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Time For a Little Golf

President Obama is golfing this afternoon at Andrews Air Force Base. He’s on the course with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and two of his usual crew, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and Energy Department official David Katz.

While they’re out there, perhaps Obama will ask Kirk why in more than two and a half years as USTR he has failed to negotiate a single trade agreement or get any on the ones completed by Bush through Congress.

This is Obama’s 23rd time golfing this year and the 81st time of his presidency. But it’s the first time since returning from vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

26 Responses to Time For a Little Golf

  1. The trade agreements are like his American Jobs Act Saving Obama’s Job Act. They are used as props to sell his snake oil to school children, environuts, and union thugs. He has no intention of saving this economy. It is all part of the plan to defeat capitalism and move on to the unicorns and rainbows of communism. Has he said anything about the Day of Rage on Wall Street his voters organized yesterday? On Constitution Day no less. His silence condones their actions.

  2. I doubt very much if the community organizer ever talks shop on the golf course….or anywhere else for that matter. He clocks in every morning around 10:00 a.m. for his so-called daily briefiing…and clocks out 45 minutes later to hop on his corporate jet for a day of campaigning and fundraising. I vividly recall a week after his Inauguration when he informed his handlers that he would not be cooped up in the WH all day – he wanted to be out amongst the people! This is the ONLY committment he has kept! And it’s costing taxpayers MILLIONS every week for this poseur to organize his re-election campaign army! When does his illicit behavior reach the level of felonious conduct???

  3. Remember people, our leader said he wouldn’t rest until the millions of unemployed were back to work. For someone who should have lost hours of sleep in the past months, he looks really rested if he can play 18 holes of golf. Did I miss something?

    Rip Van Winkle

  4. Susan September 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm
    There has to be a violation of the Hatch Act somewhere in this relationship. Steve Spinner, an Obama bundler and policy analyst for Center for American Progress (Soros), was on the payroll of the DOE. So the taxpayer was paying the salary for Mr. Spinner as he raised campaign cash from the companies that want government handouts. Bunch of liars and crooks…the whole lot of them.


    Spinner’s wife also just happens to be the attorney for Solyndra! Of course, he recused himself from the loan selections…to avoid all signs of impropriety…uh huh!!!!

  5. This excuse for a President should be paid by the hour for more than one reason. For as little time as he spends ‘working’ on the economy he treats the WH like a time share!

  6. F*cking DEPRESSION and this Goddam MORON goes golfing?

    Idiot needs to be re-valuing the dollar and backing it to gold so we can move the eff on.

    Never in my life have I seen so many inept @$$holes, from Bernanke to Geithner to Moron Obama.