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Carney: Obama Merits Reelection if Economy Stays Bad

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said President Obama can and should be reelected even if the economy fails to improve.

Carney spoke in response to a question at the White House briefing by Jake Tapper of ABC News, who noted today’s employment report, which showed that hiring continues to lag. Carney said Obama should win because the election will be about his vision for the future.

TAPPER: Can he get reelected if the economy is not significantly improved and does he deserve to?

CARNEY: Yes, and here’s why: because what the election will be about is whose vision for America’s future is best, whose ideas for moving America forward are best. And what we confidently believe is that the American people will see in President Obama’s view for the future the right answers.

What we also believe is that if the Republican nominee, once he or she emerges, runs on the proposals that have been generated so far, which are essentially mirror images — not mirror images but exact replications of the policies that got us into this mess, the American people won’t think that is the right answer.

Carney’s statement contradicts Obama’s own prediction about his reelection chances, according to which the president has until February 2012 to fix the economy or be denied a second term.

“I will be held accountable,” Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer on Feb. 1, 2009. “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

But most economists now believe that economic growth will remain sluggish at best through 2012, with some chance that the economy will actually slip back into recession. So the Obama campaign has begun framing the election as a contest between the “values” of Republicans and Democrats instead of a referendum on Obama’s economic record.

Carney’s response to Tapper fits with the new emphasis in Obama’s campaign remarks on his vision of America’s character and future, which the president has been contrasting in sometimes harsh terms with that of Republicans.

40 thoughts on “Carney: Obama Merits Reelection if Economy Stays Bad”

  1. “America’s character and future’,…does not include Obama’s re-election.
    America will survive this setback, and hopefully learn from the mistake we made by electing the present Marxist in chief.
    The giant has been awakened once again.
    I say, put the bio’s for all of the republican candidates up for us to view at the next debate, and compare them to Obama’s.
    Let’s see how the libs defend that.

    1. What “Obama bio”…???

      college records? law school papers? “community organizer” work records or ever having a real job? limited “present” non-voting record from his Illinois term & incomplete term as a “US Senator”?

      Libs dont have to defend his non-existant bio, thats what the “main stream media” is for! (re: 2008 campagin)

      1. Hey! barry hussein has sealed what little there is to know about him..
        ..thankfully the last couple yrs. of bowing, apologizing,brooding,
        lavish living,lying, manipulating & lecturing, we’ve come to know this
        vermin/manlike campiagn creature well thank very much…

        1. Then ask him why he won’t release them when the other candidates have released theirs.
          Does anybody expect Obama to debate whomever we select as a candidate ?
          He doesn’t have the nuts.
          Teleprompter off.
          History on.
          You’re on your own big boy.
          Never happen.

  2. It’s just like their view about public policy. It’s the intent, not the reality. The war on poverty means well, so the fact that it’s been an epic FAIL doesn’t matter- full steam forward.

    This “vision” stuff … it doesn’t matter which vision is a fantasy.

    Regardless, it’s wishful thinking on Carney’s part. And Obamas. I just wonder how he could possibly live with the reality that he SUCKS as president, yet he wants to continue on with the job.

    1. As the libs say, “the end justifies the means”.
      We are immersed in the means and have been for years.
      The end is yet to be determined.

  3. With this kind of reasoning, I will win the next Powerball Lottery because I have a vision of what I will I will buy with my winnings in the future.

  4. I came across a quote today that I thought was appropriate here:

    A government big enough to give you everything that you want is big enough to take away everything that you have. T. Jefferson

  5. He does have a chance of winning the election if his Alinsky tactics work on the majority of Americans. He and his minions behind the scenes are working hard destroying the economy and ripping the social fabric of our society to pieces. He would love nothing more than to have every American dependent on the government for their livelihood. Wouldn’t doubt if they had celebrations in the White House every time these job numbers come out.

    I see the 2012 election as a referendum on communism versus capitalism. Now that our line-up of candidates are set, the person I will support in the election will be the person who can take a stand and tell the American people the truth. We know we’re in trouble and we need someone who will give voice to our fears.

    1. I see the next election as an indication of the degree of common sense this country retains.
      A true leader, and someone who does not mince words.
      Someone who has established themselves in life.
      Someone who has a record of accomplishment.

  6. Wow! Talk about disconnect from reality! What planet does this administration live on???!!! November 2012 cannot come soon enough. Time to send these clowns packing!!

  7. Wasn’t this lame excuse used to justify Barry’s Nobel Prize?

    He was awarded for his ‘vision” or what he can accomplish or some nonsense.

    Carney= carnival clown

  8. Carney can outspin the jerk that preceded him…he may have learned that when he worked for Biden and had to explain that foolish man.

  9. Sad thing is we see his vision. It is all around us and it is not good. He will not be re-elected. He is the president of the minority liberal progressives and he needs a majority to win. It won’t happen.

    1. Yeah–I love this…His programs well, not so much, but things could have been worse maybe…Anyhow, nothing was his fault except anything good…His wife was in it for all she could get…His personality was condescending and creepy…His head went back and forth back and forth…He bought out all the straw men in the US…He disdained people and clumsily mocked their speech…But hey, what a guy–let’s have more years!

      Someone in the NYT comments says he’s center-right. That would be on the planet with the two purple suns?

      1. More like Pluto the planet that they said was too small and insignificant and took away it’s planet designation. Obama is like Pluto with apologies to the little star formally know as Pluto. At least
        we liked Pluto:)

  10. Should we be surprised when the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him 30 days into the presidency and there is no peace internally or externally.

    Re-elect a failure?! NO THANKS.

  11. Hopefully, this con artist will spend the remainder of his first term in Federal prison~ He us a pathological LIAR who has the audacity to get in our faces every single day – 24/7 – re-enforcing those LIES! He wouldn’t know the truth if it bi himt on his royal azz!

    He is not serving this country – he is serving himself and that hideous wife! He will do or say ANYTHING to retain power!

    I don’t understand why he hasn’t been brought up on morals/ethics charges! One of the Presidential prerequisites is to be of ‘good moral character’!!! This guy is lower than a snake’s belly!!!

  12. I still say I feel kind of sorry for Jay Carney trying to pretend to defend the administration. What a loser to take that job in the first place. It will not look good on any resume except maybe a book publisher. Copes sold? less than the 10,000 libs who can read.

  13. “CARNEY: Yes, and here’s why: because what the election will be about is whose vision for America’s future is best, whose ideas for moving America forward are best. “

    You have to wonder if he can hear himself anymore. By now I can picture him coming home at night and asking Claire…’Did you hear what I said today? Who am I?’

      1. I don’t mean Keith! Bah–can’t think today. I meant this president could still be elected–being competent is not desired sometimes…Being trendy, etc is. Most voters do not subject themselves to his endless monologues…he skates on so much of this dopey nonsense.

  14. Twelve vehicle parade to play golf, helo to Camp David, this guy doesn’t deserve re-election. He and his elitist wife just don’t get it. unbeliveable.

  15. “Jay Carney today said President Obama can and should be reelected even if the economy fails to improve…..”

    This proves that the definition of INSANITY is accurate: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.

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