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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The president plans to go a full day without doing a fundraiser.

10:25 am PDT || Departs Los Angeles
1:25 pm MDT || Arrives Denver
2:15 pm MDT || Delivers remarks at Abraham Lincoln High School
3:50 pm MDT || Departs Denver
9:15 pm EDT || Arrives White House

22 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 27, 2011

      • I read that he has said that gaffe at least 5 times. I only used 4. There was another townhall in 2010 where he also said it. When he said it in 2010 at U.of Michigan he was on TOTUS.

        They corrected TOTUS for the jobs speech to congress but when he was at the bridge in Cinncinnati he was off TOTUS and reverted to type.

        I’m going to take some screenshots of him at the Black Caucus event because he had the most evil expression on his face. Scary

        • I never picked up on it before you mentioned it Janice. But then I have a hard time listening to his lies for more than a few minutes at a time.

          His behavior during that CBC speech was bizarre. He was taking on a Rev. Wright persona.

    • Susan – exactly. A high school? When are “the folks” going go see through this charade? Does he drop his g’s and say “we got to” instead of “we have to” in front of the kids?

    • Because that’s the best way to show that he’s a warrior for the working class. He’s going to give his speech to all the school Jews janitors.

  1. Let me guess, at some point, good ‘ol Barry will lean over to the mic and open his mouth and yell so loud that it will appear that he is going to take a big bite out of it. He will trot up the riser with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up.

    He will sing the praises of Abraham and how he is his equal and if it wasn’t for the Tea Party, Bush, earthquakes, Bush, tsunami, Bush, Jew (oops, I mean janitors), Bush, wildfires (oops again, Perry’s denial of global warming), etc, etc, etc.

    Yep, his day’s are numbered.

  2. Is always amusing to read the comments of the Beltway snubs.

    The HS the President is visiting recruits teachers that participated in the DoE Teacher Preparation Program, a program my Son (M.S., UGA) just finished.

    Enjoy your overpriced latte…

    • You have made an incorrect evaluation of us my friend. I’m a overtaxed, underrepresented schlub from Texas…about as far away from the beltway as some Colorado elites. Obama has made it clear that he considers me his enemy; therefore, he is not my president. Congrats to your son.

      • Thanks for the congrats. I reside in the Magnolia State because is where I found a Job. My kid moved to Denver for the same reason. And because some of us decide to hit the books for years, it doesn’t makes you part of any elite class.

        “My President”, “Your President” is pointless. Regardless of the political party affiliation, politicians work under similar scenarios. They all have to raise enormous amount of cash to get elected and most of the cash is not coming from the working class.

        There should a law allowing all bona fide candidates the same media (TV) exposure. Then, there’s the phenomena of looks and people want it to hear utopist propaganda. For example, of all the GOP candidates, Ron Paul is the most candid, but people do not like to hear the truth; neither have the looks, charisma and silver tongue of others like Bachman, Romney or Perry.

        • Just what we need another law to complicate everything that is wrong with our political system. You don’t give Americans enough credit. We aren’t all stupid lemmings like the university elite would like to believe. We weren’t fooled by the utopian propaganda, looks, charisma, and smooth language of the current silver-tongued fraud in office.

          I have researched the background and policies of all the candidates you mentioned. Ron Paul’s fiscal policies are great, but his foreign policy is frightening. Romney and Perry are establishment Republicans. Bachmann is a solid conservative, as is Cain who just won the Florida straw poll.

          Money isn’t going to buy the election this time around. The only reason Obama is jetting around the country campaigning on our dime is because he is a malignant narcissist who needs constant stroking of his ego. So sad that he can only seem to capture that euphoria from young school children nowadays.

  3. There must be some kind of mistake in the schedule. The Campaigner in Chief ~never~ gets on AF1 lately without having a Fundraiser to go with official business.

    I mean… Never has official business to go with 3 or 4 fundraisers.

    I am so confused. It is almost as if this prancy snake oil salesman is working for a living.

    Oh. I forgot… Those teens will be 18 by next year, and teens respond well to the singsong proselytizing propaganda spew coming from this “laser-like” focused inept fool.