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Michelle’s South Africa Flights Cost $424,142

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained government records showing that First Lady Michelle Obama’s flights to, from, and around southern Africa in June cost $424,142, plus another $928.44 for in-flight meals.

But the actual costs of the trip are much higher, given that the sum obtained by Judicial Watch does not include items such as ground transportation, security and lodging.

A White House Dossier article on June 27 that led to the Judicial Watch investigation found that the actual cost was possibly in the range of $700,000-$800,000. I’m happy to note that my own estimate then – before Judicial Watch obtained the flight manifests on which it based the $424,142 figure, was right on target, as I wrote that the cost of the flights was “about $430,000.”

While Mrs. Obama held many official events during the trip, the voyage also was part tourism, including visits to various landmarks, a nonworking meeting with Nelson Mandeal that she said was “surreal,” and a safari.

Mrs. Obama also brought along her mother, her two daughters, and their cousins – the two children of Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson.

“A visit to South Africa is important for them as a family,” said a U.S. Embassy spokeswoman at the time.

20 thoughts on “Michelle’s South Africa Flights Cost $424,142”

  1. I guess a Safari in South Africa could be important to many families.
    Most of us, however, can’t afford a night out to dinner in a nice place.

  2. Keith, you will not be given the opportunity to ask very many question in the briefings by this article.

    Maybe if you offered to fertilize, till and weed Mooches “Garden”, you might get back into good graces.

    What is Michelle doin’ today? Oops, I dropped a “g” off of a word! Must mean I’m racist.

  3. Reading about our local food pantry yesterday. Through donations of food
    and money they are able to feed 5 people for $1 yes one dollar. Granted
    it’s not Wagu beef or organic vegetables but it will fill the empty feeling in a hungry persons stomach. Think about that Michelle! Do your girls go to
    bed hungry?

  4. Does listing the children “senior staff” allow them to claim a salary and per diem travel expenses? Read that she also brought along 21 staff and family members, to include her hairstylist and makeup artist, on this so-called humanitarian journey.

  5. So that´s why they made her go to that Target store the other day !
    Anyhow, I think it is extremely revolting that they are this extravagant with the taxpayers money. If this had happened over here in Sweden I think it would have been a huge scandal. Politicians here must appear to be simple, thrifty and frugal.

    1. Because they recently watched ‘Roots’ and she was attempting to teach the kids about their roots. Gee, I wonder why they didn’t go to Indonesia?
      I, for one, feel violated for having to help pay for this BS, how about you?

  6. Her trip to Spain was important . . . . because?
    Her trip to Vail was important . . . . . . because?
    Her trip to Martha’s Vinyard. . . . . . . .because?
    Etc,etc,etc. . . .
    She’s got some “esplainin'” to do.

    1. I am droppin all ‘g’s until we have an actual President and First Lady!
      Vail was the most humorous. I had been goin there since 1976 and
      it was a small cozy charming and affordable place. Last time I was there in 2000 it looked more like Monaco with snow! So costly high
      end stores furs, those very pricey restaurants with tiny food that’s
      why she went because it was ritzy and expensive I mean does she
      look like a skier?

  7. I for one thought you were pretty much on the money on that one Keith. It was great reporting and has been the gift that keeps on giving.

    Thanks for keeping us posted!

  8. Michelle probably made this trip to gather material for the book she’ll write after leaving the White House. She can’t just write about healthy food and trips to Target. She too wants to be a best selling author. Take the cost out of her advance.

  9. Your claim that the First Mooch’s trip cost taxpayers over $425,000 is provably FALSE—-

    The Chinese actually paid $161,000 of that. You forget that we borrow 40% of our entire budget from them–and we are going to totally stiff them. LOL

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