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Obama Golfs with His Personal Chef

Taking a break from conducting class warfare, President Obama yesterday loaded up his twelve-car motorcade and went golfing for the 25th time this year, heading out with White House chef and healthy food guru Sam Kass.

Kass was also personal chef for the “spread the wealth around” Obama and his family back in Chicago before assuming the role of White House chef.

From yesterday’s pool reports.

On this sunny Saturday, POTUS is at Joint Base Andrews for a golf outing before heading (to) Camp David. A 12-vehicle motorcade departed the White House at

11:07 a.m. Brief sighting of the president in a thin blue jacket.

Later . . .

With the golfing accomplished, the president boarded Marine One at 4:40 pm at Andrews and four minutes later headed to Camp David for the night. Obama emerged from his SUV in a gray baseball cap, blue polo shirt and khakis and gave a quick salute to the two Marines at the helo before jumping on board.

Pool did not see any advisers traveling with the president.

‘Twas a beautiful day for golfing with a high around 73 and not a cloud in the sky.

Completing the foursome for yesterday’s golf outing – the 83rd of his presidency – were White House trip director Marvin Nicholson and Marvin’s lucky brother Walter.

30 thoughts on “Obama Golfs with His Personal Chef”

    1. The British press has lots of photos of Obama’s foot soldiers. The desecration of the American flag by some idiot protestors in Austin is the most egregious to me —

      Then there was the D.C. protest where they tried to break in to the Air and Space Museum…

      Rounding it out in Atlanta where they participated in some strange ritual of Simon Says before turning Rep John Lewis away from the podium.

      The Democrats are making a big mistake hitching their wagon to these protestors.

      1. The MSM cares a heck of a lot more about these protests(?) than the rest of us. The universal response to any video or coverage of these people is a wrinkled nose and OMG.

        If the Dems and Unions want to claim this whatever-it-is as their “tea party”, go for it. All of them can stomp on our flag, pollute their enviornment, scream for someone else’s money, denigrate working people , cry like babies denied their lollypop, act as creepy as they are and it won’t help the Dems at all.


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  2. “Golfing accomplished?” Is this what this administration has devolved to? Golfing is now an accomplishment? Was this the “most precedented” round of golf in history? Or did Obama miss that putt due to the spike mark he inherited from the previous administration? I wonder if he believes in redistribution of scores? If his partner has more birdies does he give up his “fair share” to Obama?

    Remember when Bush quit golf b/c we were at war? That was 2-3 wars ago. More evidence this administration has no class and does not understand/have basic manners. They make the Clinton administration look like Emily Post.

  3. Kass was also personal chef for the “spread the wealth around” Obama and his family back in Chicago before assuming the role of White House chef.

    Isn’t it kind of odd that a senator can afford to hire a personal chef? Senators only make $174K a year. Of course his wife had that executive position at the University of Chicago Hospital that jumped from $120K to $317K after he won that senate seat. My guess is the Obama family has been living beyond their means for quite a long time…

      1. That book didn’t earn much in the way of royalties until it was re-released in 2004. He was in like Flynn with the Daley machine, so they probably didn’t have to worry much about taxable income anyway…

  4. Given the choice between golf and even more time spent cooped up with
    Michelle at Camp David whining about being bored, tired and of course I
    have nothing to wear and you never take me anyplace for 48 hrs I guess golf is like Valium. No excuse but being stuck in the woods with MO is a
    pretty painful ordeal:)! Yippie now there is some pain to feel, well deserved:)!

    1. Perfect, it is exactly how I feel most days. And I must admit, I voice it in much the same way, just not in public. The dude is right.

  5. Everytime I see the man I want to just sit down and cry.
    However did we allow this “entourage” to get elected?
    I read on a blog yesterday where some wise person said that we can get rid of one fool and accomplices but how do we get rid of the fools who elected him?
    My deceased mother would frown on me…she told me to never use the word fool…ok, so I borrowed it…I still think it.

  6. Hmmmm…..wonder if Michelle Antoinette was already at Camp David? Or was she busy shopping at Tarjay? Why not try Jacque Pennay too? I cringe every time I see either one of them. They are such an embarrassment to the US. As for the “protesters”, I say show more and more pictures of these useful idiots. The public cannot help but contrast them with the clean Tea Party supporters.

      1. Star,

        I looked up the info about their income drop – you mentioned earlier. It went down 67% 2010 verus 2009. He must not be too tight with Pelosi – her’s skyrocketed up 62% in same time. She’s not sharing her insider trading info – greedy Pelousy.

      2. Can’t say I envy your experience with the police. Never attended a protest in my life until the Obamacare debate started in 2009. There were always some police in attendance, but they never had to worry about us old fogies getting out of hand.

  7. It probably took a motorcade of 12 to transport Chef Bass and his moveable feast of lobster, caviar, petit fours, and champagne to the ninth hole for a sumptuous picnic! .Conspicuous Consumption should be the campaign slogan for 2012~

    **There is a story out today in the NY POST describing how Obama is isolating himself with just ValJar and Axelrod….don’t know if he is roaming the Portrait Gallery in the East wing in the middle of the night – talking to portraits of former Presidents…..but he’s headiing that way! This was all SO predictable!

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  9. I wonder if he is as good at golf as he is at putting the saddle of regulations on industry? Creation of jobs is a dead horse in this environment and there will be no movement until both are vacant. He must know Obamacare is killing the job market but fails to do what is in the best interest of the people. While he gets his golf swing in shape the Black people have over thirty percent unemployment well above the national average. Meanwhile he spends every tax dollar he can get his hands on. 2012 doesn’t look to be a very good year and I expect the Obama base of support to be less than Jimmy Carters and the country in a full blown depression.

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