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Palin Only Five Points Behind Obama

Sarah Palin, whose detractors say she should stay out of the primaries because she can’t possibly beat President Obama, trails the president by only five points in a new McClatchy News/Marist poll.

From McClatchy News:

After trailing Obama by more than 20 percentage points in polls all year, the new national survey, taken Sept. 13-14, found Palin trailing the president by just 5 points, 49-44 percent. The key reason: She now leads Obama among independents, a sharp turnaround.
By a margin of 49 percent to 36 percent, voters said they definitely plan to vote against Obama, according to the poll. Independents by 53 percent to 28 percent said they definitely plan to vote against him.

And she does better than Rick Perry, who already appears to be turning some people off.

Obama is neck and neck with Romney, leading by 46-44. Obama had led by 5 points in August, 4 points in June, and 1 point in April. Romney now leads among independents, 44 percent to 40 percent.

Obama leads Perry by 50 percent to 41 percent. They split independents 43-43. Obama had led Perry by 19 points in August, as Perry was joining the campaign.

Obama leads Bachmann 53 percent to 40 percent. He had led her by 17 points in August, by 12 points in June.

One interesting thing about Palin’s polls is that voters know her. Unlike the others, there is not as much potential for drastic movement one way or another. What people will think about Romney after he gets the nomination is anyone’s guess.
Last I heard, she was going to announce her decision by the end of this month.
I’m sure the Obama folks are relishing the thought of running against her. Because they think she’s too conservative and not that smart. Which is what the Carter people thought of Reagan.
H/T to Hot Air, where I saw the poll.

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  1. Last time she ran there was a stunning amount of negative info and mis-info about her. That was then. There is no shock value left and frankly, she is very impressive with how she has learned and coped the last few years.
    I certainly respect her

    1. so right DV !! the lady has “nads” that barry hussein mubama
      never will have… and she will NEVER bow to the muslim king of the saudis (whom mubama addresses as “his majesty”)

  2. I respect a woman who sees a problem and plunges in to get a solution. But 15 mos of defending her–I would need a nap first, I think. I remember some Dem office holder call her a bucket of slop right in front of Biden–that is when I thought, Oh, this isn’t good. But my daughter also once said, “Mom, that woman could do anything.”

  3. What people will think about Romney after he gets the nomination is anyone’s guess.
    I wouldn’t bet the farm on that happening Keith.

    I agree with Sarah Palin…polls are for strippers and cross country skiers. Most of us have decided ABO (anybody but Obama) and the results of this poll may reflect that. She told Hannity last night that this election is going to be very unconventional, and I think she’s right.

    1. Near as I can figure…they want to be “fair” and not be seen as racist. My brother just wrote me saying it would be his very great privilege to cancel my vote. Families.

      1. Is this the relative who flies corporate jets? Lots of BDS sufferers still out there. Once Obama really tightens the screws on our freedoms, he might just change his mind.

        1. No–the pilot is my brother in law–his boss owns car dealerships and flies around keeping them in business (jobs). My brother is a retired physician, big spread in Wash state, pursues hobbies now even though he is 5 yrs younger than I am. To give my brother at least one chop–he did build an off-the-grid house, even thugh he rented it and then sold it. He is a big greenie, an atheist (quit with the Dawson articles awreddy) and climate alarmst–you know the bit. So he is happy to cancel my vote…whatever.

  4. Palin is in no way qualified to be POTUS but the fact that she is polling 5 points behind Obama does send a message to the pompous azz in the WH! She is, however, Obama’s best chance of winning re-election—–please, Sarah….stay out of the fray!

    1. The Democrats said the same thing about Reagan in 80. They were thrilled when he won the nomination. You should watch The Undefeated. It will change your opinion on her qualifications.

      1. We need Sarah Palin continuing to speak-out with her “common sense” solutions to restoring America’s economy and protecting our national security! I want her to run for Congress and to make sure that the USA has an energy policy that is viable! Just what is our policy, now? Nobody knows!

  5. After all the crap they threw at Sarah, nothing sticks. She has proven she can walk the walk with the MSM. Certainly the woman has been vetted. I like her, would vote for her in a minute against Obama. She understands we need to use our own natural resources, and she has proven she does not put up with crony Capitalism. She has no use for RINOS, it just may be her time.

  6. MrsPalin is a remarkable woman who has weathered the most horrible and downright mean treatment by the MSM and every liberal Dem in America.
    She is admirable, dedicated, intelligent and is true to her stated beliefs.
    I like her. I wouldn’t vote for her as President. And, I don’t believe she will actually become a candidate for the position.

    The rumor here in AZ is that she will be a candidate for the US Senate and if she does run for this position, I will vote for her. SenKyl is retiring next year and SenMcCain is rumoured to be considering retirement, also.

    1. I respect your opinion srdem, so am disappointed to learn you would not vote for Sarah Palin as president. She may decide not to run, but I’ll be campaigning for her if she does.

  7. I am scared of her running, she has the right ideas but there are still plenty out there who will vote for obama (sadly) and plenty more who dislike Palin more than those who like her. Those people will either vote for ob or just not vote.

    I am still waiting for a good candidate-If the best we can get is Perry we deserve another 4 of Obama.

  8. As Alaskan governor, Palin raised oil production taxes three times in just two years. Result? Complete cessation of new oilfield exploration by all the majors. Everyone in the Texas oil-patch is aware of this.

    1. I live in the “Texas oil-patch” and never heard that story. Governor Palin told Exxon, who sat on an oil lease for 30 years without every drilling, that they had a choice to drill or lose the lease. Exxon sued, she beat them, and Exxon started drilling. I wouldn’t call that complete cessation of exploration for oil.

  9. I am a fan of Sarah Palin, but I do not wish her to get in the mix. Look, she brought up crony capitalsim before it hit bigtime, and I think she is a great cheerleader for conservative causes. But, way too much red meat for the MSM, and I just doubt her overall wherewithall, if u know what I mean.

  10. I am a fan of Sarah Palin, but I do not wish her to get in the mix. Look, she brought up crony capitalsim before it hit bigtime, and I think she is a great cheerleader for conservative causes. But, way too much red meat for the MSM, and I just doubt her overall wherewithall, if u know what I mean.

  11. I wish she would decide soon either way, it’s getting pretty old.

    She also would have to do interviews that weren’t for her employer’s network.

    If she feels persecuted by the MSM now so much so that she needs to hide behind fox and facebook, she will have a rude awakening if she runs.

    btw Doesn’t a candidate have to quit a job like hers 6 months before announcing?

    I thought I heard that a few times.

    Or maybe it is 6 months before the election?

    Keith would know I am sure

  12. I love how everyone thinks Sarah would be good,but is afraid.Stand Up people, Does anyone think think we can have the same country with four more years of Obama?

    1. we already don’t moe-4 more years and anyone left with a shred of cash or personal property will be mopping the floors or cleaning the toilets at a federal building, town hall, the white house, “aid office” , etc

      That is why I am scared of Palin-I don’t want to take a chance-it is too awful now to take a risk.

      I seriously do not like romney tho-I’ll vote for Perry but if Romney get the nom I will NOT vote

  13. The saddest part of the entire situation with Palin is that she is everything Barack Obama is not…the complete antithesis of everything he stands for. She is our best–and possibly only–chance to recover from four years of Obama’s devastation. How could you possibly vote against a woman who put herself through college and then went on to become one of the most-respected governors in the country, before the assassins in the media started on her? Sarah Palin is us. She is your wife, your mother, your sister. She had nothing handed to her. She had to work for everything. And work she did, just like we do. Multi-million dollar junkets for President Palin? Probably not for the person who sold Alaska’s governor’s plane. Endless rounds of golf? Not likely there, though she may try a moose hunt. Continued plunder of our treasury? Check with the people in Alaska to see how they did under Palin. Teleprompters when she goes to an elementary school? Hardly, since we know she actually relates to children, including her own.

    Pay attention, please. I repeat…Sarah Palin is us.

    1. What if you look at her on her own–not compare her to the O. Yes, she put herself through college, her son served, she clawed
      her way up, but she then… quit. She is despised and constantly chipped at by much of the media–even women savage her. ESP WOMEN! She is a laughingstock many places. She gets it worse than the barbs we throw at Obama. It is a constant static of neg background noise…I think her time has come and gone, her purpose served–much like Hillary.

      1. Star I agree with you-well said!

        People can explain all they want about her quitting but if she was the President the pressure would be so much greater-if she can’t handle some lawsuits that she claims were frivolous (if so why didn’t she stay and take them on?) how could she take handling being President?

        I fear her running quite a bit.

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