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Obama’s Unpresidential Contempt for the GOP

The president is president of all of us. Not just the Democratic Party. Even during a campaign.

It’s one thing to lambaste your opponents and their ideas. But the president of the United States should not be describing the other Party as un-American. It’s worse than sordid, divisive politics. It’s an ignominious, even somewhat frightening thing for a president to do, and it demonstrates a real ignorance on the part of Obama about the Constitutional role of his position.

Let’s look at what he said last night at a fundraiser in San Jose, California.

Some of you here may be folks who actually used to be Republicans but are puzzled by what’s happened to that party. I mean, has anybody been watching the debates lately?

You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change. It’s true. You’ve got audiences cheering at the prospect of somebody dying because they don’t have health care and booing a service member in Iraq because they’re gay. That’s not reflective of who we are . . .

This is a choice about the fundamental direction of our country — 2008 was an important election; 2012 is a more important election.

The key phrase above is “That’s not reflective of who we are.” As he has before – most notably in describing the budget by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) that was adopted by the House – Obama is suggesting that his opposition is un-American.

He’s vilifying an entire Party with a couple of extreme examples – it did not sound like more than a few in the audience were applauding or booing at the moments he mentions, and the reactions were likely more about the general issues raised than a particular gay soldier or condemning anyone to death.

It’s pure demagoguery, from the avatar of hope and change. And in the manner of a demagogue, he pretends his meaning is the opposite of what it is. As he divides us, he claims he’s only trying to bring us together.

We’ve had differences in the past, but at some level we’ve always believed, you know what, that we’re not defined by our differences.  We’re bound together.

How different this man is from the one he pretended to be in 2008. Even to those who opposed him then, he seemed like he might be able to lead and inspire

Instead, he now suggests that demonization of Republicans is going anchor his 2012 reelection quest, making sure we are “defined by our differences.”

We’re going to have a stark choice in this election. But I have to make sure that our side is as passionate and as motivated and is working just as hard as the folks on the other side because this is a contest of value.

This is a choice about who we are and what we stand for and whoever wins this next election is going to set the template for this country for a long time to come.

It will indeed be a “stark choice” between this extremely liberal president and whoever opposes him. And it will be a “contest of value,” to be sure.

But whoever wins, “who we are” as a country will continue to be about both conservativism and liberalism. It will be about democracy and freedom, about the spirited debate over ideas and, yes, values.

Whichever side prevails, the values of the losers remain part of the “template.”

How dangerous for a president to think his values are America’s.

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        1. Star, does Drudge take comments? I haven’t ever seen any. I just thought I might have not seen where that is done since you said “Drudgies”.

      1. Personally, I have always considered him a pod person.. Do you recall the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The pod plants overtake the targeted human, making an imperfect copy–a mindless, not quite perfect, emotionless copy of the person. The Pod Person in Chief doesn’t quite “get” the culture in America, the history of the U.S. or manners. He is, in short, a Pod Person.

  1. Obama is only showing who he really is. He did it during the 2010 midterm campaign calling Republicans “enemies”. So why would he be any different now. I just hope lots of voters are listening to the smartest man who has ever lived in the WH.

    1. Please, don’t get me started. Affirmative Action is not something for him to be proud of.

      As one Asian said this the closest to reality:
      Black SAT 1050, white 1450, and Asian 1600 to get into an Ivy League school. A black ivy diploma is like a gold medal in the Special Olympics.

      1. He’s like the boogeyman! So dangerous. I’m ready though. When the nobamacare death-panel comes to round up us free-thinking Christians for the internment camps after they outlaw gold and ammunition, they’ll have another thing coming. Plus, he’s a Marxist Muslim, and his divisive stupid-talk makes my bottom hurt and gives me the sniffles!

        Just ask yourself, who killed Vince Foster?

  2. One thing he needs to remember about Americans, if one can generalize, is they are a pretty rambunctious crowd–from union protestors to debate audiences to tea party rallies. They let it hang out. To me, this is his usual specious claptrap–me good, you bad.

    Speaking of specious claptrap, and aren’t we always, I liked a letter to our editor in the AZ Republic. It was on the budget and it said if they can count not fighting in Iraq as a trillion in “savings,” then if we could not fight 13 more wars, the deficit will be gone. Funny!

  3. Keith…I have to disagree. It is not The Campaigner-in-Chief that is causing the divisive, class warfare, bully pulpit rhetoric. The problem can be assigned to pre-programmed Mr. TelePrompter. His speech is the same, but Mr. TelePrompter automatically inserts the proper phrasing to appeal to the audience he happens to be in front of.

    An example would be when he spoke last week to one of his base groups: “…you’ve got to put your Marching Shoes on.” Mr. TelePrompter can change this for: Hollywood elite = Golf Shoes; Hispanics = Pointy-toed Boots; Asians = Sandals; Gays = Light Loafers; Union Workers = Steel-toed Boots and Welfare Recipients = House Slippers. Mr. TelePrompter can make any audience feel like they have been singled out and that the Chosen One is just like them.

    1. Mr. Teleprompter is a very sophisticated political operator. The White House is lucky to have him, because Obama himself would never, never change his style of delivery just to please his audience . . .

    2. That is FUNNY! You’re right – and I saw a brief clip – that’s all I can bare of his speech at the NBC – dropped all of his “g”s to sound like his audience. **Notice his work schedule today? About and hour of “work” and the rest of the day campaigning. We pay him and his campaign bills on our watch. That should be outlawed – like yesterday.

  4. He is right about one thing; this next election will define our country for years to come. He has cast harsh words at every group or person who doesn’t approve of his agenda and his personal beliefs without realizing that the people he ridicules and accuses have the power to remove him from office.

    He is an “ugly” American President. No former President, in memory, has spoken about his critics or political opponents in such a way. He’s shown himself as a mean, spiteful, and self-absorbed man who will strike out at anyone who he feels will stop him from his agenda. The power invested in the Office of the President makes MrO a dangerous and frightening person.

    1. You are not stupid, Janna. He never defined his idea of “hope” and “change” either. That is how these Marxists roll…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. Same with this election…you have re-elect him to find out what his “values” are.

  5. There used to be a certain graciousness that was employed by presidents. Not so here. This is quite adolescent behavior; You and I can be friends because of our mutual dislike for someone else.

    Mature adults know that this is no basis for a relationship.

  6. Great article Keith. You have a lot of insight into this man’s psyche. He is very dangerous, and his behavior is doing nothing to bring this country together in a very difficult time.

    …this is a contest of value.
    Does anybody know what values he espouses? American values? He wasn’t raised as an American. His mother was a communist and he spent his formative years in Indonesia. I recall him going overseas and describing us as dismissive and derisive, as though he was elected to put us in our place. He sees only the evil of our past generations. He doesn’t see the good our ancestors accomplished in correcting injustice and protecting individual liberty.

    He is right about one thing. The next election will be decisive. We have always had a system where both sides of the spectrum compete on the battleground of ideas. He is trying to snuff out that competition and silence anyone who disagrees with his definition of “values”. This election will determine whether we Americans give up our liberty to become a collective dependent on the government for our survival, or we strike back at D.C. and return the power to We The People.

  7. He seems to forget those of us that used to be Democrats and wonder aloud what happened to the Democratic party. It’s far beyond puzzlement, it’s shock and disbelief. They let the extreme Left Wing of the party, the Liberal Progressives, take over and rule. That is a mistake. They have no value, they are just noisy and the Democrats are weak. At this point, I can’t imagine ever going back.

    1. Way to say it Panz. I don’t like the terms Republican and Democrat, but I think you and I might be described as “conservative”. It has gotten difficult to describe a person by political affliation. It is much easier to describe a person by idealogy, such as conservative or liberal. I have trouble deciding if some Republicans are conservatives or just Rinos, the same with conservative Democrats being a Dino. The old names of the political parties are outdated, we need to elect a true “Conservative” as POTUS.

    2. You might want to peruse Zell Millers book.. “A National Party No
      More,” The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat. Insightful as
      to the downfall of the party.

  8. Republicans have a candidate who says there’s no such thing as climate change even tho’ his state is on fire because of federal regulations that have killed the timber industry and won’t allow, by federal mandate, the clearing of the forests so that fires like that don’t happen, Were the mandates put into place to create the illusion of global warming? The people in Texas, and in NM….at least in Otero County NM…. are saying enough already!!!

    1. Another aspect of the global warming scam is the Bastrop, Texas fire. It was started by arsonists. The climate had nothing to do with that fire.

    2. Pam, Your comments deserve more attention! The Dept of Interior & EnviroNitWits have pushed idiotic unsound land usage & forests regulations to the extreme for years! BHO is using the Dems strategy: “Never let a crisis (fires/tornadoes, etc.) go to waste! & Use it to further ‘divide’ citizens & political opponents against each other!” Plus, never point out the source of a catastrophe – GOVT REG – & sheer lack of “common sense”!

      How the POTUS can connect the suffering & tragedies thousands of our fellow Americans have endure to the failed energy “cap” (limit) on amount of energy we and businesses can use + higher “tax” (costs) when we exceed our limits, to the FAILED push and hysteria connected to GW & the failing GOVT push into “green jobs” is a huge s-t-r-e-t-c-h & and an incredible incomprehensible statement!

      I would rather scratch my nails on a chalkboard than hear BHO’s condesending, irritating, divisive comments!

      Is it possible that on BHO’s golfing outing Sunday with BClinton that Clinton suggested that HClinton will beat him for Dem Nominee? Perhaps, BHO has decided that he will continue beating the divisive drums because he “really” is on his way out??

    3. So climate causes fire? Hmmm, wow! From absurd to assinine in one fell swoop.

      From the beginning I saw him as a petulant child. Since he’s not getting his way he is going t throw the biggest temper tantrum in history.

      If he wasn’t so transparent and pathetic I would be concerned he was the anti-christ. But no, he’s just a sorry excuse for a POTUS and a miserable human being.

      Jimmy Carter looks like a freekin’ genious now.

      Have you noticed the comments on most sites? They have gone from rabbid defense of Mr Zero to 90% “get this guy outta here!” over the past year.

      The anger and frustration wiht Mr Zero is rising to a boil. About time.

      One Big A** Mistake America – let’s fix it in 2012.

        1. wasn’t there a lot of forest fires during the clinton years? and wasn’t the whole thing about so called global warming suppose to be about the iceburgs melting and flooding the earth? oh blame it on the texan governor. how low.

  9. With Obama at first I was full of hope and thought finally maybe we would have a real President again.

    But after his first few hype & rant speeches I realized the man was the world,s greatest liar or that he had a real mental problem and was disconnected from reality!

    While all politicians make promises they know they cannot keep Obama was so far from reality it was like he was living in a altered reality with his brainless cult followers screaming “Yes We Can, Yes We Can” it was more like a religious cult then a serious and intelligent plan addressing problems and providing a feasible plan for improvements.

    But they say we get the leaders we deserve. We have a press that refused to question and inform but lies and slants reporting to confirm to their views and a population so poorly educated and so easy beguiled by a radical Socialist spewing lies that makes it frightening similar to watching old film clips of the rise of Hitler and his adoring public just substitute “Yes We Can” for Hail Hitler! !

    Now I am even more worried and seeing Obama and the Democrats encouraging their Brown Shirts to engage in hate speech from Unions thugs and Radical Black politicians!

  10. Any man who believes he is “We are the one the world has been waiting for” and views himself as “the symbol of the possibility and best traditions of America”, promises “to stop the rise of the oceans and begin the cooling of the Earth” is to say the least an individual of staggering arrogance or more likely an individual with serious mental problems.

    Why people continues to support this incompetent, lying, petulant, whining, blaming, sulking, narcissist is hard to understand!

    But then look how many adored Hitler and screaming “Hail Hitler, Hail Hitler” Here the brainless cult members Scream “Yes We Can, Yes We can”.

    Years go by but left wing socialist spewing lies and the idiots that support them remain the same the world over!

    1. His main asset is that people are trying to survive–work if they have it, find jobs, take in family, still do volunteer work, etc like Americans do–and when their heads come up and they hear, “Republicans want to cripple America”–they think, whoa, that’s bad, better vote for this guy again, did he lower the waters, can’t remember, oh well … It’s sort of inattention or else refusal (media) to be wrong–I mean this with respect. Not everyone can pay attention to all this all the time.

  11. This man is unfit to serve, period!!! One of the requirements for the Presidency is to be ‘of good character’ and to serve ‘ALL of the people’! He has FAILED on both counts!!!

    I now know how the Iraquis felt with Saddam Hussein – the Sunnis vs. the Shites! We have our own ‘Hussein’!!! Dems are Sunnis and the rest of us are Shites! When was the last tine an American president told a certain group of voters to “PUNISH THEIR ENEMIES’??? Or…’PUT ON YOUR MARCHING SHOES’???

    This is a very, very dangerous man – the enemy within! God help us all!

  12. From the very beginning Obama has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding not only of American politics but also American culture. He immediately descends to denigration whenever anyone disagrees. He has adopted Chicago politics and Rev. Jeremiah Wright rhetoric from the very beginning because he has no other frame of reference. His first election was a serious mistake. I hope the 2012 election corrects this but when 47% pays no taxes and even more get some federal subsidy I am not sure. My mantra- ABO Anyone But Obama.

  13. Well said.
    The underlying meaness here, not to mention the overt attempt at class warfare, point to a disturbing personality.

    In the long history of U.S. presidents, the truly mean-spirited (Nixon, Johnson ((both of them)), Tyler, Buchanan) hurt themselves and the country.

  14. Obama’s bitter attacks on his opponents is not the sort of tactic people like to see, certainly implying that disagreeing with Obama is actually anti American or unpatriotic will put off many fair minded American voters.
    Obama behaves like this because he was really never qualified to be the President of all Americans, he was always small minded and partisan.
    Worse Obama is so panicked that he seems to have forgotten that it was his apparent decency and generosity that won over the American voter.
    Obama’s harsh and unfair criticism of the Republicans is not doing him any favors, and will only distance those who are not in the tank for him.

  15. The more obama keeps using the word “choice” regarding his re-election bid, you know they are afraid of it being a referendum (evident by spinmeister axelrod’s insistence that this election is not a referendum….the republicans need to keep hammering that point home)

  16. What we are seeing now is the man who sat in Rev Wright’s church for 20 years nodding in agreement as Rev Wright vilified the nation, vilified Jews, vilified homosexuals, vilified White people etc etc etc. Obama can’t run on his record of 9.1% UNEMPLOYMENT, Record Long term UNEMPLOYMENT, a record increase in poverty, Solyndra, and nation destroying debt. How could anybody run on that kind of record. So now we are seeing what Rev Wright said is true “Obama will say anything to win”! Its hard to believe that a President of the U.S. would stoop so low, but then Obama is “The Chicago Way”, and the Chicago Way knows how to play rough. The Republicans had better be ready. Obama will get worse as the polls and the economy get worse.

    1. Don’t forget Fast & Furious. And, you are right. Obama will be like a cornered Scorpion with his tail up and ready to sting anyone and anything. Watch out. But, most of all, don’t believe a word he says. He’s a low-down, dirty liar and cannot be trusted. Never trust him. We really got ourselves into a mess this time. I hope we can get ourselves out of it. Getting rid of Obama should be first and foremost on everyone’s check list. Sooner rather than later. If we had a congress with a backbone, he’d be impeached by now, or at least in the works.

  17. The US Returns to Center-Right Roots
    03 August 2011
    The US has returned politically to its center-right roots.
    Recall that in the Nov 2010 election, the Democrats lost 63 US House seats and the Republicans gained those same 63 US House seats. It’s not that the Democrats lost 63 US House seats and the Republicans gained zero, for a total political change of only 63 seats. The total shift in political representation was a Democratic loss of 63 seats and a Republican gain of 63 seats for a total political shift of 126. Before the 2010 election, the Democrats had a huge majority in the US House and, after the election, Republicans have a huge majority in the US House. Add in the similar change in the US Senate, in US Governorships, and the huge 700+ change in state houses, and what you witnessed in the 2010 election was a massive change in political and/or economic philosophical allegiance, the US returned to its center-right roots. That US return to its center-right roots resulted in, at the ballot box, a corresponding massive rejection by the voting US public of Democratic policies of “Spend and then Tax” (Tax & Spend), deficit spending, over regulation, communist-styled, centrally-planned health care, and “Shovel-Ready Stimulus” program that was not “shovel-ready”, did not stimulate, and did NOT create jobs. All that the Republicans promised was to reduce the rate of increase of spending and to get the US budget under control – a Tea Party idea.
    The fact that the “Left” (Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberal Democrats) does not want to acknowledge the Left’s losses, is no surprise to me. The Left still may not realize how big and lasting the Left’s losses are.
    We on the Right and in the Center must remember the last election, what we, the Center-Right, stand for, and, most importantly, we must not become complacent. We must continue the battle against the Left by controlling spending, re-visiting and re-legislating job and investment killing burdensome financial regulations, and repealing Obamacare.
    Under Republican Governor Rick Perry, Texas has created 37% of the jobs in the entire USA in the last decade. From June 2009 to June 2010, Texas created 49.9% of all jobs in the USA.
    The US has returned politically to its center-right roots. Just Say No to the Left.
    Tom Johnson
    Republican & Tea Party member
    Largo, FL, USA
    God Bless Reagan
    God Bless America

    1. Bravo and God bless you Tom for your succinct and timely summary! We will take this miscreant DOWN in Nov. 2012 along with the progressive minions who are intentionally destroying this great nation! Out with the Czarina and his Czars!!!!!!.

  18. Why is it that Republicans and conservatives claim that failing to agree with Republicans and conservatives claim they are the true Americans is un-American?

    If Republicans are holding positions of a clear minority and attacking anyone who criticizes them, they aren’t reflecting the views of all Americans, but representing a minority does not mean they are un-American because the core American value is pluralism and diversity in every aspect.

    But perhaps the author and many others understand that by emphasizing Americas core principle of plurality and diversity places those who reject plurality and diversity outside American values, but then dictatorship and authoritarian rule by a minority is un-American. Isn’t it? So, why are Republicans so determined to dictate policy without compromise, and contrary to their own past practice?

    1. In that indoctrination camp you called a college, weren’t they supposed to teach you how to present a cogent argument, or at least to put two sentences back-to-back that make sense, as well as how to hate Republicans?

  19. Obama’s need to start campaigning already reminds me of Meg Whitman’s California governor run in 2010. People got sick and tired of her when it was finally time to vote.

    It’s gotten to the point I automatically change the channel when he comes on TV to read his teleprompter some more at me.

    1. Which party are you referring to? The people who I have met since following Keith’s blog are a hodgepodge of individuals who don’t tow any party line.

  20. How else does he have a chance to win?
    his liberal use of demagoguery, outright lies, BAD legislation, and abudant use of class warfare are all he has got.
    he can not run on his pathetic record.
    The “ONE” is DONE
    The “O” has got to GO

    1. That is an outright lie. What the Democratic congress did since 2007 was disgusting. That’s why congress became Republican controled.

      Democrats only know about spending and wasting.
      This year when my family travel on I70 sending my oldest daughter to an Ivy League school, my youngest daughter asked “Why do they (construction workers) dig up the road (I70)? They are perfect!” That’s the Obama and his stimulus money that is wasted on many perfect parts of I70 in every states.

      Republicans are not do-nothing. They are doing their part to stop Obama waste. I hope my oldest daughter will be a strong voice in the libreal Ivy environment to educate young men and women about fiscal responsibilities.

      1. Consider this: The Govt is operating without a BUDGET because the Dem-Controlled Congress for two years refused to pass a budget!

        Answer this: Who has been “doing nothing” constructive to solve the economic malaise for two years??

  21. Why do you think you are right?

    September 26, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    Ever wonder this? I do. I wonder if what I believe is true. As America has experienced your leadership we have a firm grasp as to what is going on here, and we are well aware of the desired setup come 2012. You should tell your friends to do some worrying because I do not believe that the American people are going to suffer through another con job election, the mood and tenor of the nation is in a word, pi$$ed. When that happens some politicians like yourself run around and try to harness and provoke anger and destruction. As you well know it is a much more difficult thing to convince people to, give up their freedom and liberty for more government, if the argument for that government is purely hypothetical. So this weekend you asked people to march and agitate for more stuff, and not freedom. Remember Mr. Obama, Mr. King was marching for freedom and equality not stuff.

    So if your philosophical ilk is correct what should be the result of it now? What ought to be the barometer by which Americans measure that performance? Ought we look at the affordability of a home? Most Americans now even as more and more homes are foreclosed upon can’t afford to buy a home. The cost and affordability of a gallon of gasoline? Through the roof and going higher next summer. Or ought we look out into the state of the world? Pakistan after giving safe harbor to Osama Bin Laden, a mass murderer and our enemy, is now in the process of kicking us out of that nuclear armed country. Egypt and Syria are becoming more radicalized by the day – in the case of Egypt – with our military equipment, and Iran is relentlessly pursuing a deliverable nuclear weapon. How about something simple like race relations? Like I’ve said many times before, I view a man not by what he looks like, but what he does and says, and how closely those two match up. We call that character. I don’t care if your a bum, not hurting a soul or the President of The United States of America. If your words and deeds match up it’s cool. It’s a free country at least it was, before “The Patient Affordable Care Act” was passed without one Republican vote.

    Then there is the cost of doing all of this dumb stuff. Doing dumb things is very expensive. I’ve done lots of dumb, and I’ve paid the price, I’ve never had the ability or frankly lack of shame to make my neighbor pay for my own stupidity. I imagine if I did, or we did as a nation, then those costs would have to meet our endless appetites in the form of skyrocketing debt and deficits. Which is exactly what we have. They are at the point now where we may never recover from it without a war. Why war? Well, I’ll tell you. When governments fail people lose faith en mass, and they are susceptible to some seriously evil stuff. They look to place blame and then they decide it is cheaper to take then to work. So they look over a border or two and think “Hey, what we need is right over there, lets just take it!” These days we have nuclear weapons and even bigger bombs, but I don’t think people really know what these things can do anymore, they seem to be happily ignorant of them. I’m not supporting Mr. Paul, but I did see a funny sign in someones car window it read “You keep your dumb ideas, I’ll keep my liberty!” I’ll vote for that. If he gets the nomination I’ll be voting for him.

    Government, in the final analysis, must resort to force and coercion to attain it’s aims. Why? Because the citizens of this nation have very different ideas how they want to live their lives. Some want to achieve nothing, some just want to survive it with their soul intact and not hurt anyone, others want it all. Can you guess which one I am? Because I’m betting most are like me and not like you Mr. Obama. We have a long road to march back to being free and right now I’d much rather follow Mr. Cain. That man has character. That is what we need most now, in time we will elect someone with it.

    Of this I have little doubt.


    Joe Doakes

  22. The article is spot-on, and the comments very civilized in contrast to O’s denigrating remarks about anyone who opposes his views. But then, I suspect he is not accustomed to any disagreement with his – and his handlers’ – worldview.

    Ah, academe……

  23. I have never read a better set of comments from all of you .Excellent.Black Saint and Jana, your take on the NAZI part is correct. I noticed the colours in his Attack Watch and it is a Sieg Obama moment.

  24. This incomprehensible strategy MUST have some redeeming purpose that enhances the possibility that Barack Obama will be re-elected. Otherwise a logical person is left to conclude that the vitriol and vilification are purely gratuitous – mouthed from a true believer of Saul Alinsky.

  25. It’s unfortunate that this message is not being repeated every day. He does not realize he’s president of all the people. A young army captain company commander knows better……that he’s the commander of the sorriest, laziest, goldbrick soldier in the company just as he is the Soldier of The Year.

    And we let this man charm us. Let me say that his support of Rev Wright and six weeks later his throwing Rev Wright under the proverbial bus told me all I needed to know about Barack Obama. Remember Rev Wright was his friend of 20 years, a mentor, led him to Christ, presided at his wedding…..but oops, the Rev is a problem!

    1. Obama has lost all his charm – it was fake anyway. His silver tongue has tarnished. He will be beaten. He should be impeached, but since we have a wimpy congress and a democrat senate, that won’t happen. So, his defeat in 2012 will be our only hope. My neighbors are all asking, “Where’s Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?” That’s how angry they are about what Obama is doing to their country. That’s how much they despise him and want him gone. Although extreme, it speaks to the intense pain that Americans are enduring with this unAmerican president in office. At this point, I don’t care who gets the Republican primary nod – I will vote for anyone but Obama. He MUST be defeated.

  26. Keith’s right – but we should not be surprised – after all, he was the most liberal guy in the Senate – to the left of Bernie Sanders, if that’s possible.

    I don’t listen to Obama anymore. Sometimes he says nice things, but then he goes out and does the opposite. Remember his first budget? It was called “a new era of responsibility”. Or when he said we’d be out of Iraq by the end of summer 2009? Or how he was going to close Guantanamo? Or how he didn’t want to run car companies? Or how he’d be the president of both “red states and blue states”? Or how health care was going to reduce health care costs, and let us keep our current insurance coverage, or reduce the deficit? Or how his stimulus plan would keep unemployment below 8%?

    The list is nearly endless. He says one thing and does another.

    But the thing that really gets my cork is his unwillingness to take responsibility for anything. He is the President of the United States. He is supposed to be the one that is responsible. Instead, he blames Bush, the GOP, the earthquake in Japan, the banking crisis in Europe – in short, he blames everyone else and refuses to accept responsibility.

    Enough is enough.

    1. You said it well. I compare him to cigarettes and smoking; in the ’50s they were “so ok”; now people sneak around to smoke because it’s so unacceptable. 3 years ago Obama was all the rage; how did we blunder so badly? His senate and state senate records were there for us but we went for the lofty rhetoric.

  27. Oh, please. Spare us the hypocrisy. One of the many great things about this country is you can write such specious claptrap and I have the opportunity to call it just that.

  28. Obama is nothing but a narcissistic coward. He refuses to admit he has made mistakes or take responsibility for his actions. He has thrown our allies under the bus, embraced our enemies, failed to lead and become the most divisive president in our history. He is no leader, he only thinks about himself and is borderline delusional. It frightens me to think this man “runs” our country!

  29. Correct. Obama (or Barry?) is a pure divider, us versus them. That is his 20 years of Rev Wright talking, or his ‘community organiziner’ talking. That is him. He got a free pass the first time because the media invested in him.

    Shame to all those who dont see it the second time.

    NEVER have I seen a President act and talk like Obama, shameful in my humble opinion. Bait and switch, aided and abetted by the media liberals.

    Imagine, he calls half the country ‘radical. HE is radical. He is gone in 2012 if this country and our civility have any chance left..

  30. Obama has never been the president of the United States. He has always been the president of the liberals.

    As he used ‘they’ for Republicans and ‘we’ for Democrats in every speech, everyone can see he is divisive from the beginning.

    The only thing he did is campign to divide.

  31. I pray that more people will begin to write what that are observing in regard to the character and actions of this President. I know that we are called names when we don’t agree with this man’s leadership, but we still have EQUAL RIGHTS under the law to express our opinion. Thank you, sir, for this article as I sometimes feel I am alone in my observations regarding Mr. Obama.

  32. I saw the title of your article from the corner of my eyes and could not believe it. So, I decided to read it to see if I had missed something. The hard part for me is to consider you a journalist. As an editorialist, everyone is entitled to his opinion and to share it with the world. This is just what you did. Thank you for it and I hope that you will have better luck with other topics in the future.

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  34. I love the title of this article…”Unpresidential..” That sums this cat up in one word…(and Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers is priceless!!) He comes off as the geeky high school classmate who indignantly turns down an invitation to the reunion, stating “I never liked those people back then, why do they think I do now?”, with his condesending tone. He reminds me of a nasty Steve Erkel…think back to photos of the supra-waisted jeans, the girls’ bike and the sissy helmet. Not exactly the visage of the leader of the free world, eh!? And it’s becoming comical how he likes to go all ghetto when he’s speaking to audiences of color, but he’s got no street cred!! Remember how he couldn’t name ONE PLAYER from his beloved White Sox!!?? Same as Kerry calling Lambeau, “Lambert field”. All Dems are pathetic, weak and shameless.

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