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WHD Unveils New “Report to Attackwatch” Button

It’s not easy practicing totalitarianism. It requires consistency, tenacity, and commitment.

One of the most labor-intensive and expensive requirements of totalitarianism is the discovery and reporting of dissent. The Gestapo and the NKVD – as well as it’s successor, the KGB – were forced to devote huge sums and countless man-hours to monitoring the commentary of citizens with respect to their leaders.

In the modern era, tracking dissent has become somewhat easier with the introduction of the Internet. Today, anyone can report on their neighbors, friends or relatives with just the click of a button.

The Obama campaign is continuing this tradition of exposing criticism of the country’s leadership with its new website,, which encourages all the citizens of our republic to report negative comments about our own leader, President Barack Obama.

The site kindly asks that you report emails, “public statements,” information on blogs or websites – I suppose this includes news stories – and expressions in other venues of opinions about our leader that might be construed as “attacks.”

It could be a coincidence – or a stroke of genius – but’s website employs a stunning NAZI red, white and black, providing a sense of continuity with a bygone era of repression.

Despite the ease with which “attacks” can be reported over the Internet, it may not occur to people to take a moment of their time to inform Obama’s foot soldiers about the indiscretion – or even to recognize that an attack on our leader is occurring.

That’s why White House Dossier is introducing this helpful new button to facilitate the submission to of White House Dossier pieces that readers might construe as attacks on our leader.

I think you’ll agree that the button, to be placed at the bottom of posts over the next several days, is an attractive and handy mechanism for keeping the Obama campaign apprised of stories on White House Dossier that might be detrimental to the president and his cause.

I encourage you to use it, so that the Obama campaign and perhaps even the government itself can more easily track opposition to its policies and our president.

66 thoughts on “WHD Unveils New “Report to Attackwatch” Button”

  1. Excellent idea! But, I think this is just another administration email harvesting trick. Not much they can do with someone who is making verbal attacks on the President with that pesky 1st amendment and all.

  2. Thanks. We already control #attackwatch at Twitter but I’ve been afraid to report myself to the actual website. You’ve now given me the courage.

    As far as the Nazi themed colors, the actual font the website uses is Arial, not exactly cutting edge. So if you want to make parodies that’s nice to know.

  3. Keith:
    You might consider adding this button to the comments section as well, similar to the “Like” button found in some blogs and on facebook. Then we could report not only you, but also fellow commentators. I am relatively certain that a comment or two that I have left here might have garnered at least an honorable mention to AW.

    This really is a brilliant idea. You may have just earned yourself the special issue and highly cherished “Regime Lifetime White House Press Credentials”.

    (Can anyone imagine the media reaction if Cheney had suggested an “AttackWatch”?)

    1. Hey! I am sure my comments merit reports to I would be honored to officially be on BHO’s enemy list! One question: Are my tax dollars paying for the WH SnoopDogs? I said “dogs” because I suspect that with every BHO speech, Wall Street will continue to crash, businesses will close, and MORE Snoops will be needed to handle the multi-millions of frustrated “former tax-paying workers’ attacks” on DC DemWits stupidity! BHO might need another loan from China and our other enemies to fund such an idiotic site!

      1. I’ll wager a bet that Jesse Lee, Minister of Propaganda (aka Director of Progressive Media & Online Response) has a hand in this. According to the 2011 Report to Congress on White House Staff, his $72,500 salary is indeed being paid by American taxpayers. I’m sure there are a multitude of Jesse Lee minions being paid similar amounts of our tax dollars.

  4. I hold the author of this blog entirely responsible for enticing casual readers to express their negative opinions of our Great and Noble Leader. The nefarious KeithKoffler (an obvious alias) has posted numerous musings about our Glorious President that hold his actions up to ridicule and distain.

    Oh, yes. We laughed and expressed outrage and now we must pay the price of our foolishness. Orders to Report to the nearest re-education facility are now being processed for all of us.

    1. You can find a copy of your orders at Just enter your SSN. The camps are being run by the General Union to Lessen Anger at Government.

  5. You are one of the few reporters addressing the squelching atmosphere this web site represents. Others prefer to present it as a “laughing stock” rather than the more sinister “neighbors reporting on neighbors,” a la North Korea. This practice would fit nicely in Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism.

  6. Thank you Keith for writing about the latest propaganda effort of this administration. Very funny but brutally honest. Maybe they think Americans don’t remember communism and repression, but most of us do. Duck and cover was a common phrase of school children in my day. Many people have immigrated to America to escape tyranny. I hear the fear in their voices when they call in to talk shows and warn Americans who have never lived under the iron fist of totalitarianism. That is why Obama is targeting the youth. They are innocents who have never know repression and haven’t had to deal with this government and the regulatory beast they are creating.

    1. I have lived through duck and cover, the cold war, Cuban Missile Crisis and they pale in comparison to this Stasi like desperation. It’s
      bad enough to have grown up hiding under my little school desk because the Russians were going to drop a bomb on my head but to
      have citizens snitching like this by a president because he’s inept and paranoid reaches an all time low! This could replace all those jokes about the French during WW2. Makes someone look like a ninny not
      using any names.

      1. Yes and must report the sight that worship HRH’s flip flops they are in
        turmoil. Some members are having a real cat fight over who loves
        MO more and it’s getting ugly. Must report it if MO is displeased it
        could spell trouble for our Glorious One! This is bad very bad:(

  7. At grocery stores and bookstores, I turn backward any mags with MOO on the front.
    I also relocate Barry’s books.

    Guess I need to turn myself in for that, too.

      1. I like that a lot. Wonderfully occupies the mind when waiting in line. Plus it’s job security for whoever has to turn the mags around and put the books back in place. Who says O’BOgus can’t create jobs???

  8. I want to report an attack by Barack “Little Barry” Obama and his despicable posse on the citizens of the United States. I and many others are in extreme mental and financial distress because of his destructive and deranged policies. There is only one solution to end these attacks by Little Barry and his despicable posse, and that is to end his occupation of The People’s House in 2012.
    O’BOgus speaks and the market tanks…

    1. I think the market is tanking because “Little Barry” is behaving like a despot in all his speeches now. A caller on Rush described him as using “revolutionary language” to agitate his base in today’s speech. That is what a community organizer does and that is the only job experience “Little Barry” has.

  9. This administration should make this button a requirement on every website, every article, every page on the internet so dedicated citizens can report immediately.

  10. How quickly can I get my black shirt? I’ve got lots of people I want to denounce as soon as possible to Big Brother. Thank you Keith–you are on this list and you have made it so easy for me!! I will have to make seperate reports on the rest!! I think each individual will get denounced on an individual email. I want “the president” and his minions to know that I have done my bit!!

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