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Obama: The Kids are Alright!

Today we saw the latest example of Obama’s newest campaign strategy – surround yourself with ecstatic young things who don’t have to pay any bills, making everyone think your campaign is filled with rapturous true believers who have lost control of their emotions.

President Obama addresses some of his few remaining hard core supporters

Obama today went to promote his American Jobs Act to the student population of Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver, where the president was guaranteed a particularly friend reception since the school’s website features his campaign slogan, proclaiming Si Se Puede/Yes We Can!

But that was only the latest stop on Obama’s teenybopper tour. The president this month has already promoted the AJA at short, pep rally-style events at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Fort Hayes High School in Columbus, Ohio, and at Virgnia’s University of Richmond.

And the inevitable rock star treatment is exactly what he got. Transcripts of the events show that Obama could pretty much recite a phone number and receive wild applause. Brilliant job, Plouffe!

And Wednesday? More time with Barack’s BFF’s. Obama delivers his third annual back-to-school speech at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington.

And they’ll be rapturous with excitement.

Because the kids are alright! They haven’t lost their jobs. BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE JOBS. And if they’re like me when I was in school, they don’t read a lot of newspapers either.


And they love the president.

24 thoughts on “Obama: The Kids are Alright!”

  1. This is just getting more and more pathetic for MrO.
    MrAxelrod was right; this is a “titanic struggle” and MrO is the captain of the ship.

  2. I’ve really only followed politics closely since TARP, so can someone tell me if any other President has treated the American people like they are stupid? This Bill has a better chance of me seeing God than passing, yet he is flying around on our dime pushing for it. Does he really think we that guiliable? Help me out here please.

  3. Well, these kids may have jobs, but the beauty part is they don’t need jobs that cover shelter, utilities, food, entertainment, insurance, savings, taxes, travel, college–etc etc etc. Maybe gas and a beater and some music.

    This is ironical, isn’t it? Because of this man, I can never begin to believe what any ppolitician says again or probably vote Dem ever again. Whereas for them, this is a man they can believe. The painfulness of reality has to start someplace.

  4. Great article Keith. If he wasn’t such an arrogant ideologue I’d almost feel sorry for him. He has to feed the beast that his ego has become. What a sad, pathetic loser.

    1. Well, suspending elections would be one way to start the revolution the Marxists seem to be itching for. This idiot is up for re-election in 2012 and probably realizes she is going to get the boot along with a good many others who share her ideology. Nobody is buying her claim that she was just joking. She just hammered another nail in the Democrat coffin.

  5. Obama is a political child predator – parents need to keep their impressionable teenagers away from him! We have never had an ACORN/Alinsky/community organizing communist in the WH before – he came without a warning label for young kids!

    The govt. schools are now petri dishes for Obama’s Marxist policies!

    While Barry is working the high schools and universities, the First America-hating wife is indoctrinating the younger ones – from impoverished black famlies.

    Big Brother and Big Sista have arrived – run for your lives!

  6. Given the opportunity, children would eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why should I care what they think about anything?

  7. That’s an ego that needs a lot of strokin…

    What a sad life he leads. I hope reality never sets in. He will be devastated. That is if he’s smart enough to ever realize what reality is.

    1. You’ve never reversed your letters? Spelling police are insufferable.

      I find it much more disturbing that an American school would put Spanish on the front page of its vwebsite. I’m sure that the young chemistry major (since when do you major in HS?) is very smart but she should be taught to speak English without an accent.

      Assimilation worked for my Russian Jewish family as it has for the Irish, Italians, Poles and Asians. It’s a shame that we’re being Balkanized to death.

        1. Hey don’t sweat the small stuff….spelling? I turned 60 and lost
          several brain cells:). But I gave you a tip or two so I say bugger
          spelling it’s the subject and facts that count right Keeth?

  8. If he weren’t such a danger to America you could almost feel sorry for this
    poor delusional pretender. Almost but I don’t he treats half of American’s
    as the enemy and resorts to name calling and worse. Makes Jimmy look
    almost Presidential, almost. The sooner he and MO are living large in their
    little house on the prairie the better for all of us, even if we have to pay
    he can’t hurt us any longer!

  9. Someone please take a look at the new $400 billion stimulus bill he wants. Somewhere in there there might be a program to provide school children with lunch boxes with Obama’s photo on it. That is what Chavez did. Also, look see if they have a program to put his photo on backpacks.

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