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Obama Visiting with Wounded Warriors

Okay, I’m down with that.

He’s at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. – alone. Not sure where Michelle is.

Let’s hope he doesn’t have his photographer in tow this time.

UPDATE: Obama departed at 3:22 pm after about two hours and forty minutes with a total of 38 wounded troops.

From the pool report:

During his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center today, the President met with 38 wounded service members – 21 Soldiers, 13 marines, 2 Sailors and 2 Airmen. 35 of the service members were injured in Afghanistan and 3 were injured in Iraq.  While at the hospital, the President awarded 4 purple hearts.


35 Responses to Obama Visiting with Wounded Warriors

  1. He should visit these patriots, but what does he tell them?
    Uh, about that ending the wars in **stan that I campaigned on, it’s really all Bush’s fault. Oh, and that business about not paying the military during the deficit/budget talks, oh heck..that was just a bluff..heh, heh. But, hey, if you need anything just call Michelle, she’s down with your pain.

    • My feelings exactly srdem. The worst part is they are gearing up for another bluff. Mark my words, the next crisis with be Obama and Dingy Harry holding the Republicans over the barrel for tax increases or else cuts in the military.

  2. Michelle is the worst first lady I have ever seen, she is at all the galas and parties but never where she should be.

    If O brings a photographer that would be shameful, maybe the visit will be ‘leaked’ to AP again

  3. While this type of visit is fitting for a seated president, maybe he was checking to see if he could get a room in 2012. After all, he is a severely “wounded” re-electable president according to the latest polls. And it isn’t evident that he will be able to mend and recover…with thanks to ObamaCare.

  4. I hope he does bring his photographer…will not help him in the least.
    Those wounded troops have most likely been ordered to be polite.
    What a loser he is!

  5. A real genuine show of care and compassion is never announced. There will be photos and it was planned as is the fake performances by MO the worst
    ‘First Lady’ in history! Obama is such a self serving narcissist he does not
    do anything unless it makes him look good. Remember Seal Team Six and
    19 of 30 ask for no pictures he made sure there was one of him. Bush and
    Laura went there on several occasions but you never knew.

  6. I didn’t know they had a golf course at Bethesda. I guess Michelle skipped the visit because it isn’t lobster and truffle day in the cafeteria.

  7. What is the deal with Michelle…? She trying to bail before 2012?

    I say GOOD RIDDANCE. Michelle HAS NOT brought ANY Class, Poise or Dignity to her “duties as FLOTUS”

    • Agree…I am so looking forward to a First Lady with class. I am not for Romney but his best asset is his lovely. elegant wife.
      As is Anita Perry, wife of my choice.
      Michelle has been an embarrassment from Day One.
      Did you see that bottom lip as she, Bam, and her mother got off of Marine One yesterday?
      My skin crawls…

    • Langley,
      Totally agree – no class, no values, doesnt belong in the position as “first lady” – spending money like a fool – it is disgusting what she has done to the position of “first lady” what a total waste

    • Early last spring, BHO hired a new PR aide. Since then, we have seen BHO awarding Congressional Medals of Honor and Purple Hearts in WH Ceremonies, etc., and some behavior that is reminiscent of what Americans have experienced from nearly every other former President since the Founding Fathers!

      Additionally, I do miss a President who is a “Cheer Leader” for the USA, truly loves America, believes in the Constitution, is a role model for young children who inspires them to greatness, has acquired some experience and wisdom “before” getting elected, and KNOWS how the economy – the buying & selling of goods & services without government strangleholds killing jobs – WORKS in a country built on hard work in a free society that is FREE only because of the enormous personal sacrifices of America’s military and their loved-ones past and present! God Bless the USA & Our Military Personnel & Families!

  8. It is just really hard to give Little Barry credit for anything, he is always angling for something out of it. A schemer of the first water is what he is.

  9. PR event or not, I am glad he is going to visit these heroes. I just really don’t need to do he is doing it because I just assume that all Presidents visit our wounded military.

  10. I think one reason for his visit is he can not sit still at the desk in the Oval Office for over 5 minutes. He is just not geared to do work. He has to be on the move.

    As far as blaming Bush, maybe some Republican will develop a poster. One half of it showing the famous poster of Uncle Sam pointing his finger saying “I Want You”.. The other half is Obama pointing his finder and saying “I Blame You”.

  11. This whole thread makes me think not of the Poseur, but of those ads with the legless vets playing with their kids or pictures of these young people in rehab or hospital beds–and I could cry. It seems so half-thought-out to me, so useless….No offense to anyone…it just makes me sad.

  12. Former PrezBush is sponsoring a two-day golf tournament in DallasTX for wounded warriors, called “WarriorOpen”. The tornament starts today.

  13. Bless GW and Laura. You may not agree with their politics but you have to admire their morality. Obama on the other hand….another campaign op sans FLOTUS=depressing.

    • Thanks Mike, had not seen that one. Another great call by Justice! If they can kill us overseas, what’s to stop them from killing us here? I’m not saying he didn’t deserve what he got but don’t we live by the rule of law?

      By the way, I trust the Onion more than the WaPo!

  14. President G.W.Bush Wounded Warrior Open Golf Tournament started today…I don’t believe for a minute that he would have been there otherwise. Very sad that he treats our military as he does.

  15. Please do not let Fast and Furious, Solyndra and the other solar loans, or the Fiskar car loan drop off the radar!

    And please don’t let him take credit for Qaddafi…he wouldn’t have been there with NATO unless Sarkozy pressed as hard as he did. And anyway…the Libyan’s killed him! The missiles just slowed him down at bit!

  16. wow, what a bunch of butthurt faggots up in here. you people need to manage your anger better and not throw a hissy fit when BO does ANYTHING,