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Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly

The address has concluded.

21 thoughts on “Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly”

    1. Would be a lot easier to follow if they would just put the words from TOTUS on the screen. Just like Sing Along With Mitch. Follow the bouncing ball….

        1. Ohhh…that would be priceless. An LBJ quote would be perfect for a rogue operator to code in to TOTUS I shall not seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president.”

  1. Linus and his security blanket.

    Barry would be totally lost without it.

    It that setting, if he spoke without the teleprompter he just might start a war.
    Ooops, he already did that all through the arab nations.

  2. Is it true that Obama waved to the camera while they were taking an official picture at the “Open Government Partnership” conference?

    Seems that they took several shots, and Getty has one with its watermark on it showing Obama waving at the camera. If it is true, then he really is as big a narcissist as we all thought. “Oh, a camera! I need to wave to my ‘peeps!'”

  3. The UN is made-up of “puppet-states” spawned by the old USSR and China to vote against the spread of European and Western democracy in order to defeat the original goal of promoting PEACE in an ever increasingly dangerous World!

    Throughout the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even to this century, countries bent on power and World domination have carved out small “nations” in 3rd and 4th World continents, and then proceeded to set-up illegitment leaders in order to gain membership and an unbreakable voting block in the UN.

    Why does the UN allow membership for nations that openly promote death and destruction to other countries and even to their own citizens? Why has noting been done to stop the genocide in Darfur? Why are nations whose charters have “death to Israel, death to Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians” allowed to serve on the so-called Human Rights Cmte?

    Why do the people in a vast majority of UN nations live in abject poverty and in poorly developed lands? Many live as their ancestors lived in ancient times. Absolutely no progress except for the arms and ammunition supplied by Russia and China, or Iran, for quasi-military troops to intimidate and kill their own citizens in some cases!

    Without the support of the US government, the UN could be dis-banned! Most Americans are beginning to conclude that is exactly what should happen! Why should Americans support the UN that does nothing to stop war-mongers from destroying all peace efforts by civilized nations and to stop the deaths of millions of dissidents, as well as, thousands of American and allied soldiers?

    The costs of the US continuing our membership in the UN is too great, and the failure of the UN and its world wide-spread of corruption are beyond repair! Why do we support the enemies of every freedom upon which American is founded? I have no answer, sadly!

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