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Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-off

President Obama will raise substantially less in the second quarter of his campaign than the first, according to the New York Times.

The paper writes that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has told Democratic officials that the president will raise about $55 million in the quarter that ends Sept. 30, about $30 million less than he raised the first quarter of his campaign – which was the second quarter of the year, ending June 30.

The news was – gosh who would have expected – buried within the Times story.

No doubt, $55 million is a lot of money. But something’s not right.

The campaign attributes part of the decline to the need for Obama to stay in Washington to address budget battles with Republicans. That is – sorry for the inconvenience – the need to be president.

But a separate  Times article Saturday that said many small donors are hesitant to start giving to Obama again. And it’s no secret that even for Democrats, the thrill is gone.

This helps explain the vitriol Obama has been dumping out on the campaign trail. He needs to get people motivated to send him their money, and if he can get the hating thing going – hate Republicans, hate the rich, hate EVERYONE – maybe they’ll part with some cash.

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  1. Think the loss of “small donors” has anything to do with a drop in all the untracible donations coming from overseas? The thrill of Obama with overseas liberals has waned.

  2. Obama is clearly seen as a poor investment by more and more potential donors. He’s damaged goods, and he has reached this status by his own ineptitude, deception and willing disconnection with the American people. The fantasy is over. The clothes have no emperor.

  3. I am shocked that there are fools out there that gave him as much as he already has!

    He stabs everyone in the back, while the other hand is out for money!

  4. The problem for The Messiah is he doesn’t know how to sell. It was easy when everyone was ticked off at Bush; including Conservatives who, like me, believed he was spending like a Democrat and wasn’t serious about containing the menace that is the US-Mexican border. It was an easy sell – not that I ever fell for it, but lots of people did and thus we have our first *mulato* president (he’s only “black” if he gets to deny his “white” side, and why would he do that, and why would anyone let him get away with that?)

    It is quite another thing to try to sell when you’ve got a customer who’s not in the market for what you’re pushing. And he hasn’t a clue how to do that. The Chicago way isn’t working and won’t work. His narcissism is going to be his undoing because he genuinely doesn’t see it. He thinks that the Nobel Prize was correctly delivered unto Him. He thinks He IS The Messiah (“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”). And all the people who thought Barak Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm) was the coolest guy to ever grace the universe now feel like fools – though so many are still in total denial, which results in anger at – you guessed it – whitey and conservative whitey in particular.

    But this is what happens when you’re flim-flammed; when you hire an empty suit. Think before you vote next time, and maybe we’ll get a country that makes sense once again.

    Oh – and in case you think this is a racist rant (oh I hope so – please call me a racist so I know that The Messiah will lose), bear in mind that I’ve donated bigtime to Herman Cain. And if we’re going to look at “race” (only idiots do that), then wouldn’t you agree that a “pure bred black” guy like Cain trumps the “race” of the “mulato” Obama? Or are you going to be even more racist and call Cain an “Uncle Tom?” (Again – I hope you do.)

    1. For someone who continually defends himself as not being a racist, you keep race in your rant throughout your posting. On the otherhand, I truly understand your intellectual underpinnings for supporting pizza parlor mentality in leading the free world.

  5. Many people have already forgotten that Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind behind 9-11, was allegedly disposed of during Obama’s first term. An upcoming movie — timed to be released just before the election — will reignite the memory and perhaps encourage a few Americans to donate their devalued currency to his campaign.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful that people are finally waking up to the fact that ‘bama is a loser. He has “screwed” the “Folk” too many times. Everyone upset with
    him sure better get people out next Nov. to eradicate him. Send him back to
    Africa since he and Michelle hate America and her Great Flag.

  7. If you voted for Obama in ’08 to prove that you are not a racist, then you ought to vote for someone else in ’12 to prove that you are not an idiot.

  8. Your last paragraph says it all, Koffler. He’ll pull out the Lib playbook and do the Blame Game, Hate the Rich, Race Card, and Women-and-Children-Will-Suffer. This time, though, voters realize they were fooled by the Messiah hype. They’re determined not to fall for it again.

    “Once bitten, twice shy.”

  9. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

  10. Its 2011 and months before the election, he has much time to raise money! Too bad the Republicans have no nominee yet, he or she could use the 2011 time to pop 85 mil into the war chest.
    Despite the poor economy and Solyndra and fast and Furious only Romney ties with Obama. Obama defeats all others in match up polls. It may be donors feel there is no real contest that needs their money.

    1. Could you imagine if it were a Republican who funded Solyndra and funded the Fast and Furious to use against the 2nd amendment and the American people? The commies in Washington D.C. would be calling for impeachment and it would be on all of the commie news networks 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

      Could you also just imagine if it were a Republican who committed a fraud of using a forged birth certificate to become president and that Obunga’s Social Security number couldn’t pass E-Verify to get a job of cleaning the toilets in the White House?

      The commies in Washington D.C. and commies through out the colleges, and the commie of the news networks would be going ape shit until that Republican president was IMPEACHED.

  11. If people would have listened to what he was saying the first time he ran, he would have raised much less money that time. Now that they are hurting, they realize that words do have meaning.

  12. Typical racist rant? You’re the one who sounds like you’re in a panic.

    You have no response to any of the facts that Marcia presents, so the race card is all you have!

    And it’s so over-used by now, it’s become meaningless. Better try another one – like calling us terrorists, SOB’s or telling us to go to hell. Oh wait – a Democrat would never use such hate-filled language. (sarc)

  13. Maybe the rich are finally waking up that Obunga is destroying the country with his hope and change and don’t want anything to do with it.

    The millions upon millions of people who had hope for his change won’t be able to send Obunga any money because they have no job.

    It’s like the old saying “No Money No Honey”

    1. Qman,

      You are right, “we need complex ideas that draw from multiple sources” but when the leader of the country says that it is time to “punish” the “enemy” and that he is a “class warrior” along with the other rhetoric that he (Obama) has spouted there is an obvious desire to shut out any and all sources other than those he espouses.

      It is typical “group think” and has, throughout history, been one of the major reasons for policy failures. To shut out one group, and tell them to sit in the back while the group in power makes all the decisions goes against what you just said.

      Obama and his minions have forgotten that they want diversity as long as that diversity runs parallel to their thinking. Any divergence from that thinking is considered untenable, and needs to be crushed. That is not a willingness to draw from multiple sources.

      It is like the man who has two wells by his house. One on the left and one on the right, both equally full and safe. He only draws from the well on the left, and after years of draining it of water, and the well is dry, he still refuses to draw from the well on the right. Therefore, he now lacks any new water, and will die of thirst. But if he was willing to draw from both wells, and was not stuck in the mind set that only one well was good he and his family would have survived. Perhaps the man’s grandchildren will realize how foolish he was, and be willing to draw from the other well also, and save the family.

  14. Obama campaigned as a centrist “uniter” that would be “the most transparent” Adminstration ever. He is now KNOWN to be a radical (i.e.- Socialist/Marxist), class warrior with the most SECRETIVE, crony-capitalism embracing phony/con man that voters have seen in modern times. The voters are not only going to throw Urkel out of office, they are going to PUNISH the Marxist-hijacked Democratic Party for supporting his every wish………..

  15. The Emperor not only has no clothes- he’s trying to sell every American a new ‘invisible suit’! Aside from the ‘true believers’ in the DNC and the Unions, who is actually buying this guy’s viability in 2012? If he wasn’t surrounded by a sycophantic coterie of corruptocrats and lobbyists as his self-indulgent ‘Amen Chorus’, he might not actually believe what his teleprompter is telling him to say! If he had a shred of loyalty to his party, he would pull an LBJ and bow out right now. Instead, his ego and the drive to remake America in the ‘Chicago Model’ of massive Corruptocracy are driving his party and this country over an economic, political and social cliff.

  16. Hziah for Obama. I hate the rich. I hate big business. Hziah. I hate everyone with a health plan, job, and a home. hziah. i will support obama.. uh.. can he increase my unemployment, free healthcare, and other entitlements enough so i can send him a little of it? oh yeah, hurrah or whatever.

  17. There are more rich Deemers than Republicans, so let’s tax the heck out of all of them and in ten years we ask them, “How’s that little hope and no change working out for ya?” then we might discuss it.

  18. Staying at his desk, doing the math, putting out something that makes sense for recovery would do more good than all the wasted flapping around the country spewing empty rhetoric ! We don’t need any more hot air to add to global warming. The more the Dem’s waste on chasing money, the less they seem to do a credible job of problem solving.

  19. Guess the “hopey changey” crowd is more than a little disenchanted with Obama.

    He’s ignored the top priority in the nation for 3 years. Jobs. And now suddenly, when he realizes his job relies on your jobs, wellllll. . . . .now he cares.

    So he is going around pushing a jobs bill for more of what the nation doesn’t want, and he’s going to whine and complain about not getting what the nation doesn’t want. . . .and that’s his strategy?


    Even the Senate Democrats won’t go near his jobs bill. . . .excuse after excuse why the senate won’t put it on the calendar for a vote.

    Soon, democrats will start to cut Obama loose. . .and care only about their own jobs. Currently as the polls stand, if the elections were today, the democrats would lose even worse than they did in 2010.

    This nation has had enough of Obama. The “Carter-ization” of Obama is in full swing. They’re moving on from him and his do nothing rhetoric.

    Even large donors are getting quesey with his class warfare. He villifies them while sticking his hand out for money. . . .

    There is only so much pain and hypocrisy the nation will tolerate. . . .

  20. The democrats are in a deep deep hole with Obama. No one will primary him (risk angering the largest dedicated voting block, the AA community).

    Democrats have a loadstone around their necks, Obama. He’s arrogant, and never listens to anyone. He lost the independents in 2009 and they’ve never returned.

    There was a silent wave in 2009, that the media ignored, and the liberals hung their hat on a 3 way race in PA as proof they were loved. Never mind they lost an entire decade of seat gains in the VA state house in one nite. poof! Gone.

    Then came the tsunami in 2010.

    2011, the nation is still bashing the liberals and they still don’t get it. Even “blue” wisconsin re-elected “the most vulnerable” republicans by huge win margins. . .again. A “purple” district in Colorado, a republican won by 20 points. . . .and the democrat went down in flames. NY 9 sent Obama and the democrats a molotov cocktail. . . .

    2009, 2010, 2011. . . .and there’s Obama, refusing to listen. Even when an NBC reporter asked him after the 2010 elections if he “gets it” now. Apparently, Obama still thinks he knows better than what the rest of the nation wants and knows works for our nation.

    The best the democrat party can do is focus on 2014, and rebuilding because they have even more Democrat Senators up in 2014. That way, Obama is gone and off the stage and they’re not having to defend his stupidity day in and day out. Until then, he’s a loadstone around their neck that is going to drag all the way down ballot in 2012. The democrats are going to lose badly in 2012. . . .all across the nation. . . .Obama will be a terribly poisonous influence at the top of the ticket in 2012.

  21. Think about this – the nation now self classifies themselves closer to republican positions than democrats.

    When Obama went along with republicans, his poll numbers spike up. And yet, the looney left screams he is compromising too much. However, Obama proved that he couldn’t be trusted in closed door negotiations. (When he came out and “pre denied” moving the goal posts, because he knew Boehner was going to come out and tell the nation the truth.)

    Obama plays as being a “reasonable” person, while he gives sanctimonious speeches and self enamoured grandiose ideas, while lecturing the nation in his petulant manner. . . .

    It’s not flying anymore. While he gives swanky parties at the whitehouse on our dime, wastes billions with his green energy nonsense, and goes on never eneding vacations, he petulantly says the nation needs to give him more money, to waste on his failed agenda.

    That’s a recipe for getting rid of that narcissistic Obama and his “team” of self indulgent wingnuts. . .

    His ridiculous and arrogant opinion that his plans work, while being nothing but a divisive and abusive (calling representatives of half the nation “hostage takers”) president. . . . .. the democrats are going to be slapped to the ground harder than they have in contemporary history.

    Already, more republicans hold public office across the nation than in the last 120 years.

    You think the 60 year repudiation of a sitting president/party in 2010 was bad? Just wait for 2012. . . .

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  25. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. — Mark Twain

    Lashing out in anger at us won’t help you cope with the feeling of betrayal. Your hero has been exposed as a flimflam man.

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  27. Well, I did give an early contribution and, unlike what appear to be most of those commenting here, I would not claim to know why anyone chooses to do what they do. I have read many of these posts and I am none of those people you claim to think I am — A suggestion for you in this country where most of us get to vote and where we get to civilly discuss our common goals and how we could work together to reach them. I am neither Democrat or Republican, but I do know that I’m grateful that we are in a country where the many are one. My suggestion to all of you? focus on your own reasons and help make this a better place for all of us – whomever you ultimately vote for. No one person makes us or breaks us. I’m not about to blame the President for my own successes or failures and I’m not going to fingerpoint unless I can prove I’ve done something to make things better myself. Aren’t we lucky that we have choices and once those choices are made, we have the opportunity to move on together. I don’t have fantasies of demons and saints and I long ago shed the notion of winning and losing as the only options in life. It’s old, it’s not helpful in this complex world today and it’s childish. I support who I support knowing that s/he is one person….out of many who are needed. Your comments about “me” are assumptions and offensive…and make you look ignorant and narrow-minded, shallow at that. Let’s assume all people have more going on in their heads and in their decisions that what we might assume on first blush.

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  29. people are broke thats why they have not given any money- the repukecans have totally blocked the release of funds to anything or anyone to blame obama- just as they are doing to post office. THE 10 POOREST STATES ARE ALL REPUBLICANS- THE LOWEST WAGE STATES ARE REPUBLICANS -UNBELIEVABLE HOW PEOPLE SO BLIND TO SEE THE RATS THEY ARE- I DARE YOU NOT TO VOTE FOR obama!!! IF YOU THINK AMERICA IS BAD NOW- JUST VOTE REPUBLICAN- i dare you!

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  31. This is pure crap. He raised $70 million (officially), which totally eclipses anything the Republicans have done, and is certainly not a “huge dropoff” despite the doldrums of the summer months for any fundraising activities. Obama continues to be the ONLY candidate who takes no PAC money or special interest contributions, and his continuing support from everyday Americans is no less phenomenal today than in the past. Neither you, nor the excerpts you splice from other media can change the reality that Obama continues to be the people’s hero in the face of an all-out assault by big corporate interests on our democracy.

    1. You better take another look at his campaign finance records, he takes a ton of PAC and union money. You obviously can’t read a balance sheet.

  32. They don’t HAVE any cash to part with unless the campaign is taking food stamps. No jobs, no hope and no future is what America has with this unqualified race-baiting power mad POTUS and his angry, America-hating Commie wife. November can’t get here soon enough. While I’m not thrilled with Romney, I’d vote for a ham sandwich before I’d vote for Obama’s agenda of socialism and apologizing for America.

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