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Quote of the Day || October 6, 2011

“Okay, okay, I was briefed on the Fast. But I knew nothing about the Furious.”

– Attorney General Eric Holder

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

11 Responses to Quote of the Day || October 6, 2011

  1. OT but I thought I would “share”

    re: SarahPalin’s no go-

    I never liked her much but I must say I am disappointed

    Her opportunism is so glaring it is embarrassing.

    Why did she do the bus tour?
    To coincide with Bristol’s reality show?
    Please if anyone can explain that “tour” or whatever it was, I would like to know.

    To check the nation’s temperature for a run? I doubt it.

    I am pissed at her and I don’t even LIKE her-why?

    because she manipulated the media and a lot of good people

    because she was in my face ever time I went to my news websites-

    because people called me names if I doubted her-

    because she sold out-she took the country for a ride and made billions.

    That woman played the tea party like a violin.

    Pretty nice work for a two time loser

    If you don’t realize it or are at least mad at her, I don’t have a response to that.

    I am just glad I got her book for 25cents at a thrift shop-maybe it will be worth 50cents in about 20 years

    I heard her next book is in the works with a 5 million dollar advance

    rumor is the working title is:

    “I gave it my best shot for liberty and freedom and God but everyone was pickin’ on me so I had to quit again”
    for only $19.99

    if it profits them and not you when they say they are working for YOU -question question question.

    and Damn her for making people have some hope (I wasn’t one of them but still…).

    What a bitch.

    • I was very disappointed to learn Sarah Palin wasn’t going to run. She was my great hope for cleaning up Washington. A lot of people have turned on her because of her decision, but not me. She is an amazingly strong woman who has stood in the face of real evil. She isn’t going away. Whoever gets the nod from her for the Republican nomination will be the next President of the United States.

      • I don’t think Palin is a bitch, but I do think her time has come and gone–and vitriol as above is why I am glad I don’t have to wade around for the coming months.

  2. “In addition”, Mr. Holder continued, “I truly don’t understand people’s objection to the program. The ATF carefully screened the drug dealers to ensure none of the illegal straw purchasers had medical marijuana prescriptions.”
    (Note from _my_ attorney: PROBABLY not a real quote.)