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Obama Insults Jews on Rosh Hashanah

If President Obama wants to keep the Jewish vote, he’ll need some new advisers. Because the president’s Rosh Hashanah message is an insult to the Jewish people and Israel.

Take a listen.

First of all, Mr. “Pahkeestahn” pronounces everyone else’s foreign language words correctly, why not Hebrew? The “O” in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is a long “O,” as in “Obama.” Ohhhhhkay?

No, that’s not the insult, just a bone to pick. The insult is this:

Around the world, a new generation is reaching for their universal rights.

By this he means the “Arab Spring.” Just as he did in his Passover greeting, Obama is using a Jewish holiday to tout the struggle of people who, by and large, hate Jews.

It’s a tribute to how little this supposedly worldly man understands about other cultures that he could possibly place the Arabs and the Muslims into a Jewish New Year greeting.

In the piece I did on the Passover greeting, I cited several questions posed in a 2010 Arab public opinion poll by the Brookings Institute. Here’s what I wrote:

Question: When you watch Israeli civilian casualties in the conflict with the Palestinians, which two of the following best describe your feelings?

“Israelis brought it upon themselves” was selected by 75 percent of the Arabs interviewed. “Revenge for the Palestinians” was chosen by 59 percent. “Empathy with the Israeli victims was chosen by  . . . three percent. “Angry with the Palestinians” by one percent.

How about the following question: “When you watch a movie or a program about the Jewish Holocaust, which of the following is closest to your feelings?

Well, fully 97 percent chose “Empathize with the Jews who suffered under the Nazis.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Well, it would make sense, if it were true. Sorry to mislead you. In actuality, the number of Arabs who said they empathize with the Jews who suffered under the Nazis was three percent.

Fifty nine percent chose “resent it as I feel it brings sympathy toward Israel and Jews at the expense of Palestinians and Arabs.” Twenty nine percent charitably selected the option, “I have mixed feelings.”


Sure, it’s unfortunate Jews and Arabs don’t get along, We should all work for peace, try to build bridges, etcetera, etcetera, and so forth. But since Anwar Sadat went to Jerusalem and got killed for it, there really hasn’t been much progress.

Those same people “reaching for their universal rights” are taught from their infant years to hate the Jews. I hope they get their “universal rights” – though I doubt they will, because their societies are dysfunctional – but I don’t need to hear about them in a Rosh Hashanah message.

Now let’s take a look at the Rosh Hashanah message from Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. He too mentions the “new generation” Obama talks about.

Clearly, there is concern that the new generation “reaching out for their universal rights” is going to reach out for Israel’s throat.

The general says:

These changes have presented the state of Israel with new security challenges on all fronts, and we must prepare ourselves to deal with these threats in the future.

Israel understands that Obama’s abandonment of Hosni Mubarak and the instability in the Middle East presents a grave threat to the Jewish state.

Mr. President, go ahead and try to promote democracy in the Middle East. Good luck. But leave these people out of your Hanukkah greeting, at least.

Hat tip to Meredith Jessup at The Blog on TheBlaze website for catching this.

47 thoughts on “Obama Insults Jews on Rosh Hashanah”

  1. I wanted to listen. I really did, Keith.
    But this “thing” has been overtaking quite a lot lately.

    It happened again this afternoon.

    I got ten seconds into watching him, maybe it was more, but not by much. I just can’t bear to hear the sound and cadence of his voice anymore, or the faux familiarity with the “hello everybody” bullshit opening.

    I wonder if it’s just me.


    1. I NEVER have been able to stand his voice. The cadences, phony accents depending on the audience, the lack of content, etal, etal–are like fingernails on a blackboard as far as I am concerned. Oh dear, I am going to have to denounce myself over at AttackWatch. . .

    2. Nope…my brain goes into “white noise” mode (OMG is that racist….probably ) and I do not hear one word he utters, for the thousandth time. I just can NOT listen to him anymore.

      Someone kindly let me know if he says anything different….

    3. Can’t stand the sight or sound of him. But what is it that makes us need our daily ‘Obama Fix’? I think it’s the astonishment of what he does to the world every single freakin’ day. Every stinkin’ day it’s something new with this POS.

  2. The very first thing he said after the word Rosh Hashana was the word repentence. It’s actually a happy occassion where you eat sweet things. The repenting comes later. Yom Kipper is the Day of Attonement. I’ve never even heard the word “repent” used in Judaism but I’m not that knowledgable.

    I bet he thinks many Jews/Israelis have a lot to repent about and of course, he meant the Arab spring. He couldn’t resist.

    1. My husband, who grew up in an Orthodox home, just told me the funniest/wierdest story about what they did during Rosh Hashana.

      Everyone went to his grandparent’s home, Bubba and Zaida, and they bought a live rooster and a hen. His grandfather swung the rooster over his head and all the other males…the hen over females saying fervent prayers. The chickens took your sins away or something. His grandfather would get so emotional he would cry.

      Then they killed the chickens and ate them, but I’m sure they had to be kosher butchered so I don’t think they personally killed them. He said as they grew more assimilated coins took the place of chickens.

      I don’t think many people can remember stories like that.

        1. We’ve been married 44 years and it was the first time I ever heard the story or the practice. I had to Google it and it’s done in Jerusalem by the ultraorthodox. They are suppose to donate the chicken full of sin to the poor. As my husband thought about it, this was 60 some years ago, he doesn’t think they ate that chicken… a different one.

          My parent’s generation called people like my husband’s family greenies. I married a greenie.

  3. Here’s the rub: we’re all so disgusted with the man and his actions, but on a certain level, we keep waiting for him to act “Presidential”.
    He is what he is and that’s a man who was raised as a communist, then spent his formative youthful years as a Muslim and topped off his belief system by attending the church of a hateful, racist Minister who damned both America and the Jewish faith.

    For three years, this President has ridiculed and insulted everything I believe in, everything that makes America special and, I’m sorry to say, I don’t expect anything better from this mean man, nor should you.

    1. I admit it: I do keep expecting him to grow up and act presidential.

      And what’s Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      I keep watching and listening to Mr. O hoping for different results…

    2. You are spot on srdem. He is who he has always been. The MSM was so invested in the man that they hid his past from us. MSM won’t change, but hopefully the clueless voters who fell for his charms have recovered from their infatuation and discovered who the man really is.

    3. You forgot he spent his youth in Hawaii and had his newspaper route…wait a minute, maybe he spent his time at the beach….I keep forgetting Wait, wait a minute again is being president the very first real job he has ever had. Or maybe it isn’t even a job. The Oval Office is just a rest stop while he stays on the campaign trail. He uses the desk as an Ottoman, right?.

    4. But is there no one on his staff that can tell him he’s wrong? He doesn’t write this stuff himself, he has a staff of writers. Does he make them write this drivel or do they come up with it on their own? I can’t wait until he’s out of office and the stories start coming out about what it was like to work there. It’ll be fun.

      1. I bet he has loads of input into his speeches. Remember, he said that he is a better speechwriter than his speechwriters.

        I can’t wait, too. Susskind’s book seems to confirm my theory of his being a modern day Chauncey Gardiner with the ability to use a lot of words that don’t really mean anything.

  4. What’s next? Remembering the brave border guards at a ceremony celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall? Recognizing the sacrifices of Union troops at a Shiloh anniversary? Finally signing off on Horiuchi’s medal for bravery at Ruby Ridge? Regardless of your real position on this stuff, you’d expect a sane politician (oxymoron alert!) to consider his intended audience.

    I thought they chained the guy to the Teleprompter so he’d stopped making irrational extemporaneous remarks. This is what he _meant_ to say?

  5. “It’s a tribute to how little this supposedly worldly man understands about other cultures that he could possibly place the Arabs and the Muslims into a Jewish New Year greeting.”

    OR, he understands all too well. At the very beginning of the video there was an editing break. I have a suspicions that was when he thumbed his nose and flipped the bird and said “That’s for you Benjamin Netanyahu.” Discretion called for its removal.

  6. What are these universal rights he keeps talking about, and who exactly defines those rights? He isn’t king of the world, he is the American president. We have unalienable rights conferred on us by God, not some temporary politician. He needs to take a refresher course on The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.

    1. Susan – don’t forget – the university lecturer (not professor) taught classes on both constitutional law and the Alinsky methods. He just keeps getting them confused.

      1. Obama the “university lecturer”… so where are his students?
        I have NEVER seen or heard from a law student who studied with him… why is that? I figure there would be throngs of law students bragging they had Obama as a teacher… but NO ONE?

  7. I got a lunch that says sometime before next November, during one of his campaign speeches, after he’s lathered, channeling that Rev. Wright gospel preacher cadence, he’ll slip up and say, “I have a dream”.

    But it won’t be, as he’ll later plead, an accidental moment of causal passion because it will more likely come out,

    “I…I…I…I…I…I…have a dream.”

    But if I’m wrong, if it doesn’t happen, I lose the bet and owe you lunch, “I might not get there with you.”

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  9. Remember, he’s in full campaign mode. He must have the liberal Jewish vote. This Utterance goes against every bone in his his body. Disgusting.

    Happy Rosh Hashanah Keith!

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  11. Keith,

    Happy Rosh Hashanah. Great message and superb article.

    As the President’s anti-Semitism continues to come to light (shocking no one on the right) his bigotry and hatred against the Jewish state becomes all too clear when placed against the so-called “Arab Spring”. Arabs have but one goal: the complete and total eradication of Israel and re-make the Middle East *judenrein* (Jew free).

    My prayers to you, your family and IDF soldiers who stand lonely vigil in various parts of Israel, ready to defend her against the “Arab Spring” and Mr. Obama’s “future.” May Israel defend her borders and her citizens; may our nation support her.

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

    1. I come from a family of Jews who voted for Obama and will probably vote for him again. They’re just conditioned to vote for the candidate with the (D) next to his name for some reason, which is surprising in Obama’s case because while poor blacks are conditioned to vote (D) too they at least got the promise of wealth redistribution in return for voting for Obama. Jews continue to get nothing but to see Israel demonized, its leaders insulted, and demand for donations to keep financing the same.

  12. Sorry you are the one who is wrong.. Rosh HaShana is pronounced just like Obama pronounced it.. Sorry but the Americans are pronouncing it with a long o sound and it is wrong.. for example it is not BO ker tove (good morning) it is Bok ker tov (not tove) :):) Hope you don’t mind the correction from a person who speaks hebrew:)

  13. all i see is a jew-hating, israel hating bastard. i don’t care what color he is.
    to put it mildly: f– you and the horse you rode in on, dolt.

    what is terrible is that today in america, if you criticize this slimeball you are automatically branded as racist or ignorant or something. ever tried to criticize him around black people or liberals? watch out!!!!

    oh, and did i mention: f– you and the horse you rode in on, dolt.
    obutthead, what a slimeball.

    (btw, i hated bush, clinton, carter etc as well)

  14. Even the lowest Israeli soldier has more leadership ability, common sense, and honesty, in their snot, than the telepromptor reading IDIOT, B. Hussein Obama, has in his whole being! Hell, my pet pig, Allah, too!

  15. First off, apparently you don’t like Arabs either. You’re also stereotyping. So you’re actually guilty of what you are accusing, and therefore being hypocritical. Selah.

    Lastly, Israel is guilty of many things which the Arabs are more aware of, and the West is catching on. Please watch the video: “Mossad truck bombs of 9/11” on youtube.

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