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Second ATF Gun Running Operation Revealed

A new trove of documents reluctantly released by the White House reveals that Fast & Furious was not the only operation running guns into Mexico for use by drug gangs.

The documents, turned over to Congress late Friday to minimize news coverage, also show contact between the Justice Department and the White House on the matter. But the White House continues to deny it had knowledge that guns were flowing across the border.

According to a report by CBS News, the separate operation, dubbed “Wide Receiver,” sent guns from Tucson into Mexico. In both operations, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms hoped to track the guns to learn more about the drug gangs, but the weapons ended up being used to kill people, including American officials.

How surprising that drug gangs would use guns we provide them to kill people.

A White House National Security staffer was briefed on the operation, according to the CBS report.

The documents show extensive communications between then-ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office Bill Newell – who led Fast and Furious – and then-White House National Security Staffer Kevin O’Reilly. Emails indicate the two also spoke on the phone. Such detailed, direct communications between a local ATF manager in Phoenix and a White House national security staffer has raised interest among Congressional investigators looking into Fast and Furious. Newell has said he and O’Reilly are long time friends.

Among the documents produced: an email in which ATF’s Newell sent the White House’s O’Reilly an “arrow chart reflecting the ultimate destination of firearms we intercepted and/or where the guns ended up.” The chart shows arrows leading from Arizona to destinations all over Mexico.

Here’s a copy of the chart. I don’t understand how one can at this point still deny White House knowledge.

But of course, this was the only contact with the White House, and the National Security staffer told no one.

Yeah, right.

The scandal continued to grow.

13 Responses to Second ATF Gun Running Operation Revealed

  1. CBS News is carrying this story? CBS must not have received the notice from the WH that they are to be team players with Barry’s agenda.

    Things must be bad, real bad if CBS is reporting this. Those cracks in the wall are really starting to show now.

    Where’s Michelle?

  2. You’d have to plug your nose to avoid the smell of vermin in the WH !
    So right Russell ! things must be real bad if CBS is reporting this stink..
    I guess we’ll wait n see if CNN will spin it or report it….or both .
    If this were the Bush Admin. the wolves would be howling and the dogs like harry reid barking madly !!
    lets pray for exposure !

  3. That GRIT chart is stunning. The red arrows just illustrate the death and destruction that has flowed over the Arizona border with Mexico. Sharyl Attkisson, the CBS reporter who first exposed Fast and Furious, deserves a lot of credit for exposing the facts. She gives me hope that investigative journalism isn’t dead.

    I believe this administration is up to it’s eyeballs in this criminal enterprise. I remember the cocaine trafficking accusations against Clinton from the wayback. Just how involved are the progressives with instigating the border violence and the Mexican drug trade? Is it all part of the top down, bottom up, inside out transformation of America?

    Obama’s henchmen have also been involved in the Wall Street uprisings that have been happening over the past few weeks. Just makes me wonder how far this man will go to insure he stays in office. He is much more dangerous to our Republic than I ever gave him credit for.

  4. The whole premise that ATF uses to explain this gun-running plan is ridiculous and insulting. The arms weren’t meant to expose drug cartels in Mexico or even to identify where they exist, but to embarass and punish Arizona for it’s anti-immigration stance.
    When the time was right, they were going to use the increasing violence sure to happen in Mexico as a reason to give illegal aliens amnesty and blame it all on the lax gun laws and Arizona.
    It’s all about giving Mexicans amnesty and the right to vote.

    • Especially the right to vote piece. They will stoop to any means to get the ‘One’ re-elected. I think this dirty trick has backfired and may cause a number of high ranking officials to take the fall.

  5. And O’Reilly was shuttled out of the country in a hurry. His new assignment came up just before the time Holder perjured himself before congress on May 3. By August, he was out of here. Never mind that this new assignment isn’t really his area of expertise, or that he has a young family back home. He’s being sacrificed to save someone’s backside.