As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama to Hold a News Conference

It will be at 11:00 am, instead of the briefing by Jay Carney that had been scheduled for the same time. I will live stream it here.

It will be his first news conference since July 15.

18 Responses to Obama to Hold a News Conference

      • maybe he’s pronouncing the “autumn spring” in honor of the misfit kids who are protesting wall street… or it could be the kick off his “autumn of recovery” … better worded as the “fall of recovery”.. te he

    • I’m with you Janice. Would be nice to see some hard nosed reporters asking the tough questions, rather than a bunch of lap dogs chuckling at his stupid jokes on queue.

  1. Think the little twerp is having a time out standing in a corner? He’s in so
    far over his head he makes Barney Fife look like a Mensa member! It is a
    pipe dream to think Holder will quit, resign or tell the truth. Obama knows
    that there’s some splannin to do and Carney isn’t up to lying as easily as Obama. And also the press won’t press him and his presence will keep most of them in line sadly.

  2. I wonder if the young lady from CBS will be there? I hear that CBS has muzzled her.
    Will he call on Ed Henry?
    How many lies will he tell and will he drop his “g’s”?
    Will he repeat “ya know” 46 times as he did with Little George on ABC?
    Will he “spin” a question he likes to kill time?
    Will he mention Eric Cantor?
    His little tricks are old and dirty.

    • he reminds me of my neighbor’s dog that keeps getting into our garbage.
      ….its just getting beyond tedious…. as back in the “clintonian” era,
      a WH presser was repulsing to me.. my how history is sadly repeating itself… think I’ll go down to marineland & volunteer to clean the dolphin poop out of the tanks… do something useful !

  3. I would like to see Barry address questions about the “Ministerial Exception” case that went to the Supreme’s and his “Darn Tooting” comment about the contraception requiremnt that will impact the Catholics and other denominations.