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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 23, 2011

9:30 am || Receives presidential daily briefing
10:15 am || Makes statement on changes to No Child Left Behind
11:00 am || Meets with members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus

All times Eastern

24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, September 23, 2011”

  1. Keith, I wondered something: what is this schedule compared to other presidents? What was Bush’s day like, or Willy Baby’s? Or Reagan’s schedule?

    1. I do recall Bush saying that while US military was overseas fighting he was not going to play golf. Having worked in the DC/Capital Hill area for a few years I did not personally see him on a golf course after that.

  2. Another heavy Friday schedule for O’Bummer. Wow, a whole two hours! This is so typical of his Friday schedule. It makes me sick to see that this doofus puts in far fewer hours per week than the average hard working taxpayer. Not that he ever does much anyway, like hopping on a plane and having photo ops in front of bridges, or in some factory.

    Only 58 and a half more weeks to go, (not that I’m counting or anything… okay, yes, I am counting….. and hoping we last that long).

    BHO, three years into his first and ONLY term, is just a lame duck. Can’t wait til he is gone!

  3. Wow early start must be golf of a mini-vacation from I mean with the little
    woman:). She must be exhausted from schlepping around with $42K worth
    of diamonds on her wrist! You think it’s hard to sip champagne like that?
    Am sure they are both just so tired from campaigning and trying to remember
    to hold hands and smooch like Tipper & Al….ewwww:(. Or another date night
    they did manage to squeeze one in on the way back from NYC and it did
    include a new dress and too small cardigan:)

      1. As is the boob belt:). Oh Huffington was kind enough to clear up the
        $42K worth of bling they were on loan…wink wink:). And there they go
        again I don’t care if they were Diamonique from QVC it’s the sticking
        it in the face of suffering American’s. Good God these folks are stupid!

    1. Guess he was sleeping in history class and apparently an Ivy League
      education was lost on old Barry. We really need to see those college transcripts is that covered under FOIA?

  4. BO and MO have been doing a ‘drive-by’ on America since the day they highacked the WH! All the feed-back from those who knew him ‘back in the day’ indicates one thing above all else – he was L A Z Y !

    BO was nearly censured when he was a US Senator for constantly being tardy!!! He actually gave a formal apology! As we all know, he didn’t wait 5 minutes after becoming a Senator before he started campaigning for President! Anything to avoid working for a liviing1

    There were stories about how BO would walk out of the Senate bldg. at noon time…see a gaggle of reporters and other Senators giving an interview. As soon as he saw the cameras, he would rush up to horn into the conversation – hogging the spotlight. He would often times try to take credit for legislation he had absolutely nothing to do with!

    All of this info was out there for the taking before the election…all one had to do was dig, dig, dig.

    America has been punked! Obama should be spending the remaining 16 months of his term behind bars – not in the WH! He has robbed us of our greatness and turned us into a thugocracy!

  5. Even though the State Department lists three Palestinian organizations as Terrorist Groups, the US Administration is still giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying that, in three months or so, we might be able to readress this statehood thing.

    Those three groups are Palestine Liberation Front, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinians. Appeasement has gained nothing good. It has only earned open derision from states which Obama tries to woo but have always stood against us.

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