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Perry: Scotty, Beam me Up, Right Away!

This was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to watch. And yet, I could not avert my eyes. For all seven minutes.

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  1. Keith,
    What’s the point of this post? I watched a few minutes of it and it’s a typical Hanukah service. What’s the problem? Did I miss something at the end?

  2. I can’t watch it because he sounds and looks just like Dubya, complete with the smirk and bobbing turkey head.

    Oh well, I guess if he’s elected it means Frank Caliendo will have steady work to supplement his NFL Sunday gig.

  3. An interesting video that’s for sure.

    Not sure why you posted it Keith.

    I have never seen a Hanukah service before and I really did not know what to expect. I did not watch all of it, maybe 3 minutes.

    I am not sure what my body launguage would show if I had to stand there. My thoughts while I watched it was that this is one of the many things that a governor must do each year. Let’s face it, it would be hard to do some of those tasks.

    Shall we get the chance to watch Barry’s performance at various events too?

    Where’s Michelle?

    • yeah! how about the “interfaith” service at the national cathedral on this past 9/11? …full of all his warm & fuzzy muslim friends & leaving out ANYONE from the Evangelical Christian community..(who BTW were DENIED a request for participation ) .. clearly shows where ubama’s cold heart is !

  4. The chasidim are as foreign to me as an Amish would be to a protestant.
    We have an Chabad house in Amherst. Even though they invite you to celebrations my husband won’t let us go. He’s afraid I’ll be seduced (metaphorically speaking) by the those good-looking guys in hats.

  5. Perry was trying to show respect to the Jewish religion. Yes it was awkward because he isn’t Jewish. Is there anything similar in the Obama archives?

    • Susan, I totally agree with you.

      I have seen pictures of Barry taking his shoes off for muslim prayers in the WH.

      Let us see the video of the way he handles a Hanukah service.

  6. :03….Moshe, Abraham, Benjamin, Isacc..Welcome to Texas boys!
    4:25….Hello, ehh..whose idea was this..
    4:31….Looking for the hook/beat…I know it’s in here somewhere..
    4:50….WAIT..there it is…
    4:59…I should have pee’d
    5:03…whoa..what’s this…
    5:25…purell please.
    5:27…whew..thank the messiah that is over..