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Live Stream || Obama News Conference – Oct. 6, 2011

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The press conference has concluded.

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  1. Keith, tried to post one comment…got the following message (may not be verbatim) “You are trying to post too many messages. Slow Down.”

    1. Here is what kills me about this, according to him it will take 10-12 years to pay back the money he will spend today.

      “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  2. How about a question regarding all the Wall Streeters that he has hired in his administration??

    The only thing that makes me want to puke more than HIS lies, are the suck-up questions from the “reporters”

  3. Chuck…”Mr President, Have you lost your juice with the people..” 32 seconds

    O……….not really sure what he said but it took up 4:28 seconds

  4. Anyone notice how long he takes to answer one question? First ? from Ben Feller (sp) from AP – took til 11:14 am to take next ? from Chuckie Boy.

    No challenge on his lying about Congress – that it was Harry Reid holding up a vote in the Senate. Lapdogs.

    He’s “heard of” the protests on Wall Street. If any reporter there was an actual reporter – incl. Jake Tapper, they’d ask him about his sizable campaign donations from Goldman Sachs et al in ’08.

    So frustrated! The WH Press Corpse sleep walks once again …. not you, of course Keith. You’re the only one awake & conscious.

  5. A Joe Wilson-Peggy Noonan-Mark Halperin kind of a president.

    The only thing we really know of this man is that he is inept through inexperience.

    1. Solyndra may have applied for money under Bush–but they stopped the paperwork and his people restarted it…he is such a sin of omission type of president. Now he is telling us about why green companies are being propped up–yes, we are so stupid we know nothing about this…”The overall portfolio”–excluding all the dogs… This is pain–listening… “Surrender to other countries”–now he is babbling…

  6. Jake Tapper is NAUSEATING. And he’s the example of a real “journalist”? Asking meek & mild ?’s? I swear it’s like they are all drugged.

    Just asked a very general ? re F & F and Solymdra. What is wrong with them?

    Why don’t they realize they are on the wrong side of history? No integrity – what .. so … ever.

    And now Obama is lying about Solyndra ….

  7. Jackie….Are you paying attention to the demonstrations on Wall Street..25 sec

    this is simple…yes or no…perhaps a small expansion on individual freedoms and right to protest..

    O…….feed lost at 4:56 and he is talking about some new nominee

  8. There is our answer “I have complete confidence in Eric Holder”.

    Remember Obama demonstrated with Black Panthers and Holder killed the prosecution of the case.

    Solyndra – again inept and inexperience with business.

  9. Still not a single “reporter” is calling him on his lying about mean old Congress not voting on his Jobs Bill – when it’s Harry Reid who refused to allow a vote.

    Seriously, Keith – what is wrong with them?

  10. October 5th 2011

    Raymond J. Zbylut

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
    PO Box 96039
    Washington, DC 20077-7243

    Dear Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    You have sent me a request for funding your campaign, as a life long Democrat of 56 years of age, I am still feeling foolish voting and supporting (before the election,) President Barack Obama, the man who stood before us with his promise of CHANGE WE CAN BELIVE IN uttered at his every breath, we all smiled hearing these five words during his election campaign, we knew he was the man who would lead us to this new America. The only changes we have seen now that the ballots are counted is his public selling out of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Professor Cornel West, if he could sell out his own spiritual advisor and philosophical moral compass would he not sell out we faceless Americans? Oh wait more to come.

    He then gave to his friends in high finance that which we working men and women contributed for OUR NATION, tax dollars, he gave it to WALL STREET so they could give themselves BONUSES and GOLDEN PARACHUTES. The same man refused to bring criminal indictments on those on Wall Street who led us into this current depression, and foreclosures on our homes. Why? Was he indebted to them, an IOU to be collected on? A quid pro quo?

    Do the Democrats recall the days of anti-unionism and it’s re-action around the USA? I detest Scott Walker, his cronies and masters whole heartedly, but giving money to the Democrats after supporting them all my voting life and being screwed by the Party when they remained silent during the Storm in Wisconsin. I ask where were the Democrats when all of this was going down? Silent for the most part I recall, waiting until the polls indicated it may be something to “co-opt” for votes, rather than doing the right thing and jumping head first with those who had supported you for several centuries, the working men and women.

    I am no longer a Democrat because of the Silence, and more so with President Obama’s Wall Street Cash Giveaway of Blue Collar Money as well as the Democrats in the House & Senate which stood by him knowing that he was a sellout to the rank and file in the new dustbowl also known as the 50 states which he and more so his predecessor GW Bush created.

    The only way the Democrats can have a hope to be a workers party again is to muster every member of the House and Senate and President Obama on Wall Street shoulder to shoulder with the people, no more flyovers, limo’s or podiums placing him or they in a superior position, he and the Dem’s lost those lofty privileges the moment the give-away was announced.


    Raymond J. Zbylut

    Cc: The Nebraska Democratric Party

  11. OMG, I go to switch channels and the thing I hear is “the republicans!” Hate this man, hate him with a passion that I only reserved for my xhusband.

  12. What exactly is this all about? He must know that nobody cares or focuses on this man any more. He’s over! Finished! Caput!

    His own party is running away as far and quickly as they can. I wish to God the election was next month instead a year from now.

  13. Everyone is bored by this COLD man. Even the fawning press … can hardly keep their eyes open.

    Glad to see he thinks the hippies/communists down at Wall Street are just mad because they don’t “have jobs” but the Tea Party were racists and fools.

    Classic divide and NOT conquer.

    1. I think it’s at least grimly amusing that the Wall Streeters and the Tea Partiers are both vaguely furious with the same thing–the man, the establishment…yet each thinks the other is stupid.

      1. Two very different principles, Star. Tea Party wants government to get out of the way. Wannabe 60’s hippies want government to take care of them.

          1. The Tea party isn’t anti-government and we know what we’re protesting for — fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. These wayward people don’t know what they want. The Tea party is also grassroots. We chipped in for rallys. These 60’s hippy wannabes are sponsored by the usual suspects —, renamed ACORN, OFA.

            San Antonio is having one of those rallys today. Appears the attendees are real 60’s hippies and their offspring…

  14. Bill PLANT…Are you negotiating your jobs bill by campaigning it up…30 sec

    O…The folks are ehhh strugglin’…8+ minutes with followup…

    I can’t turn away…It’s like a live car chase

    Matt…Asking about Mullen…memo to Matt..He already answered this one the a week ago..he doesn’t support Mullens comments

    O…4:49 in…With respect to Poki’Stan…blah blah blah…over 6 minutes…maybe 7

  15. Thank you Mr President for the thorough and straight forward answers.

    Go ahead and take your time answering the questions. The topics are complex and the solutions require nuance. It is good to hear from a positive leader with solutions.

    All I hear from this crowd are complaints, inaction and the lack of responsibility to own up to mistakes by your predecessor. You are doing a great job, keep it up!

    Now, take on the role we voted you in office to accomplish.
    Regulate the banks
    Stimulate the economy to create jobs
    Fix the tax disparity and pay for what your predecessor spent

    Again great job so far!


    1. Great job so far?

      Poverty up by 1.1% since 2008

      Unemployment rate – 9.1%

      40.3 weeks average unemployment

      Median income down

      Health insurance premiums up

      Inflation and foot stamp usage? Up

      Total # of jobs? down

      National debt and deficit?

      Partisanship? More than ever

      The world hates us.

      Gitmo – still open. Wars – ongoing. He can’t even accomplish the primary things he was elected for.

      Worst. President. Ever.

    2. Vince? Welcome back from 2008, hope you had a nice sleep. Please refer to your local library about what has been happening for the last three years. Thank you.

  16. I don’t think you should be so nice to the Republicans. They certainly aren’t to you, nor to us (we the people). Let the American people know that you see what they are doing and we should understand that too. Theyll see the whole country go down the drain just to get you and in the intrim, thry’re getting us.

    1. You are right Carolyn. He should just go ahead and jail 75% of the country, that has been paying attention to his epic failure as a leader. Then all that will be left (no pun intended) is you. The real “people”.

  17. The Mob always killed off anyone that might have any info that could be used against it. They didn’t want people talking to the authorities out of fear that there would be too much info coming forth.

    Maybe that is this administrations thinking. They don’t want people to know what has been going on in these war zones, and instead of bringing in high value targets and risking exposure of the administrations ineptitude they have decided to simply kill them.

    Information can be a dangerous thing, and if the truth were known about somethings it could cause a backlash that the WH could not dodge and weave around. Case in point is where Osama was living for years. If he had been taken alive, what would he have said about the US/Pakistan relationship and how he was able to live unmolested for years in Pakistan.

    The best way to keep information from being leaked is to kill whoever has that info.

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