As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, September 26, 2011

11:00 am PDT || Participates in LinkedIn Town Hall; Computer History Museum; Mountain View, Calif.
12:25 pm || Departs Mountain View
1:40 pm || Arrives San Diego
3:00 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; private residence
4:00 pm || Departs San Diego
4:40 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
6:20 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; House of Blues; West Hollywood
8:20 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; private residence

All times Pacific

21 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, September 26, 2011

  1. Monday is gonna be another long hard day of work for the POTUS. How does he do it? With the Jet lag and all. Amazing the strength to save the country and still beg for alms from the rich. I’m underwhelmed

  2. Is it ok that I “dislike” him?

    I posted this on the ‘golf’ thread but it is sadly sincere

    “In approx 3 1/2 half years that equals 93.7 hours a year divided by the really old extinct work week standard of 40 hours a week it would come out to 2 1/4 weeks a year of golf-if you include about 2 weeks in hawaii a year and about 2 weeks at the vineyard and do not include ‘side trips’ to england, brazil, india and africa (among others) he has taken about 6 1/4 weeks of vacation on the average a year – that is 25 vacation days every year.

    OK if you are a union member I guess, but over 1 month a year as the president of the united states? When this country is in such trouble?

    It has to be deliberate.
    There are no excuses about being green or ‘idealistic’ or naive anymore-that is so yesterday.

    I get no vacations at all, I have a part time job that may or may not be there tomorrow, many have no jobs or are working at minimum wage.

    If a person asks about vacation time right now in the private sector when applying for a job they won’t be hired, they would be considered an ‘upstart’ and not willing to ‘sacrifice’, even if the job was less that 10 hours a week at minimum wage.

    they would also get no health insurance but would have to keep smiling.

    If they owned a home or a car they tried to keep by keeping up the payments no matter what, they would be punished for being responsible if they hit hard times, even though others who have nothing and never tried to even get off their couches will get supported every step of the way and still hate this country.

    I hate to whine but I just don’t know anymore”

    • Good god, he’s “visiting” near my neighborhood again here in Los Angeles. I might as well just stay home from work (and not get paid!)…what the hell does he care!

  3. This is absolutely infuriating. The man seems to do nothing except golf and fundraise.

    I’m a librarian who happens to work for the federal government. I don’t know if I’m going to have a job next Monday if the government shuts down, and this jerk is off gallivanting and filling his coffers.

  4. Why is there no out cry from anyone that this pretender does everything but
    work lazer like on jobs? He knows the Act won’t pass so I guess that he
    feels that gives him cover to travel on our dime thst isn’t worth much unless it’s very old and then it’s the metal! A wheat penny is worth .30 cents. We truly are doomed unless and until America wakes up and does the job the
    press won’t, hold him accountable and do it everyday! Does not apply to
    Keith. We will have to do the job of politicians and the press because a
    malaise has set in and the press don’t care how likely are they to be jobless?

  5. Fact Check: The speeches today will be the same as he gave to his base of supporters last week in an attempt to garner votes. The only difference will be that the Campaigner-in-Chief will admonish the Hollywood crowd: “Yo’ve go to put your GOLF shoes on.”

  6. LinkedIn–bleh! I wish he would ask these people about the friending deal on that–how do you know the person, what is their email (hey, you said I knew them), etc. Also, to get off groups, you have to quit the whole thing and start over…then they try to fix you up again…it creeps back… Never mind, personal problem.