    trust drone boy with a nuclear weapon.

  5. Imagine if the Mexican drug lords would have carried out these attacks while armed with weapons obtained via Fast & Furious! Would Holder then have to arrest himself? Nah, it was Bush’s fault…

  6. I think it is to much of a coincidence that it is announced now. Holder is a pathetic human being and he and his master baiter leader should be held accountable.

  7. gee, I dunno, Keith: I’m sure the administration is “deeply concerned” about this. that’s what they usually are (unless it’s Israel building apartments in its eternal capital Jerusalem, and then they’re just PISSED).

    and yes, Lizzy, the timing is interesting, isn’t it? it seems somehow unpatriotic to be worrying about Fast and Furious when Eric Holder is out there protecting our country against terrorists, doesn’t it? ;-)

  8. Mr Koffler,

    With all due respect, I believe the countries that should be declaring these acts as aggression against their states would be the owners of the two embassies that were the targets. As such, these were attempted acts of aggression Saudi Arabia and Israel – which just happened to be located in the US.

    That said, I am still in favor of the greatest military power on earth (US) using it’s military influence (read: bombs) to aid these two countries in that endeavor.


    • Thanks Joseph, respect your views though disagree. Technically, it’s Israel and Saudi, but really it’s the United States. And there’s no way the damage would be limited to the embassies. In fact, the Saudi embassy is right across the street from the Watergate, where I used to work – though I was usually at the White House – and we’d joke about how one day they’d blow up the Saudi embassy and take all of us with it!

  9. Maybe a rogue drone you know they have been hacked who
    knows what they might do while under the influence of who
    has control. We can say we know nothing…

  10. Are you kidding? He’s too busy guzzling beer and attending fundraisers, and crying about the NBA season being postponed to give a crap that we’ve had an act of war declared against us!

    • Does he have a day job? Seems like there was a ceremony and he his put his hand on a Bible and swore to do something about the
      Constitution and protect and defend and a bunch of other stuff. So
      what happened laid off job burnout? He’s not a functioning leader and
      should be held accountable for not doing his job!

      • Wow! I have never seen so many imbecilic racists as I see here on this site! I am staggered! So far President Obama has been more republican than a republican. He has passed three tax cuts and all of you idiots here will say that he has raised taxes. He has passed laws that make it easier to carry guns and all of you morons will be saying that he wants to take your guns away. The last thing we need is another war! You are ALL a bunch of fools!!!

  11. Don’t be fooled. this is exactly what Obama would have wanted to happen. he has been looking for an excuse to go and bomb Iran, so he can pull the Jewish vote in 2012. Clinton DID in fact do something very similar.

  12. Actually,

    Iran has been at war with us since November 4, 1979 when the U.S. embassy was seized.

    Embassies are sovreign soil of the countries they represent.