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Intensity of Black Support for Obama Plummets

The passion of African-American support for President Obama is falling, posing a major new threat to his prospects for reelection.

According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll, the number of blacks who have “strongly favorable” views of Obama has dropped off a cliff, declining from 83 percent five months ago to 58 percent today.

That blacks will support Obama in the end is unquestionable. Eighty six percent still view him at least somewhat favorably.

But the Obama campaign desperately needs to bring core constituencies like African Americans to the polls in high numbers, and flagging enthusiasm will make the task more difficult and expensive.

What’s more, key swing states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and many others have large black populations.

Black leaders have been increasingly critical of President Obama for failing to stem the high and rising black unemployment rate. And Obama’s failure to weigh in on or try to prevent the execution yesterday of Troy Davis in Georgia – a black man whom some believe was may have been innocent and a victim of racism in the justice system – may hurt him as well.

22 thoughts on “Intensity of Black Support for Obama Plummets”

  1. I have been seeing this with the blacks that I talk to about politics. Most of them relate stories that in ’08, they were basically threatened to vote for Barry, mostly because he was “black”. Those that I taalk too even then felt bothered about it but did so anyway. But now is different. They have seen all of the issues that Barry has and that he really was not quailified to be in the WH.

    These blacks are very disappointed with Barry and non of them that I have talked to have said that they will vote for him again.

    This is a bigger story than is being reported. I am glad that you are doing so Keith.

  2. IMHO, I’d be surprised if the black voters vote against him. But, as you noted, Obama won’t garner the turnout he did in ’08. They’ll simply stay home on Election Day.
    According to the 2010 census the following is a breakdown of African-American populations in the states you mentioned:
    Overall U.S. – 12.6%
    Ohio – 12.2%
    Florida – 16%
    North Carolina – 21%
    It will be interesting to see which way the Hispanic population goes. In 2010 they represented 16% (50 million) of the total population. They very well could be the deciding factor. If the Republican candidate has a palatable immigration strategy, that could do it.

    1. lets all hope his numbers keep heading down where they belong…
      we have an incompetent rat in the WH..
      .. we never hear of the muslim vote.. I bet his numbers are running high.. (muslims tend to vote heavy along islamic lines)

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  4. Does anyone really think it’ll make a difference. Blacks, like Goonions and other entitlement classes will vote Democrat. Hell, Jews for the most part would vote for Himmler if he was the DNC candidate.

    Maybe fewer Blacks will show up at the polls, but the one’s that do, will tow the party line.

  5. The ruling class likes to separate us all in neat little cultural boxes arranged by sex, color, income level, religion, and now sexual orientation. Little do they realize we are a mixture of all. We all have one thing in common, we are all Americans and, by and large, we all love this country and will do what is necessary to protect her.

    If Obama were to have told Americans what he had planned for us — the takeover of private industry, the shredding of the Constitution, and the destruction of our way of life — he would have never been elected. Americans are waking up to the hopelessness and poverty he is fomenting and we see that he lied to us from the beginning. The election of 2012 will be transformational, and I have confidence the American spirit is still alive and well. We shall see which path this country takes in about 13 months. I’m praying it is the path back to liberty.

      1. Jesus H., how does a free nation produce such non-existent intellects. Look, I think Obama has been a disaster, but you have got to be joking if you think he’s somehow behind a takeover of private industry. I hate to break it to you, private industry got us into this mess, and Obama has done nothing but reward those banksters and fraudsters and crooks and prop up a fetid system in need of reform.

        This entire mess was caused by thirty years of the destruction of financial regulation. Would you play the Super Bowl with no referees, well that is essentially how the biggest palyers in the American economy get to play. Are you unaware that their are NO taxes on financial transactions, which, in case you also didn’t know, are the lionshare of the transactions that destroyed the economy. In other words, when billionaires make a huge bet that the economy or a company will tank or soar, and they make, say, a hundred million dollar profit on that, THEY PAY NOTHING IN TAXES. Meanwhile, because the government can’t go after the giant players who hire lobbyists and lawyers to rewrite legislation and the tax code for themselves, the government must nickel and dime small business and the rest of us. (This is the ONLY thing, btw, that I have any sympathy for any segment of the Tea Party for, but they don’t even understand who to blame — guys like the billionaire friggin’ Koch Brothers who FUND the Tea Party, so angry deluded Americans can vote against their interests and line the Koch’s pockets with more money.

        For heaven’s sake, Obama is a Chicago School econimic idiot, his entire economic team are Wall Street cronies, the same private industry you are saying is being taken over. Sorry, it is the other way around. That’s just reality.

        But we don’t seem to want to face it. We’d rather treat money (fiat currency, by the way, which means worthless tinkets) like the buffalo, and pray that they magically return to the prairie. Ain’t gonna happen. Unless the government ceases to be bought and paid for by the wealthiest and most powerful interests, ain’t nothin’ coming back for anyone.

        THAT is the problem.

        1. Why is it that liberals have to insult and demean people who don’t possess their vast intellect and worldly knowledge. Your only complaint with Obama is that he hasn’t gone far enough. Give the Marxist another term and he will destroy this country. Yes, he has taken over private business. He took over the automobile industry (except for Ford), he has taken over our financial industry, our health industry, and he is trying to take over our energy industry. Obama’s czars are busily stripping every one of our freedoms through massive regulations. They regulate everything — the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the air we breathe. That is not freedom, that is tyranny.

          Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. Ronald Reagan

          1. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you think he has taken over the financial industry, you are not only sadly mistaken, you haven’t done a whit of your own homework. The financial industry is running as corruptly and with as little regulation as ever.

            And for goodness sake’s Obama just refused to uphold Ozone standards because he didn’t want to “hurt the economy.” Your entire point about the evironment is absent any evidence. He supports drilling in the arctic, alaska, everywhere, what on earth are you talking about.

            I suggest you take a trip to China, where I was a few years ago, or Iran, or Somalia, or any other genuinely tryrannical GOVERNMENT state, so you can see what anarchy is.

            This nation was fought to have a government — not to have no government — by, of, and for the people. It is currently run entirely by those who have the most money.

            You have offered no evidence, only loud claims that hold no water. I told you clearly that I sympathize with some elements of the Tea Party arguments, though not at all their diagnosis, that hardly makes me a typical “liberal,” a word, like “conservative” that has no meaning thse days.

            If government is the problem, ask yourself why Reagan rasied taxes first off to get the economy going again?

            Look it up.

            And if you don’t want anyone making sure your food is safe to eat, or the air isn’t full of posion or the water, I find it hard to believe anyone would consider that rational.

            Peace, my fellow free American.

          2. Also, please answer these questions, if you can or care to?

            What is fiat currency (the money we use)?

            Where does it come from?

            What gives it any value?

            These are questions anyone who wants to understand the economy should be able to answer and they require no high-faluttin’ educatin’ in the Ivy League, which I don’t have, BTW. I attenfed public university because I worked my ace off in school, after surviving a miserable childhood, that included living on welfare and foodstamps in the ghetto with my young single mother, who now, by the way, holds a PhD.

          3. My foolish mistake is not recognizing the Alinsky tactics. Copied this quote from one of my friends on this blog…”Never argue with [an Alinskyite]…you’ll only sink to their level, where they’ll beat you with their experience”

            Regards, my fellow serf. We throw off the yoke of slavery and embrace freedom on November 6, 2012.

    1. Susan – I also have faith in the American Spirit; we Americans that are willing to work hard, stick to conservative principles (e.g. don’t spend more than you earn), and have faith in God, will prevail. After all, that’s what made America great. I’m not aware of any other countries with an immigration problem like we have, with people clamoring to get in.
      Having said that, with the freedoms and quality of life that we have, it’s easy to get complacent as many Americans did prior to the 2008 election. There were many indications of what Øbama would do as president (besides his slip “spread the wealth” to Joe the Plumber). If you search the archives of websites such as American Thinker, The American Spectator, National Review, WorldNetDaily, Investor’s Business Daily, the Wall Street Journal (just to name a few), for articles from, say, January 1, 2008 through November 4, 2008, there were innumerable articles with warnings of what Øbama was all about. I emailed over 2,000 such articles to as many people as I could before the election, since none of the real facts were anywhere in the mainstream media. Obama did tell us what he had planned for us, very clearly, through his background and his associations. If just one association, a 20+ year association with Jeremiah ‘God Damn America’ Wright, received widespread attention, IMO it would have killed his chance to be president. Ø’s relationship with Wright was pure fact, yet the MSM stepped on it, did not cover it, turned their backs on the America that is responsible for their profession to even exist, thereby enabling a usurper to be elected. All the info needed about Øbama was out there, but nobody was looking. Hopefully the American people know NOT to trust the MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX to some degree, NY Times, Wash Post, etc.) if they want factual info before the next election.

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