As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama’s “Open for Questions” Event

The event has concluded.

16 Responses to Live Stream || Obama’s “Open for Questions” Event

  1. Gee, if I were an illegal Mexican the POTUS would be looking out for my future as long as I didn’t break any laws.

    OMG! he made a decision based on HIS interpretation of the US Constitution and decided that DOMA should go. HE decided?

    I can’t listen anymore.

    • …”they” say Barack Hussein Obama went to “Harvard Law School”…Has ANYONE seen Obama’s “Law School records”?
      What type of “L1” was Obama @ Harvard Law?
      What cases did he brief?
      How were his oral arguments?

      I have NEVER seen any proof Barack Hussein Obama went to “Harvard Law” or “Columbia University”. Could SOMEONE please explain why? The minute a ‘Republican’ (like myself) speaks someone is dragging out my 2 day suspension from 8th grade to prove how ‘evil’ I am because I am a ‘Republican’…
      YET! I have never seen ANYONE give a coherent explanation about Barack Hussein Obama’s “life” or “school records” = why did Obama want to be “President of the United States of America”…?

  2. How PRE-SCREENED were these “open questions” by the Obama White House, DNC, DHS, DOJ, FBI & Secret Service…???

    Heaven Forbid!!! Obama, The Dear Socialist Leader, ever speaks without TOTUS with rambling, ego-centric 10+ minute ‘talking point’ so-called “answers”