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Obama Now Trashing Republicans in the East Room

Having introduced a “jobs program” he knows full well Republicans will never accept, President Obama at a news conference today ramped up the political threats against the GOP, vowing to do his best to turn voters against them if they reject his plans.

The president, who in recent weeks has been bashing Republicans during trips to political battlegrounds, to his message of contempt to the East Room.

Who enters into negotiations with phrases like this? These are bullying tactics designed to leverage as much political juice from this latest Washington game as possible.

If it turns out that there are Republicans who are opposed to this bill, they need to explain to me, but more importantly to their constituencies and the American people, why they’re opposed and what would they do.

And if Mr. McConnell chooses to vote against it or if members of his caucus choose to vote against it, I promise you, we’re going to keep on going and we will put forward maybe piece by piece each component of the bill, and each time they’re going to have to explain why it is that they’d be opposed to putting teachers back in the classroom or rebuilding our schools, or giving tax cuts to middle- class folks and giving tax cuts to small businesses.

If I told you I wanted to make a deal with you, and then said if you don’t agree to what I want, you’ll have some explaining to do to you wife and friends, how exactly would you react?

Obama also renewed his class warfare argument. I’d say that such rhetoric is all politics, except I really think Obama believes, in the most anti-intellectual manner – a Harvard man, no less – that Republicans are just devoted to helping the rich.

The same folks that the Republicans claim to be protecting, the well-off, the millionaires and the billionaires, they’d be doing better, they’d be making more money if ordinary Americans had some money in their pockets and were out there feeling more confident about the economy.

Republicans surely have their own political motives, but in fact they’ve promised to run parts of Obama’s agenda through the House. But they genuinely don’t believe that raising taxes to pay for all this is going to help the economy, and there are a lot of economists who back them up. What’s more, many Senate Democrats also oppose Obama’s plan.

The tax cuts included in Obama’s American Jobs Act, which he said Republicans should be to die for, are temporary, while the millionaires’ tax to be assessed to pay for it all in the Senate version of the bill – which Obama has accepted – lasts for ten years. Many think temporary measures have little positive effect because when they’re done, you’re right back where you were. You can’t plan for the future. Credits for business to hire, for example, run out and then the business is stuck paying an employee’s full salary.

Millionaires generally don’t put their money under a mattress. They spend or invest it, which leads to jobs and economic activity. They’ll start planning to do less of that if they know they’re getting socked for ten years.

The point is, there are real reasons to be concerned about this proposal. Obama knows better. But he wants to political benefit of running against a Do-Nothing Congress, so he can salvage his presidency like the last underdog to do that, Harry S Truman.

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  1. “You don’t get people to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success. I grew up in a family of 10 kids, first one to go to college, and I’ve earned my success. I’ve earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so. And by attacking me, is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger hit because I happen to be wealthy.”
    -Robert Johnson, the founder of BET television

  2. I would like for Mater Economist Obama to explain how taking money away from someone makes them better off? If this guy isn’t the dumbest guy in the room, he must be alone.

  3. This never-ending attack on the Repubs is self-defeating; he comes across as a weak, lecturing, and whining loser.
    People who follow politics know that this Jobs bill won’t do a thing to improve their lot in life, but will enrich the Prez’s cronies, again. Those who don’t follow politics can’t figure out why the Prez just doesn’t do what he wants, like when he gave money to the energy companies.
    So, it’s lose/lose for MrO.

    The Prez’s advisors have over-thought this strategy and have only considered the opinions of the constant visitors to the WhiteHouse. Making MrO look like he’s begging the Repubs to help him is not going to win over anyone. None of his fellow Dems are backing up the Prez on this issue.
    The silence from the Left is very loud.
    Lose/lose again.

    1. Yeah–he really exposes his Ding Dong School economics. Sure, Republicans want to ruin the country–they don’t live here, their kids don’t…what? They do? They want to be happy? They want people to be solvent so taxes will be lower…? They want their kids to have a chance–to have it better even? Really? Then why are they so bad? Are all people with more money than month bad? I sure wish I didn’t run out of money before I run out of month.

  4. Is it just me, or does he sound like an illiterate bully with a tenth grade education who reads only occasionally, and comic books at that?

    His constant use of “folks” is annoying. He could say, people, those, Americans, citizens, families – just make him stop saying “folks”. He reminds me of some trendy, gauche “dude”, who’s slumming with the unwashed who believes he’s pulling it off. He’s that much of a tool.

    1. It’s not just you bettyann. Another thing he does that grates on me is when he says people like him need to pay more taxes. Like he’s a member of the millionaires club. What did he ever do to become a millionaire? Get his buddy Bill Ayers to ghost write a book for him? He sure doesn’t have any qualms about sticking the taxpayer with the bill to cart his and the missus butts around the world vacationing and campaigning.

  5. He is delusional. He really believes the American people are behind him 100%. He came off as angry, divisive, and arrogant. That is why I can’t make it through an entire speech of his…all it does is get my blood pressure up.

    1. He’s a real cornucopia of mental problems.
      Deluded & Delusional
      Mother issues (Michelle)
      Persecution Complex
      Split Personality
      Unable to accept responsibility for any of his actions
      God complex
      And many more!

    2. I can’t bear the sound of his voice and his constant lying. I don’t listen to his speeches anymore. Even sound bites are hard to take.

  6. There are times when I channel my rottie pup and just want to bite things. Then eat them, then take a good crap. I feel that way everytime His Dimness speaks. The tv is looking especially tasty right about now.

  7. Obama’s presence is becoming a traumatic experience! I rarely watch or listen to him but felt obliged to watch the Presser. He is nothing less than a petty tyrant – a lying SOB! It’s not even a question of policy or ideology anymore – it’s the man himself. I don’t even know what to call him,…commie, fascist, dictator, tyrant, despot,athiest, Hitler??? I suppose the kindest description would be ‘sociopath’ – completely devoid of morals, ethics, integrity, and a conscience.

    Personally, I feel like we are all Pavlov dogs – undergoing the psychological effects of brainwashing. I have mentally deleted him from my conscious state, but I worry about PTSS (post traumatic shock syndrome).

    As a Nation, we have never been exposed to such a degree of class warfare, class envy, constant negative re-enforcement, lies, machinations, and overall abuse. Obama is a crazy-maker – a madman! I sincerely pray that we all survive!

  8. Listening to these speeches is starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher with some time-tested phrases thrown in. Rar rar rar “roads and bridges”,
    rar rar “millionaire’s and billionaires ” , rar rar rar “cops and teachers”. Every recycled phrase except ” Hope and change”.

  9. I had no idea that he was powerful enough to divide the country in the way he has. My bud told me that when he got elected he would divide this country. I said give him a chance. (duh)
    I was wrong, wrong wrong.

  10. keith you are so right. Not only are banks, Corps, and individuals sitting on their cash, but people in general are doing the same thing. The stagnant economy is all O’s fault, people are waiting for him to be gone.

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