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Obama Goes Golfing with Bill Clinton

President Obama this afternoon went golfing with Bill Clinton and White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, a rare case of Obama engaging in his favorite form of relaxation with serious, high-level partners.

The president generally golfs with young staffers in what amounts to a boys afternoon on the links. But today’s outing likely involves work, as the politically hobbled president plays with the Democrats’ master politician.

Daley knows both men well, having served as Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce. Also along is Clinton aide Doug Band.

The foursome is playing the Andrews Air Force base course. The press pool was given a brief glimpse of the group. From the report:

At 2:21 pm, pool taken out to green and stopped roughly 200 ft from hole. First striking image: Clinton’s head of white hair and bright red golf shirt. Got there as they were finishing up. Within a minute, the foursome loaded into carts – POTUS w Clinton and Daley with Band – and drove off.

It’s Obama’s 24th time golfing this year and the 82nd outing of his presidency.

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        1. He has to schedule at least one taxpayer rally/meeting so that he can get FREE AIRFARE to his fundraisers.

          Moochelle probably stayed home to polish all her diamonds.

          1. I read in that well respected Huffinton Post her bling was
            borrowed:). Sure it was that’s about as big a porkie as the
            Fundraiser-A-Thon BO is waging against the taxpayer. I guess he figures if he can’t get the tax bill passed he will
            just screw the American taxpayer by campaigning. Either way we still screwed. Golf I guess all is good in Obamaville.

    1. Sunday Seattle, Monday San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tuesday, Denver. Know what that cost the tax payers ? Cost the states that are broke a fortune also. All this so he can campaign. Why are we paying for him to campaign when we don’t even want him in office. That should not be. President campaigned four years ago, got elected and we see and feel what they do. Just leave your name on the ballot and let those running against you campaign on their own money. Our fore fathers would be out looking for a new country if they saw what was going on in the United States.

    1. I think this is Obama following the “keep your enemies close” rule.

      Barry’s fishing for any word the Hilary will be leaving the State Dept. and running a primary campaign.

      Bill is trying to persuade Barry that one term is just enough — e.g. “Don’t damage the Dem Party any more than you have; bow out, run for another four years sometime in the future… If I could run for a third term, people would elect me as I’ve become even more popular since the ’90s,” says Bill.

      1. After even one year of Obama, I as a registered Conservative would have thought that Hillary would have been superior — a breath of fresh air. I hope that someone challenges Obama in the primaries.

          1. The student of Alinsky designed Hillarycare which was so bad Dems themselves voted it down. Toting WH China she rode Bill’s coattails right into the US Senate right after her famous “listening tour”. Associates had to loan them money to buy a house to establish residence in New York. Bill claimed that O played race-card on them and claimed that O was all “smoke and mirrors”. Hillary said O’s only accomplishment was giving a speech(on Dem’s stage). Those are 2 things I agree with as far as the Clintons.

        1. Really, Hillarty? Superiur? And what makes her qualified for POTUS? All the scandalous GATES ? She isn’t doing such a great job as SOS…the realtionshios with ther counries deteriorated…
          I just can’t understand that silly nostalgia about Hillary Clinton…guess I don’t have short memories like some…..

          1. Seriously! What the hell has improved in any of our foreign relations since Hillary took the helm of the State Department? If anything, relations have gotten much worse.

  1. This man has done nothing but campaign, raise taxes and spend money since he was elected! Time to stop the insanity! Shelve them all in 2012!

        1. The idea that Ron Paul is unelectable is so tired. Give me a break, he’s probably the most intelligent person on the stage. If it were a true debate i.e. no media moderation, just the candidates going at it. The public would see the others don’t have a clue. I want a president who know how to solve the problems we face, not just a talking head with his/her talking points & sound bites.

        2. You must be a Federal Reserve supporter. Dr Paul scares the crap out you anti-American, anti-Constitution types. We all know who controls what in this country so you are correct if you think he won’t get elected.

        3. He only sounds nutty if you’re the typical brainwashed, ignorant American.

          You people make me sick. The country is circling the drain and you continue to latch on to the establishment like they’re your mommy.

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  4. Hopefully President Clinton is advising Obama to resign or not run again. It is becoming more and more clear, it would be better for the Democratic Party for Obama to leave the Whitehouse, due to his fragile health.

    1. Bill Clinton “loathes the military.” Barry is happy to just do what he’s told. Neither have any problem wasting our military and our national treasury on useless worthless, murderous wars for the benefit of the corporate war machine. The once great US now only exports murder and death. Yipeee!

  5. Obama needs to enjoy these perks as long as he can.

    No later than January of 2013, he will leave the White House permanently either for Chicago or Hawaii, to lick his political wounds and write his memoirs, and work full time on his golf scores and his presidential library.

    It cannot happen fast enough, for the good of the United States and the American people!

    See (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and all of the other comments beneath it)

    Presumably Daley is along to tell Obama what life will be like back in Chicago; and Clinton is present to tell Obama what life is like as an ex-president.

    1. A Presidential Library of what? Golf balls and his Guinness Record
      collection of frequent flyer miles. Michelle’s boob belts would be a nice addition that would be her only contribution or an empty salt shaker:)

    2. The mighty Boa would not recommend banking on that.

      Overconfidence has led to the downfall of many. Too many people think this is already wrapped up. We’ll see what you think when he suspends or steals the election. What then? How will he be removed? By the Congress that won’t address his ineligibility? The military that watches him violate the Constitution on a daily basis? The people? The same people that now do NOTHING as he continues to secure his dictatorship?

      1. We are already toast. The military will do nothing. The cops are already brain dead gestapo as are FBI TSA etc. My dad fought for nothing in WW11 we are what we fought against. If not for the second amendment the camps would already be open. But they are still taking away our rights a little at a time. They tell us what to eat, drive, use as light bulbs, Car we drive, and on and on. We are already done put a fork in us. The only solution is a general uprising but with 45%+ living of the government good luck with that.

      2. You’re right! I have heard others say that he could suspend the next election for some reason. As much as I want him out of office I’m sure he will be re-elected. People are just to stupid and/or on the gov. dole..they aren’t going to want to stop the gravy train.

    3. My political dream: Presidential candidate Herman Cain tearing up B. Hussain Obama on the debate floor.
      Next; Vice Presidential candidate Allen West making a fool (not hard to do) of Vice President Joe (bite me) Biden !!

      God. Are you there ?

  6. I find it hard to believe that given Obama’s ego, he would ask for advice from anyone let alone Clinton. Has he become that desperate?

    1. I was once kicked off the base golf-course at Andrews,…by George H.W. Bush,…it was quite an experience,….dozens of blue-jacketed SS Agents,….just kicked off the 16th fairway,….”you’ve got to go”,..was all you’re told,…but I sat across the street from the first tee and watched a $150,000.00 round of golf,….between two Marine One Helo’s,..limos,….it was a once in a life-time experience,…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  7. Isn’t it about time Obama did the fair thing and paid his “Fair Share” of the cost of Air Force One??? He says he has “hundreds of thousands” of dollars that he does not need. He is really abusing the use of this “Corporate Jet” and all he does is campaign or attend Fund Raisers. Thank goodness he ties up traffic in the Andrews AFB area on the weekend to play golf or the Air force maintenance people would never get a chance to do any maintenance on AF1,

  8. There’s a bushel full of political clout in the threesome with MrO.
    Could this golfing event be THE meeting where MrO is given the bad news that he must withdraw from his re-election to save the Dems?

  9. Clinton has been very vocal of late, even expressing disdain for Obama’s new Pay Your Fair Share tax option. To make matters a little more interesting, Clinton is writing a book on the economy due out later this year – called Back to Work. Oh to be a fly on the golf ball during THIS 18-holes today!

  10. Obama knows that even as dishonest and corrupt as he is there are still a few more reprehensible, underhanded tricks he can learn from the former pres. The fornicator-in-chief schools the liar in chief; probably discussing how to lie to a grand jury and basically get away with it. Obama’s time is coming.

  11. Just as O.J. Simpson tirelessly searched golf courses across America for Nicole’s killer the President is using his “laser-like focus” to find jobs for Americans on golf course everywhere.

  12. Between his vacation time, his fund raising, continual campaigning, golfing, endless speeches and all the other recreational stuff, the poor man has little time to be bothered with acting like a President. Good grief! Give the guy a break. He’ll get around to it one day.

  13. The Right Path: Independence. Liberty. Competition. Free enterprise. Capitalism. Individual rights. Laissez-faire Government. Non-Interventionism. Gold backed money. Lower taxes. Little or no debt. Limited government.


    The Wrong Path: Interdependence. Regulation. License. Monopoly capitalism. Socialism. Entitlements. Unrequited foreign aid. Nation building. Fiat currency. Legal tender laws. Taxes on every transaction. Debilitating debt. Loss of purchasing power. Gargantuan government.

    Don’t be fooled by establishment candidates who pay lip service to the Constitution.
    Only one candidate has earned the title of Champion of the Constitution.

    Ron Paul
    The Establishment

    Liberty: Too Big To Fail

    1. I file reports 4 to 5 times a day. Some on myself, some on Bumbling Barry Oblamo, some on Biteme, some on the black caucus. I like to make the boys and girls running the site earn their money.

  14. Obama and Bubba should stick to the golf course and screwing women

    that’s what both do best—Clinton was screwing a wonderful young lady

    and ruined her life he is nothing but a whore—and we have 200 lined up to

    carry awful signs unless he shuts up and gets out of this campaign we are
    coming after the whore

  15. So the two whore’s from the whitehouse playing golf —get cllinton out of

    the press or we are coming after him we have 200 volunters to help

    carry signs —-that are not going to be nice—-also signs for the what we

    refer to loosely the President of US whata joke

  16. I wonder how many times he went to the john? It’s rainy and a slow news day.
    You mean you actually get paid for this? Talking about a job that needs outsourcing!

  17. Obama SECRETLY sent $23 million to Kenya to get a Yes vote for Odinga’s new Constitution and to pay for abortions and radical Sharia Law which Odinga promised he would install if the radical Islamists voted for his new Constitution. Then on August 4, 2010 when the Constitution passed Odinga gave Obama BACK his Kenyan citizenship, saying that Obama now is eligible to become President of Kenya, therefore, he will not be going back to Chicago or Hawaii but will head to Kenya. Good riddance!

  18. I bet a lot of course records were beaten today…for the number of times one had cheated and lied about their score. I wouldn’t trust either of these two to drive my golf cart!

  19. I will say this and continue to say this. Watching Obama, his inner circle, and his orchestrated media propaganda, is like watching Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s. A total mock persona, acting as if he is on the verge of monumental change and upheaval. Both having the proverbial ax to grind. The point of this story that we must take to task is how the “reporters” were being utilized for propaganda purposes by a faux-journalism complex.

    What is really happening here? It’s not just an ordinary Saturday afternoon spent on the golf course. Reporters were kept in holding area out of sight. The POTUS’ “gestapo” then ushers these reporters to a set area at gunpoint, and tactically places the reporters in a position allowing photographs from a designated area. They were not informed of what they were about to see, but nonetheless the drama kicks in and voila…. It’s a Clinton. And as quick as these reporters were herded and corralled to a designated area, the fuhrer moved on with his inner circle to another secluded area out of sight, and the intrepid reporters were moved back to a holding area. And all a catered affair no doubt.

    And now we are all supposed to swallow this story throughout the week, hearing about how ‘Obama had played golf with a Clinton’, and they were ‘caught unexpectedly’, and this being orchestrated less than a week after Clinton came out and said ‘Obama’s agenda is unknown’. And let’s all keep in mind, Obama owns HRC– Clinton’s wife. So here-go Obama owns these Clinton ‘beings’, and will continue to be that way as long as Obama holds the conch (i.e. White House).

    And this is happening with the GOP debate process as well. The media is now steering this society, and not reflecting on it. That, my friends, is 1930’s Germany.

  20. “The president generally golfs with young staffers in what amounts to a boys afternoon on the links”. Yes, but why? I think it’s because his exaggerated self-esteem would suffer if he had to expose his “Steve Erkel” golf swing to public scrutiny and ridicule, instead of to his own paid for, younger, brain dead sycophants- who couldn’t/wouldn’t snicker as they replace his countless divits. I can best describe him as an Malignant Narcissist; forever cool and self- righteous. As for Clinton, the only reason he played with him was that Bill is probably a far worse golfer than Barry.

      1. Yeah, the reason is that everyone else is actually working and can’t take the time off. He pays the kids he golfs with so if the boss says golf, you golf.

        1. That is not the reason I was thinking of. The D.C. golf outings take place on the weekends or government holidays, and Ben is a nice looking young man.

  21. Who cares. He’s one and done. Let him enjoy himself while the rest of us rot. His economic policies have doomed him. I just went GALT and there are a whole bunch more of me that are about to.

  22. Lil Barry always calls Big Daddy when he’s in trouble. Who can ever forget the time he pulled Clinton into the Briefing room to sell the Bush Tax Cuts extension to the Libs last December, lol! Clinton stayed for 45 minutes while lil Barry ran off to a Christmas party with the first hog! The press corps was in doggie heaven – they finally got to ask questions and someone actually answered them.

    Bubba could step into the Oval office tomorrow….and no one would even notice Obummer was gone! There would be dancing in the streets!

  23. Looks like O’ I did not have sexual relations with that woman is educating POTUS on how to pull off more change we can believe in. AMERICANS are such SUCKERS.


  24. Most clubs forbid conducting any business on club premises so don’t let them lie that they were working on the well-being of the American people. They’ll conclude with the “let them eat cake” edict to show that they care.

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