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Less Than Half Think Obama Better Than Bush

Only 43 percent of voters think President Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, according to a new Gallup poll.

The result is striking, given Bush’s dismal ratings at the end of his presidency. And it calls into question whether Obama’s unwavering strategy of attempting to blame Bush for everything that’s wrong with the world is working.

The poll finds that 34 percent think Obama was worse, while 22 percent rate the two presidents about the same.

The new findings come just after another poll released by Gallup finds a majority of Americans finally assign blame to Obama for the economy, though even more blame Bush – with a subsection obviously blaming both.

Meanwhile, Clinton nostalgia continues to rage. Only 12 percent think Obama was a better president than Bill Clinton, while 50 percent think he is worse and 35 percent rate the two equal.

This suggests that while they will still support him, Obama has failed to live up to the hopes of Democrats. It’s a bad omen for Obama’s ability to turn out his base when the base would rather Bill Clinton were running.

Or Hillary.

38 thoughts on “Less Than Half Think Obama Better Than Bush”

  1. How anyone could vote for Zero again is way beyond me.
    Let me rant here for a sec….I understand that Bush wasn’t perfect and he spent our money way too much at times (but nothing like Zero has). But, having said that let me also say that I would vote for him again if I could. Bush had his eyes on the country and the people..unlike Zero who has eyes only for himself. After 9/11 I’m sure the economy would have tanked big time and I credit Bush for not letting that happen. Also, my son is a Marine and Bush was a far better boss to him then Zero has ever been. ( my soap box for now)

      1. Lisa, I am grateful for your son’s service and the sacrifices of our military families. After 3 tours, our loved one returned with minor long-term injuries, but he is home to stay! My prayers are for the safe return of your son and all of his buddies very soon!

    1. Lisa,

      To your son and your family all I can say is Sempre Fi! Once a Marine always a Marine, and that goes for the family also. Thank you to him for his service and to you and the family for your sacrifice. People do not understand what the families go through having a loved one in harms way. The daily fear that underscores life while a loved one is away is taxing, and yet people like you son are what keeps and has kept us safe as a country and society for over 235 years.

      1. Shofar, thank you! My son is my hero. I have to admit that I am very scared of this tour. With everything happening, he will be one of the first to respond. Also, you are right about the Corp..I get very defensive about Marines and I dearly love them!!

        1. I yield to no one in despising the casualties of quickly churned up wars, etc–but the one thing Bush did I miss is he wasn’t in my FACE every minute of the day–me, me…blah blah… And he really wasn’t a big know-it-all. And he seemed sort of humorous sometimes. And he loved Barney and Miss Tudball or whatever her name was.

  2. It’s frightening to think there are that many people out there that think this guy is worth anything at all. Makes one question the sanity of the American public.

    And Lisa, GB did not veto the spending that the Democratic controlled congress passed along to him. That is where he went wrong. He was looking to appease the left but as we have all found out, that’s not possible. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If he had just vetoed the spending bills, it would have at least brought a smile to our faces now.

    1. I know he spent when he shouldn’t have. Yet I believe that he was in office for the right reasons and not for what it could get him, you know?
      My son is on his 4th tour now and it scares me more this time than his first 3.

      1. President Bush had to fight with underminding libs & Demwits & RHINOS who sabbotaged every Nat’l Security/Military Funding measure with not only PORK, but with scathing criticism of any and every “common sense” proposal concerning revising “entitlements” to allowing citizens to be in control of their retirement with long-term employee/employer private interest-bearing Health Savings Accounts!

        The Banking Cmte under incompetent, unethical, crooked Franke ignored 17 WH memos between 2002-2008 about the out-of-control lending/toxic mortgages of Fred & Fan! Franke MIS-LED the entire nation about “how safe and solvent” they were! Why isn’t he in a federal prison for life?

        In retrospect, President Bush’s proposals and warnings made perfect sense and, as we know now, critically addressed some of the problems we deal with today! His critics, the MSM, RHINOS, “anti-win-the-war” obstructionists, and incompetent economic advisers contributed to the what should have been a “short-term” downturn and eventual recovery! What happened??

        The election of socialist BHO, disguised as moderate, whose CZARS, Advisers, AG, other appointees, etc., dragged out their “socialists college term papers” and turned them into a “roadmap to all out ClassWarfare”! Disturbing!

        1. PS President Bush needed approval of a “Presidential Line Item Veto” that might have had a chance of cutting outrageous “pork spending sprees” by all of Congress – Dems & Repubs!

          1. Do any exist? Did he really graduate from Harvard? Was he in a “pass” or “fail” independent study or did he really go to any classes? Just WHO is BHO? HR Clinton released all of her liberal papers, college records, & work records as required by law for POTUS Candidates. BHO is the only POTUS who has NO legitimate paper trail uncovered to date! WHY?? Hummm…..!

  3. I did not always agree with W, but I felt he was truly looking out for America. He made the decisions he thought were best at the time. Obama, not so much…

  4. George W Bush was a patriot and a real CIC and loved America! You would never see him bow and apologize for this country because he was
    proud of America and American’s! He may have slipped in the economy
    but you knew he had our back and would keep us safe. He put love of
    country and his duty as President above all else. Look at what we have now
    a person who doesn’t like America or half of it’s citizens and a wife who can’t
    be bothered to be a First Lady just in it for the perks. Yes GWB had a flaw
    or two but in comparison he was 100% better than what we are stuck with
    for 14 more months. My grade 0%! I would vote for Bush gladly given the

  5. Obama and his corrupt cronies are in the process of destroying the Democrat party. I really don’t think any Democrat has a chance of winning the presidency in 2012. Even Hillary. Their only hope is that the establishment Republicans win the tug of war going on for the nomination. That is where the true battle is, for the heart and soul of the Republican party.

    Lisa, Please tell your son I thank him for his service to America.

  6. The polls show a consistant 40% or so who think MrObama is doing a good job on any subject from the economy to foriegn affairs. Who are these people and are they aware of the current and long-term financial problems that we face as a result of MrO’s and the Dem Congress’ recent actions? Like compulsive gamblers, they believe that putting even more money on the line will be the winning gambit and all will be well again.

    We’re no longer fighting “wars” overseas, we’re conducting “black ops” on foreign soil to kill people we believe might harm us. The key word is “might”. The anti-war groups that made national news during the Bush years are gone, and now silent,and that silence must be considered tacit approval of these covert actions to kill without benefit of any law, foreign or domestic.

    The only polite explanation for the 40 percenters is that they’re not paying attention, or are distracted by shiny things and reality TV.

    1. No–most people don’t follow much of this–most I know. Certainly not to our fanatical level…hrs a day. When someone says the Republicans are holding things up–whoa, gotta stop those mean Republicans…

  7. This past week my e-mail has been flooded with messages from various DNC, DSCC and other Dem organizations requesting money to fight the the TEA party and GOP.

    Quoting from the email today from: PROBLEM: Yesterday, a major Tea Party group announced the launch of a SuperPAC, “FreedomWorks for America.” This group is planning a $20 million campaign dedicated to electing candidates in the mold of Jim DeMint and Rand Paul. They could spend even more. Thanks to the Citizens United decision, this PAC can spend unlimited money attacking our candidates.

    This was sent from Crystal King, DSCC Political Director. The Dems are scared, and know that they are on the ropes. As Ali said years ago, it’s time for “rope a dope” and the conservatives to hit the left with everything they’ve got.

    With an out of control EPA, DOJ, BATFE among others of the alphabet soup organizations in DC, the conservatives and libertarians in Congress can bring down this administration and its insane, inane policies. But only if they have the backbone for the fight. Unfortunately, too many are like jelly fish, content to float on the surface, rather than actually get into deep water.

    Conservatives need to do a media blitz that cannot be ignored by the MSM pointing out all the improper and illegal activities this administration and the organizations under its control have done.

      1. Speaking of media–anyone see Blue Bloods? In the season opener, NY has a new black mayor, a sort of slippery “community organizer.” Selleck mopes around a bit–the way he does–about staying on as police commissioner, but finally does. I am curious as to where this will go. At least it wasn’t Handler, Glee, Rosie, Maher, Griffin–etc–libbie!

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