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Carney: Obama Cleaning Up Bush’s “Elephant Tent”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today compared the results of the Bush administration’s economic policies to a very large pile of manure, saying that the Obama White House inherited a dismal economic situation and has been forced to clean up “the elephant tent.”

Carney spoke today at the daily White House briefing, where he was asked about tax cuts under George W. Bush.

The president spoke and has spoken clearly about the decisions that were taken in the previous administration that took surpluses and turned them into deficits — massive deficits, and they include the two tax cuts; they include an unfunded Medicare prescription drug program; they include two wars put on credit cards.

Now, we’ve spent a lot of time in this administration cleaning up the tent — the elephant tent, if you will. And it hasn’t always been an easy task . . .

Carney’s vitriolic characterization comes as President Obama is again claiming he hopes to work productively with Republicans and that politics should be put aside so lawmakers and the White House can strike a deal that will help the economy and reduce the deficit.

39 thoughts on “Carney: Obama Cleaning Up Bush’s “Elephant Tent””

  1. Quick! Somebody call the wahmbulance! Here it come’s now. Can you hear it? It says, “Wwwwwaaaaahhhhh! Wwwwwaaaaahhhhh! Wwwwwaaaaahhhhh!”

      1. Thanks. Unfortunatley I don’t know why I spelled “comes” with an apostraphe. There are no contractions for it. Typing too fast, I guess.

  2. OMG I am so damn sick of O, the WH, anyone associate with this imbecilic admin blaming Bush. Nearly 3 years into his term, he has to take responsibility for the economy and HIS failed policies. He is just a pathetic POS, with no knowledge whatsofar to run an economy, a country, or a bake sale for that matter. And go ahead and report me to attackwatch. I don’t give a damn.

      1. You beat me to it Kathy!! I too am very sick and tired of Zero blaming Bush for everything. It’s so old and weary. I should report Carney on attackwatch for being a whiner.

  3. Had it not been for that plan I would be dead. I have an auto immune disease requires lots of prescription drugs one alone cost me over $300 a
    month. I spent all my savings lost my home paying full price out of pocket.
    That plan saved me I don’t have to pick what ones I can or can’t take. There are many other unfunded things to eliminate clothes and vacations spring to mind. Guess Jay would prefer I just die one less GOP vote!
    He really is an idiot.

    1. I saw a poster of a young women holding a large bucket behind the Elephant….waiting for the inevitable with the caption: “you think your job sucks?” LOL, that’s Carney

  4. Nice thing about getting older is you can remember how a tapestry has been sewn. Bush II inherited a recession with a NASDAQ that dropped 50% in 2000. Clinton inherited a recession. Reagan inherited a recession, Carter inherited a recession, and JFK inherited a recession. Can’t remember if Nixon did or not. So most presidents have come into office during a recession. I sure don’t remember the others still blaming the previous administration this far into the term though.

    He is starting to sound like a 25 year old still blaming his mom or dad on all his problems.

  5. It’s been almost 3 years since MrO took office and they haven’t cleaned up the “mess” yet. What the heck have they been doing all this time?

  6. That is disgusting and tasteless. Very sickening and insulting. Of course, what else do we expect from o’s little mouthpiece. They sure know how to shovel it out. They better put obummer pooper scoopers on their dumb “store” along with the dog and cat collars.

  7. If we follow O’s logic (I’m being generous here) to it’s conclusion, it’s really all George Washington’s fault. If O can blame everything on Bush, then it really wasn’t Bush’s fault but Clinton’s, and it really wasn’t Clinton’s fault either, etc. Guess Washington shouldn’t have paid for the Revolutionary War without raising everyones taxes, then we’d be okay.

  8. Quote…

    “Well, the big elephant in the whole system is the baby boomers generation that marches through like a herd of elephants And we begin to retire in 2008”.
    by Sen. Lindsey Graham

    Maybe Obama ought to look up and the see the herd of elephants headed his way. Looking to the past isn’t going to help anyone. It is time for him to look to the future.

  9. My guess is that the boys club is panicking. Probably looks like an episode of Keystone Cops around the White House. They are trying to throw the blame everyone but themselves. The new straw man is Bush…again. We’re not falling for the blame game any longer.
    His poll numbers are in the tank. His base is deserting him, except for his fellow travelers, those who like living on the plantation, and the children who are mesmerized by him.
    His entire economic team, except for TurboTax Timmy, has deserted him. Ron Suskind’s book quotes Larry Summers as saying — We’re home alone. There’s no adult in charge. Clinton would never have made these mistakes.
    Not to mention every time he gets in front of a microphone the market tanks. He’s scaring the American people with his attempts to energize his base with the class warfare rhetoric. No clear thinking person is falling for his new community activist persona.

  10. Since the Regressives like to lump anyone with conservative views with the GOP, be they Tea Party or what have you, I would like to remind Carney of one thing. An elephant never forgets, and the conservatives in this country are not going to forget how this administration has shredded the Constitution, abandoned our allies, crashed an already fragile economy, entered us into a third regional conflict and started a round of class warfare that this country may never recover from.

    On a final note, a donkey is nothing more than another word for a jackass!

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