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Obama to be Interviewed by Stephanopoulos Today

Time is set for 2:35 pm ET. It will live stream on ABC and Yahoo, but I’ll try to stream it on WHD as well.

23 thoughts on “Obama to be Interviewed by Stephanopoulos Today”

  1. Ok, what’s going on?

    This was not on the original schedule of events, so can we assume that this is a spur of the moment interview? I think so.

    So, if that is the case that it is a spur of the moment interview, then why? What’s going on that Barry wants to explain to a softy like good old Stephie? I seriously doubt that Stephie will ask any hard questions and will allow Barry to ramble on with a 2,731 word answer.

    Keith, what are the rats in the hallway saying about this?

  2. Stephie is a Clintonite. Maybe, just maybe he will ask a pertinent question like ‘What did you know and when did you know it?’ about Solar-gate, Gunrunner-gate, and a number of other issues that have been surrounding Obama.

    I just know the press would never let a Republican president get away with the garbage they are letting this guy get away with, and it makes me ill.

  3. I’ve been spammed by my server (Yahoo)

    Today, October 3, 2011

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    2:35 p.m. ET / 11:35 a.m. PT
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  4. How can you justify any approval of HR-4646? This would cause millions of us (especially Seniors) to be totally unable to take care of ourselves financially. Please stop this immediately!

    1. At least make all Americans aware of the ramifications of HR-4646 so that people realize how much this slick maneuver will cost them and that it would be directly due to the passage of this bill. Snopes will verify this. Check it out., search for HR-4646.

      1. Pelosi didn’t propose HR4646 and neither does Obama support it. It was written by Chata Fattah and it has no support by anyone in Congress. Obama is not sneaking anything through as this is impossible without Congress voting on it. Come on folks, I give Americans more credit for being smarter than this.

        Just another attempt by desperate Republicans to get a few more stupid voters at the poles this week.

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