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Hey Kids, Tell Your Parents to Vote for Me!

Well, gosh, I thought the “Back-to-School” speech was supposed to be kind of a civics thing – a nonpartisan effort by our Head of State to inspire the little ones to learn and help make their country great.

Sure, most of the speech – which Obama will give this afternoon at a Washington school – is about such things. But what do you know? Political adviser David Plouffe must have gotten ahold of a draft before it went to the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office for a final look-see.

Just couldn’t resist a little self promotion. From the remarks as prepared for delivery.

You’ve also got people all across this country – including me – working on your behalf. We’re taking every step we can to ensure that you’re getting an educational system that’s worthy of your potential. We’re working to make sure that you have the most up-to-date schools with the latest tools for learning. We’re making sure that our country’s colleges and universities are affordable and accessible. And we’re working to get the best teachers into your classrooms, so they can prepare you for college and a future career.

“Hey mom, dad – Obama’s doing all he can for education! He wants us to have good teachers. He told us!”

Much of the rest of the remarks are well done, though, including a couple of suggestions that being a businessman is a good thing.

I have no doubt that America’s best days are ahead of us because I know the potential that lies inside each one of you. Soon enough, you’ll be the ones leading our businesses and our government; you’ll be the ones charting the course of our unwritten history. All of that starts this year. Right now. So I want you all to make the most of this year ahead of you. Your country is depending on you. So set your sights high. Have a great school year. And let’s get to work.

A nice contrast to Michelle Obama, who recently told a group of woman, “Don’t go into corporate America.”

And Obama gets the closest he ever has to explaining why he won’t release his college transcripts.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I wasn’t always the very best student.

27 thoughts on “Hey Kids, Tell Your Parents to Vote for Me!”

  1. Don’t go into corporate America, huh. Yeah, don’t start a business, bring your skills and energy to creating products that help anyone…yup, back off of that. What did she think her fancy prancy law firm was–or her made up health job. Never mind–on the latter, she turfed people with no insurance.

  2. We MEMEMEchelle – we can’t all become community organizers or marry a loser who sold some crappy books about a father who abandoned him. Some of us made a very good living in corporate America and could put our talents to good use. What is it that you’ve accomplished, again? Oh yes, being the biggest embrarassment to ever occupy the Big White.

    1. Barack Hussein Obama’s “college records”…?
      college application? transcripts? research papers? GPA? law school writings-opinions?

  3. This annual speech seems superfulous to me. I doubt that it means much to the students across the country. I think he’s just pandering to the teacher’s unions who probably thought that this was a good idea. Fail.
    As for his little ‘secret’; I bet he was a terible student…. just affirmative action’ed along.
    I’d like to compare his SAT scores and transcripts with Herman Cains’….now that would be telling to be sure!

  4. So how old are these children anyway? If they are little people, I think O’BOgus’ high flown rhetoric will leave them yawning and saying huh? Mommy, Daddy President Obama gave a talk today at our school but we don’t know what he was talking about. What a total creep. Where are the boundaries? Is there nothing he won’t do to try to get re-elected? How low can he go?

  5. What is the “deal” with FLOTUS Michelle…? Very RARELY does anyone ever see Barack + Michelle together anymore…? (the uppity queen is p.o. that the Socialist Messiah could lose his welfare-job in 2012? -lol) Is there a reason for this that NO ONE in the ‘media’ will report?

    LMAO!!! I STILL DEMAND TO SEE “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S” “COLLEGE RECORDS” I try to apply for a US Government job (re: US State Dept) AND I HAVE TO SEND COPIES OF MY “COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS” & FILL OUT A “SF-86 Form” (I was upper class, then became white trash, and because of that I Can Not get a get a “Security Clearance” even with all my experience & studies)

    I dare any Obama sycophant to explain to me how ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, with his so-called heritage & over-seas living could HONESTLY (“where’s the birth certificate-college records?”) fill out a SF-86 and still be a ‘US Senator’ and ‘US President’???!!!

  6. “we’re working to get the best teachers into your classrooms”? Really. Where are these “best teachers” now and what is he saying about the teachers now employed in their classrooms?
    Whoever writes this drivel for MrO should be sent back to JrHighSchool to finish their education.

  7. Reading up on this school he went to today. It isn’t your run of the mill public high school. It is supported by taxpayers, but students have to go through an acceptance process. It offers some kind of world study — International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The program teaches ‘holistic education’ that sounds more like something out of the Stepford Wives.

    I’m sure DC has some real public schools he could have attended, but the optics might be bad for him. Reminds me of the story about Raleigh moving a bus stop out of sight of the DNC convention. Optics is everything to these phonies.

    1. If you are talking about Punahou it is THE most expensive private school in Hawaii, with the exception of Kamahamaha, which is limited to kids who are Hawaiian or extractions thereof…meaning you can be 1/40 Hawaiian butt if you are white, fo’ get abou’ it. …oh wait does dropping consonants make me racist?
      fed fed fed fed…..waiting for the big black helicopters with my rottie and guns…bring it !!!

      1. Sorry about that Janna. I was talking about the school he visited today — Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii for training many years ago. It is a beautiful place, but certainly appears to be a socialist paradise.

  8. No, don’t go into corporate America. Just make sure your husband
    is a senator so you can get a cushy job and big raise, with a salary of $300,000.

    Right, MOOch-elle Obama?

    Oh, and when your husband can’t finish writing his book or meet his publishing deadlines, well, maybe Billy Ayers can help.

  9. After I picked myself up off the floor and managed to control my laughter…I had to say…Bwahahahahaha! Working for better schools? Better education? Better teachers? For more mafia-esque control of the education system for the unions, perhaps, but rest assure it’s not for the kids. As a homeschooler who once had children in “the system”, I can wholeheartedly assure you that, in my neck of the woods at least, the brainwashing babysitting camps known as Public Schools did less with my children on $10,000 per student per school year than I do with roughly $100 total per year. Perhaps he needs to stop touting the joys and wonders of a broken school system and apologize to the kids because their parents have no jobs, and Social Security will be defunct by the time they need it.

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